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Keyword: ion

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Repetitive Pulse Accelerator Technology for Light Ion Inertial Confinement Fusion accelerator, impedance, laser, target 1571
  • M.T. Buttram
Review of Heavy Ion Collider Proposals booster, collider, heavy-ion, luminosity 1596
  • A.G. Ruggiero
The AGS Improvement Program acceleration, booster, injection, proton 1607
  • Y.Y. Lee
The RHIC Lattice betatron, collider, insertion, proton 1626
  • S.Y. Lee, J. Claus, E.D. Courant, H. Hahn, G. Parzen
ITEP Complex for Proton and Heavy Ion Acceleration acceleration, accelerator, field, vacuum 1693
  • N.N. Alexeev, I.V. Chuvilo, L.L. Goldin, B.I. Kruglov, P.I. Lebedev, V.I. Nicolaev, K.K. Onosovsky, V.G. Shevchenko, A.A. Vasiljev, M.A. Veselov, Ju. M. Zlatov, Ju. B. Zudinov
High Intensity Sources of Polarized Protons electron, laser, polarization, proton 1713
  • P.W. Schmor
The Metal Vapor Vacuum Arc (MEVVA) High Current Ion Source cathode, emittance, extraction, plasma 1723
  • I.G. Brown
Sources of Radioactive Ions emittance, field, scattering, target 1728
  • J.R. Alonso
Spectroscopic Measurements on an H- Ion Source Discharge electron, emittance, extraction, plasma 1736
  • R. Keller, H.V. Smith, Jr.
Electron-Spin-Polarized Targets for a Collisionally Pumped Polarized-Ion Source electron, field, polarization, target 1739
  • S.N. Kaplan, C.F. Burrell, R.V. Pyle, L. Ruby, A.S. Schlachter, J.W. Stearns
Ion Source Development for the Los Alamos Heavy Ion Fusion Injector accelerator, emittance, extraction, plasma 1742
  • H.L. Rutkowski, L.S. Engelhardt, S. Humphries, Jr., E.A. Meyer, H. Oona, R.P. Shurter
First Operation of the LBL ECR Ion Source with the 88-Inch Cyclotron cyclotron, emittance, extraction, injection 1745
  • C.M. Lyneis, D.J. Clark
A Study of Some Plasma-Physical Aspects of Radial Extraction Type RF Ion Source with an Injected Electron Beam electron, field, injection, plasma 1748
  • M.E. Abdel-Aziz, M.M. Abdel-Baki, S.G. Zakhary
A High-Current Oxygen Ion Source extraction, implantation, lifetime, plasma 1751
  • M.R. Shubaly, R.G. Maggs, A.E. Weeden
Performance of the H- Ion Source for the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source accelerator, cathode, neutron, vacuum 1754
  • V. Stipp, A. DeWitt
Characteristics of the Hollow Anode Ion-Electron Source cathode, electron, extraction, plasma 1757
  • V.I. Miljevic
An Efficient Ionizer for Polarized H- Formation cathode, extraction, ionization, space-charge 1759
  • J.G. Alessi
Cooling High Intensity Atomic Hydrogen Beams to Liquid Helium Temperatures acceptance, field, scattering, vacuum 1762
  • A. Hershcovitch, B. DeVito, V. Kovarik, A. Kponou, R. Meier, Th. Sluyters
Fully Stripped Heavy Ion Yield vs Energy for Xe and Au Ions accelerator, electron, equilibrium, target 1767
  • P. Thieberger, J. Alonso, R. Anholt, H. Gould, W.E. Meyerhof, C. Munger, H.E. Wegner
An Intense Alpha Ion Source for INRS Cyclotron cyclotron, field, plasma, proton 1773
  • L.X. Chen, M.B. Chen
KEK Optically Pumped Polarized H- Ion Source electron, feedback, field, polarization 1779
  • Y. Mori, S. Fukumoto, K. Ikegami, A. Takagi
KEK Multicusp Negative Hydrogen Ion Source booster, electron, lifetime, plasma 1782
  • A. Takagi, S. Fukumoto, K. Ikegami, Y. Mori
Ion Source for the Jülich SNQ-Project electron, extraction, plasma, proton 1785
  • G. Crecelius, R. Hölzle
Design Status of Heavy Ion Injector Program electron, field, laser, vacuum 1788
  • E.O. Ballard, E.A. Meyer, K.B. Riepe, H.L. Rutkowski, R.B. Shurter, F.W. Van Haaften
The 4X Source electron, emittance, extraction, field 1797
  • H.V. Smith, Jr., P. Allison, J.D. Sherman
Effect of Resonant Microwave Power on a PIG Ion Source coupling, electron, field, plasma 1800
  • I.G. Brown, J.E. Galvin, B.F. Gavin, R.A. MacGill
A Compact Microwave Ion Source cathode, electron, extraction, plasma 1803
  • K.N. Leung, H.W. Owren, S. Walther
Improved Bevatron Local Injector Ion Source Performance accelerator, emittance, sputter, vacuum 1806
  • G. Stover, E. Zajec
Alumino-Silicate Ion Sources for Accelerator Applications accelerator, electron, emittance, thermal 1809
  • A.I. Warwick
Neutralization and Focusing of Pulsed Beams with High Current Densities bunching, electron, field, target 1814
  • X.L. Jiang, K.F. Chen, S.C. Jiang, Y.B. Piao
Operational Results and Developments of the E.C.R. Sources and the Injector into CYCLONE acceptance, cyclotron, field, octupole 1817
  • J.L. Bol, Y. Jongen, M. Lacroix, F. Mathy, G. Ryckewaert
Routine Production of a Triton Beam for an FN Accelerator accelerator, maintenance, sputter, vacuum 1820
  • J.W. McKay, P.G. Ashbaugh, J.W. Stark
Negative Ion Sources Equipped with Continuous Annular and Spherical Geometry Surface Ionizers accelerator, halo, ionization, sputter 1822
  • G.D. Alton, G.D. Mills
A Side Extraction PIG Ion Source with Permanent Magnetic Mirror Field cathode, extraction, field, ionization 1826
  • Z. Song, R. Li, J. Yu, Z. Yuan
Intense Polarized 3He Ion Source cathode, controls, field, polarization 1835
  • R.J. Slobodrian, R. Bertrand, J. Giroux, R. Labrie, R. Lapointe, J-F. Meunier, G. Pigeon, L. Pouliot, C. Rioux, R. Roy
Investigation of Plasma Parameters in a Duopigatron Using a Langmuir Probe electron, extraction, plasma, simulation 1838
  • E. Ghanbari, L. Ayers, G. Bender
Progress Report on Construction and Testing of a 3 MeV, DC, Ampere Intensity Electron Beam Recirculation System accelerator, cathode, electron, gun 1841
  • J.R. Adney, D.B. Cline, D.J. Larson, F.E. Mills, M.L. Sundquist
New Beam Diagnostics at GANIL: Very Sensitive Current Transformers in Beam Lines and Counting System of Beam Turns in Cyclotrons accelerator, diagnostics, spectrum, vacuum 1938
  • F. Loyer, T. André, B. Ducoudret, J.P. Rataud
Beam Diagnostics by X-Ray Spectroscopy at the Unilac radiation, spectrum, target, x-ray 1941
  • U. Krause
Refinement Procedures of Beam Position Measurement in the TRISTAN Accumulation Ring accelerator, accumulation, diagnostics, field 1947
  • M. Tejima, T. Ieiri, H. Ishii, J. Kishiro, Y. Mizumachi, A. Ogata, T. Shintake
The Development of a Current Monitor System for Measuring Pulsed-Beam Current over a Wide Dynamic Range accelerator, coupling, feedback, resonance 1959
  • F.R. Gallegos, A.A. Browman, L.J. Morrison
Beam Potential Measurement of an Intense H- Beam by Use of the Emissive Probe Technique background, electron, emittance, plasma 1973
  • J.D. Sherman, P. Allison, H.V. Smith, Jr.
On-Line Velocity Measurements Using Phase Probes at the SuperHILAC CAMAC, accelerator, controls, coupling 1982
  • B. Leemann, D. Brodzik, B. Feinberg, D. Howard
Beam Profile Monitor System for the Bevalac Transfer Line acceleration, monitoring, software, vacuum 1988
  • G. Stover
Emittance Analysis of Beam Propagation in Low Pressure Air electron, emittance, focusing, plasma 1997
  • J.R. Smith, W. Namkung, M.J. Rhee, R.F. Schneider
Distribution of Computer Functionality for Accelerator Control at the Brookhaven AGS accelerator, controls, proton, software 2023
  • A. Stevens, T. Clifford, R. Frankel
Multi-Processor Control of the 100 keV McMaster Mark IV Sputter Ion Source accelerator, background, extraction, injection 2083
  • W.F.S. Poehlman, R.A. McNaught, R.J. Pollock
Control System of the RIKEN Ring Cyclotron CAMAC, accelerator, cyclotron, field 2095
  • T. Wada, J. Fujita, T. Kambara, H. Kamitsubo, K. Shimizu, I. Yokoyama
On the Performance of Computer Automatic Tuning at the Unilac accelerator, acceptance, emittance, field 2153
  • L. Dahl, J. Klabunde
Transport of High-Intensity Beams accelerator, electron, emittance, focusing 2201
  • M. Reiser
Transverse Instabilities due to Beam-Trapped Ions and Charged Matter in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator emittance, field, scattering, tune 2218
  • E. Jones, F. Pedersen, A. Poncet, E.J.N. Wilson, S. van der Meer
Ion Stability in Bunched Electron Beams accumulation, electron, field, simulation 2294
  • D. Douglas
Microwave Instability across the Transition Energy Landau damping, damping, instability, scattering 2323
  • S.Y. Lee, J.M. Wang
Electron Cooling Device for TARN II electron, field, gun, solenoid 2412
  • T. Tanabe, Y. Hirao, T. Honma, M. Kodaira, A. Noda, K. Sato, M. Sekiguchi, M. Takanaka, J. Tanaka, H. Tsujikawa
Longitudinal Equilibrium Distributions of Ion Beams in Storage Rings with Internal Targets and Electron Cooling betatron, electron, equilibrium, target 2418
  • T. Ellison
Ion Beam Cooling by Radiation and Electron Heat Sink electron, plasma, radiation, thermal 2427
  • K.T. Nguyen, H.S. Uhm
Design of the Axial Injection System for the NSCL Cyclotrons cyclotron, field, injection, solenoid 2450
  • F. Marti, J. Griffin, V. Taivassalo
High Current Beam Transport Experiments at GSI emittance, quadrupole, simulation, tune 2462
  • J. Klabunde, A. Schölein, P. Spädtke
KOBRA3- Three Dimensional Raytracing Including Space-Charge Effects emittance, extraction, field, solenoid 2465
  • P. Spädtke
Theory and Simulations of Neutralization and Focusing of ICF Ion Beams electron, field, focusing, simulation 2474
  • D.S. Lemons, M.E. Jones
The LBL Neutralized Beam Focusing Experiment electron, field, simulation, solenoid 2486
  • G.A. Krafft, C.H. Kim, L. Smith
Transportable Charge in a Periodic Alternating Gradient System accelerator, injection, lattice, quadrupole 2489
  • E.P. Lee, T.J. Fessenden, L.J. Laslett
Wake Potentials of a Relativistic Point Charge Crossing a Beam-Pipe Gap: An Analytical Approximation coupling, field, impedance 2531
  • G. Dôme
Beam Properties of UVSOR Storage Ring coupling, lifetime, resonance, tune 2550
  • T. Kasuga, M. Hasumoto, T. Kinoshita, H. Yonehara
A New Method for High Luminosity electron, field, luminosity, positron 2553
  • K. Takayama, A. Ando
Emittance Growth Caused by Current Variation in a Beam-Transport Channel beam-transport, emittance, focusing, space-charge 2556
  • P. Allison
Moments in Particle-in-Cell Simulations betatron, focusing, simulation, space-charge 2559
  • M.M. Berz, W.P. Lysenko
A Generalization of the Child-Langmuir Relation for One-Dimensional Time-Dependent Diodes electron, field, simulation, space-charge 2576
  • A. Kadish, M.E. Jones, W. Peter
Use of a Minimum-Elipse Criterion in the Study of Ion-Beam Extraction Systems accelerator, background, emittance, extraction 2579
  • R. Keller, P. Allison, J.D. Sherman
Ion Beam Steering with a High-Intensity Electron Beam acceleration, electron, field, quadrupole 2623
  • K.T. Nguyen, H.S. Uhm
Progress Report on the JINR Heavy Ion Accelerators accelerator, cyclotron, field, induction 2648
  • Yu.Ts. Oganessian
The SIS Heavy Ion Synchrotron Project extraction, injection, synchrotron, target 2657
  • K. Blasche, D. Böhne, B. Franzke, H. Prange
Commissioning of the New High-Intensity 72 MeV Injector II for the SIN Ring Cyclotron cyclotron, extraction, injection, proton 2666
  • W. Joho, S. Adam, B. Berkes, T. Blumer, M. Humbel, G. Irminger, P. Lanz, C. Markovits, A. Mezger, M. Olivo, L. Rezzonico, U. Schryber, P. Sigg
U+U Collisions Near the Coulomb Barrier by Crossing Two Co-Circulating Beams electron, luminosity, scattering, target 2678
  • B. Franzke, Ch. Schmelzer
H- Beam Operation of the IUCF Stripper Loop brightness, cyclotron, injection, proton 2691
  • D.L. Friesel, T. Ellison, W.P. Jones, R.E. Pollock
Ion Pulse Compressor and Stretcher Ring for Linear Meson Factory betatron, emittance, injection, target 2709
  • Yu.P. Severgin, I.A. Shukeilo
Lattice Studies of CRYRING electron, emittance, injection, lattice 2715
  • P. Heikkinen
CRYRING-A Small Storage and Acceleration Ring for Heavy Ions acceleration, electron, field, vacuum 2718
  • C.J. Herrlander, A. Bárány, L. Bagge, S. Borg, H. Danared, P. Heikkinen, S. Hultberg, L. Liljeby, Th. Lindblad
First Operation of the TASCC Beam Bunching System accelerator, bunching, cyclotron, injection 2763
  • C.B. Bigham, T.K. Alexander, R.J. Burton, E.A. Heighway, J.E. McGregor, E.P. Stock
Experimental Study of Long Coupled Helix Resonator accelerator, booster, field, instability 2894
  • Z.X. Liang, C.C. Han, K. Li, W.G. Li, W.S. Qian
New Directional Couplers for Multimode Circular Waveguides Applied to Intense Pulsed Microwave Systems coupling, electron, field, waveguide 2921
  • L.M. Earley, W.P. Ballard, C.B. Wharton
20 MW Pulsed Amplifying Klystron Operating in Positive Feedback Mode electron, feedback, klystron, standing wave 2978
  • E.M. Laziev, H.G. Oxuzyan, E.S. Pogossyan
High-Efficiency Beam Splitting for H- Accelerators accelerator, injection, photon, proton 2989
  • S.L. Kramer, C. Krieger, J. Madsen, V. Stipp
Design Study for Axial Injection of Polarized Ions into the Princeton University Cyclotron cyclotron, field, focusing, injection 3033
  • S. Oh, W.H. Moore, M. Yoon
Low Energy Beam Transport in A Periodic Focusing Quadrupole Channel accelerator, emittance, focusing, quadrupole 3077
  • R.W. Thomae, E.H.A. Granneman, H. Klein, A. Schempp, F.G. Schonewille, F. Siebenlist, T. Weis, P.W. van Amersfoort
Laser Generation and Transport of a Relativistic Electron Beam cathode, electron, field, laser 3092
  • S.L. Shope, C.E. Crist, C.A. Frost, B.B. Godfrey, P.D. Kiekel, G.T. Leifeste, J.W. Poukey
Neutron Production by Ne and Si Ions on a Thick Cu Target at 670 MeV A with Application to Radiation Protection neutron, radiation, shielding, target 3104
  • J.B. McCaslin, P.R. LaPlant, A.R. Smith, W.P. Swanson, R. H. Thomas
Beam Lifetime on the Daresbury SRS diagnostics, lifetime, radiation, vacuum 3113
  • E.A. Hughes, G.I. Figura, N. Marks
Achievement of Bevalac Rapid Mode Switching acceleration, accelerator, field, target 3119
  • F. Lothrop, J. Alonso, R. Miller, R. Stevenson
Status of the Stony Brook Superconducting Heavy-Ion Linac emittance, feedback, field, linac 3122
  • J.M. Brennan, R. Coughlin, J. Hasstedt, J.W. Noé, P. Paul, R. Pillay, A. Scholldorf, J. Sikora, G.D. Sprouse
High Voltage System Design for the IUCF 300 kV Electron Cooling System acceleration, cathode, electron, gun 3128
  • T. Bertuccio, B. Brown, G. Donica, T. Ellison, D.L. Friesel
Present Status of RFQs accelerator, cw, linac, quadrupole 3134
  • S.O. Schriber
Recent Progress of the Advanced Test Accelerator accelerator, electron, field, laser 3144
  • D.S. Prono
Focusing Moderate Energy Linacs with Background Ion Plasma accelerator, electron, emittance, plasma 3154
  • R.J. Adler, J.R. Clifford
Optimising a High-Current Injector to Incorporate a Fast Beam Kicker emittance, focusing, injection, kicker 3163
  • P. Krejcik
Acceleration of Polarized H- in the BNL 200 MeV Linac emittance, linac, polarization, quadrupole 3166
  • Y. Makdisi, J. Alessi, D. Barton, H. Brown, A. Kponou, A. McNerney, R. Witkover
Low Ion Acceleration with the FOM MEQALAC-System acceleration, accelerator, acceptance, quadrupole 3172
  • R.W. Thomae, E.H.A. Granneman, H. Klein, A. Schempp, F.G. Schonewille, F. Siebenlist, T. Weis, P.W. van Amersfoort
Construction of the RFQ "TALL" acceleration, accelerator, field, injection 3178
  • N. Ueda, Y. Hirao, A. Mizobuchi, T. Nakanishi, N. Tokuda, S. Yamada
MBE-4, A Heavy Ion Multiple-Beam Experiment accelerator, induction, injection, quadrupole 3187
  • R.T. Avery, C.S. Chavis, T.J. Fessenden, D.E. Gough, T.F. Henderson, D. Keefe, J.R. Meneghetti, C.D. Pike, D.L. Vanecek, A.I. Warwick
Synthesis of MBE-4 Accelerating Waveforms acceleration, induction, linac, timing 3190
  • C.H. Kim, V.O. Brady, T.J. Fessenden, D.L. Judd, L.J. Laslett
A Four Beam Cesium Injector for MBE-4 emittance, field, induction, optics 3196
  • A.I. Warwick, O. Fredriksson, D. Vanecek
Two-Dimensional Linacs acceleration, accelerator, field, focusing 3199
  • W.S. Cooper, O.A. Anderson
The SuperHILAC Upgrade Project field, quadrupole, space-charge, vacuum 3202
  • B. Feinberg, I.G. Brown
A Compact Heavy Ion RFQ Preaccelerator for Use at the CERN Linac I coupling, field, linac, vacuum 3205
  • R.A. Gough, R. Caylor, D. Howard, R. MacGill, J. Staples, J. Tanabe
Initial Operation of the New Bevatron Local Injector emittance, field, linac, proton 3208
  • J. Staples, R. Dwinell, R. Gough, J. Halliwell, D. Howard, J. Lax, S. Lundgren, R. Richter, G. Stover, J. Tanabe
Superconducting RFQs in the 100 MeV Range acceleration, focusing, proton, quadrupole 3240
  • D.A. Swenson
Designing RFQ Linacs with Arbitrary Electrode Profiles field, linac, proton 3249
  • P. Junior, H. Deitinghoff
Stabilizing Characteristics of Post-Couplers field, impedance, insertion, linac 3259
  • S. Machida, S. Fukumoto, T. Kato
Developments in Accelerators for Heavy Ion Fusion accelerator, emittance, induction, linac 3277
  • D. Keefe
Medical Heavy Ion Accelerator Proposals accelerator, injection, radiation, synchrotron 3282
  • R.A. Gough
Heavy Ion Storage Rings for Atomic Physics cyclotron, electron, electron cooling, scattering 3297
  • B. Franzke
High Power Switches for Ion Induction Linacs electron, induction, plasma, vacuum 3302
  • S. Humphries, Jr., M. Savage, W.B. Saylor
A Compact Cyclotron C-30 for Medical Isotopes Production cyclotron, extraction, field, vacuum 3316
  • J. Sura, S. Getka, E. Plawski, C. Weychert, J. Zawadzki
Treatment Planning with Ion Beams accelerator, proton, radiation, site 3318
  • M. Foss
High Energy Beam Transport System for a Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator accelerator, beamline, extraction, quadrupole 3327
  • T.R. Renner, W.T. Chu, R.A. Gough, J. Staples, J. Tanabe
Development of a Radioactive Beams (RB) Accelerator Using an ISOL as a Source accelerator, linac, proton, radiation 3330
  • L. Buchmann, J.M. D'Auria, G. Mackenzie, R.B. Moore, H. Schneider
The High Temperature Experiment for Accelerator Inertial Fusion acceleration, accelerator, induction, target 3335
  • E.P. Lee
Implantation of Intense Pulsed Metallic Ion Beam cathode, electron, ferrite, implantation 3341
  • X.L. Jiang, K.F. Chen, S.C. Jiang, T.M. Wang
The Proposed TRIUMF Accelerator Mass Spectrometer accelerator, alignment, background, vacuum 3344
  • J.R. Southon, D.E. Nelson, J.S. Vogel
Operating Experience with Existing Light Sources lifetime, radiation, synchrotron, vacuum 3350
  • M.Q. Barton
Collective Acceleration and the Propagation of Intense Beams into Vacuum acceleration, electron, injection, ionization 3481
  • W.W. Destler, P.G. O'Shea, Z. Segalov
A Collective Accelerator for Electron Colliders accelerator, electron, field, plasma 3489
  • R.J. Briggs
Considerations on Collective Ion Acceleration as an Intense Ion Injector acceleration, cathode, electron, plasma 3500
  • R.J. Faehl, W.K. Peter
Collective Ion Acceleration by Means of Virtual Cathodes acceleration, cathode, electron, plasma 3506
  • W. Peter, R.J. Faehl, M.E. Jones, C. Snell
Overview and Status of the Transverse-Field Focusing (TFF) Accelerator accelerator, electron, field, focusing 3509
  • O.A. Anderson, C.F. Chan, W.S. Cooper, J.W. Kwan, C.A. Matuk, H.W. Owren, J.A. Paterson, P. Purgalis, L. Soroka
Numerical Simulation of Secondary Electron Orbits Near an Electron Beam Propagating in a Low Pressure Gas accelerator, electron, field, laser 3512
  • M.R. Teague, S.S. Yu
Preliminary Design Study of the NSWC Proton Induction Linac field, focusing, induction, proton 3515
  • W. Namkung, H.S. Uhm
Quadrupole Betatron Accelerator for High Current Ion Beams betatron, field, proton, quadrupole 3518
  • H.S. Uhm, W. Namkung, K.T. Nguyen
IFA-2 Collective Ion Accelerator Experiments acceleration, laser, proton, spectrum 3530
  • C.L. Olson, J.P. Anthes, C.A. Frost, E.L. Patterson, J.W. Poukey
A Side-Injected-Laser Plasma Accelerator acceleration, field, laser, plasma 3554
  • T. Katsouleas, J.M. Dawson, D. Sultana, Y.T. Yan
Hybrid Rare Earth Quadrupole Drift Tube Magnets field, focusing, linac, quadrupole 3643
  • K. Halbach, B. Feinberg, M.I. Green, R. MacGill, J. Milburn, J. Tanabe
A Design for a High-Field Combined Function Superferric Magnet accelerator, collider, field, lattice 3687
  • R.C. Gupta, G.H. Morgan
Use of an Elliptical Aperture to Control Saturation in Closely-Coupled, Cold Iron Superconducting Dipole Magnets collider, field, lattice, sextupole 3695
  • G. Morgan
Superconducting Magnet System for RHIC field, quadrupole, quench, sextupole 3698
  • P.A. Thompson, J. Cottingham, P. Dahl, R. Fernow, M. Garber, A. Ghosh, C. Goodzeit, A. Greene, H. Hahn, J. Herrera, S. Kahn, E. Kelly, G. Morgan, S. Plate, A. Prodell, W. Sampson, W. Schneider, R. Shutt, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
Numerical Solution of Boundary Condition to Poisson's Equation and its Incorporation into the Program POISSON field, quadrupole 3722
  • S. Caspi, M. Helm, L.J. Laslett
A Bilateral Power Supply with Energy Storage Buffer for the Superconductive Coils of Large Particle Accelerators accelerator, field, timing 3781
  • M. Ehsani, R.L. Kustom
Evaluation of the GTO for 270 MVA Interrupter Applications solid state devices, vacuum 3784
  • M. Ehsani, W.H. Kernaghan
Ultrahigh Vacuum System of the Heavy Ion Transport Line at Brookhaven booster, residual gas, thermal, vacuum 3797
  • H.C. Hseuh, I. Feigenbaum, M. Manni, R. Skelton, P. Stattel
High Vacuum Portable Pumping Station Suitable for Accelerator Use accelerator, controls, solenoid, vacuum 3800
  • P. Stattel, J. Briggs, W. DeBoer, R. Skelton
Radiation Resistance of Elastomers accelerator, radiation, vacuum 3806
  • G. Lee
Physics Opportunities with Relativistic Heavy Ion Accelerators accelerator, coupling, plasma, target 3824
  • N.P. Samios