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Keyword: cyclotron

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The TRIUMF Kaon Factory booster, factory, proton, synchrotron 1707
  • M.K. Craddock, R. Baartman, J. Beveridge, E.W. Blackmore, J.I.M. Botman, R. Burge, W. Cameron, J. Doornbos, T.A. Hodges, W.K. Lacey, D.E. Lobb, G.H. Mackenzie, C.J. Oram, A.J. Otter, F. Pedersen, C.W. Planner, D. Raparia, P.A. Reeve, J.R. Richardson, H.O. Schönauer, G. Stinson, T. Suzuki, I.M. Thorson, R.E. Worsham, C. Yamaguchi
First Operation of the LBL ECR Ion Source with the 88-Inch Cyclotron emittance, extraction, injection, ion 1745
  • C.M. Lyneis, D.J. Clark
An Intense Alpha Ion Source for INRS Cyclotron field, ion, plasma, proton 1773
  • L.X. Chen, M.B. Chen
Operational Results and Developments of the E.C.R. Sources and the Injector into CYCLONE acceptance, field, ion, octupole 1817
  • J.L. Bol, Y. Jongen, M. Lacroix, F. Mathy, G. Ryckewaert
Beam Probes for the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron CAMAC, controls, extraction, vacuum 1880
  • J.D. Hepburn, J.D. Walsh, E.H. Williams
Computer Upgrade in the IUCF Control System accelerator, algorithms, maintenance, software 2059
  • J.C. Collins, Wm. Manwaring
Control System of the RIKEN Ring Cyclotron CAMAC, accelerator, field, ion 2095
  • T. Wada, J. Fujita, T. Kambara, H. Kamitsubo, K. Shimizu, I. Yokoyama
A New FFAG Orbit Code accelerator, betatron, field, neutron 2243
  • P.F. Meads Jr.
Coherent Oscillations Produced by the Rapid Skirting of an Integral Resonance acceleration, extraction, field, resonance 2285
  • M.M. Gordon, F. Marti
General Theory of the Diocotron Instability of a Relativistic Electron Beam electron, field, instability, plasma 2380
  • H.C. Chen
Radial-Longitudinal Coupling in Proposed RCNP Injector Cyclotron acceleration, coupling, extraction, field 2386
  • T. Yamazaki, K. Hosono, Y. Kadota, I. Miura, T. Saito, T. Tei
Nonlinear Effects of Focusing Bars Used in the Extraction Systems of Superconducting Cyclotrons emittance, extraction, field, focusing 2447
  • M.M. Gordon, V. Taivassalo
Design of the Axial Injection System for the NSCL Cyclotrons field, injection, ion, solenoid 2450
  • F. Marti, J. Griffin, V. Taivassalo
Beam Dynamics of RF Devices to Improve the Efficiency of Proposed H- Extraction from TRIUMF extraction, field, resonance, septum 2453
  • R.E. Laxdal, G.H. Mackenzie
Calculation of Space Charge Effects in Isochronous Cyclotrons acceleration, betatron, instability, simulation 2507
  • S. Adam
Beam Dynamics in MABE electron, emittance, field, simulation 2513
  • J.W. Poukey, P.D. Coleman, T.W.L. Sanford
SUPERGOBLIN-The Accelerated Orbit Code in Use for the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron acceleration, extraction, field, injection 2522
  • E.A. Heighway, C.R. Hoffmann
Orbit Properties Relevant to Phase Selection in the MSU K500 Cyclotron extraction, field, resonance, septum 2617
  • B.F. Milton, H.G. Blosser
Commissioning the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron extraction, field, injection, vacuum 2643
  • J.A. Hulbert, C.B. Bigham, E.A. Heighway, J.D. Hepburn, C.R. Hoffmann, J.H. Ormrod, H.R. Schneider
Progress Report on the JINR Heavy Ion Accelerators accelerator, field, induction, ion 2648
  • Yu.Ts. Oganessian
Commissioning of the New High-Intensity 72 MeV Injector II for the SIN Ring Cyclotron extraction, injection, ion, proton 2666
  • W. Joho, S. Adam, B. Berkes, T. Blumer, M. Humbel, G. Irminger, P. Lanz, C. Markovits, A. Mezger, M. Olivo, L. Rezzonico, U. Schryber, P. Sigg
New Type of Isochronous Cyclotron field, focusing, proton 2681
  • Gao Shuyang
H- Beam Operation of the IUCF Stripper Loop brightness, injection, ion, proton 2691
  • D.L. Friesel, T. Ellison, W.P. Jones, R.E. Pollock
Preliminary Design for a 30 MeV, 500 A H- Cyclotron field, focusing, injection, vacuum 2703
  • Y. Jongen, G. Ryckewaert
Status Report on the RIKEN Ring Cyclotron extraction, field, injection, vacuum 2712
  • S. Motonaga
The University of Manitoba Cyclotron Facility deuteron, extraction, field, proton 2724
  • I. Gusdal, J. Anderson, J. Bruckshaw, V. Derenchuk, F. Konopasek, J. Lancaster, J.S.C. McKee, S. Oh, C.A. Smith, H. Uzat, M. Yoon
Semi-Automatic Procedures for Matching the Emittance of the Injected Beam to the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron acceptance, diagnostics, emittance, injection 2757
  • W.G. Davies
First Operation of the TASCC Beam Bunching System accelerator, bunching, injection, ion 2763
  • C.B. Bigham, T.K. Alexander, R.J. Burton, E.A. Heighway, J.E. McGregor, E.P. Stock
Some Calculations of the Resonator in INR Cyclotron coupling, focusing, impedance, proton 2821
  • J. Zhang, X.L. Liu
Design Study of Cusptron Amplifier for Accelerators cathode, electron, field, resonance 2882
  • J.Y. Choe, W. Namkung
Acceleration System for the RCNP Ring Cyclotron acceleration, accelerator, extraction, field 2888
  • T. Saito, M. Inoue, T. Itahashi, I. Miura, A. Shimizu, H. Tamura
Further Notes on the Multipactor Effect dielectric, electron, field, impedance 2900
  • S.R. Farrell, W.J. Gallagher
Modelling the TRIUMF RF Cavity Using the Code RFQ3D coupling, feedback, impedance, quadrupole 2933
  • D. Dohan, K. Fong, R. Hutcheon
Model Study on the Reduction of RF Leakage in the TRIUMF Cyclotron coupling, field, impedance, vacuum 2939
  • K. Fong, D.A. Dohan, R. Hutcheon, V. Pacak
A New and Improved RF Resonator Segment for the TRIUMF Cyclotron acceleration, simulation, spectrum, thermal 2942
  • G. Stanford, K. Fong, S. Hutton, R. Worsham
The Implementation of a New RF System for the University of Manitoba Cyclotron coupling, impedance, standing wave, vacuum 2954
  • H. Uzat, V.P. Derenchuk, I. Gusdal, F. Konopasek, J. Lancaster
High-Power Microwave Generation from a Large Orbit Gyrotron electron, field, radiation, waveguide 2960
  • W. Lawson, W.W. Destler, C.D. Striffler
Foil Changer for the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron CAMAC, monitoring, vacuum 2986
  • C.R. Hoffmann, R.I. Kilborn, J.F. Mouris, D.R. Proulx, J.F. Weaver
A Variable Field Magnetic Extraction Channel for ORIC accelerator, extraction, field 3030
  • E.D. Hudson, R.S. Lord, J.A. Martin
Design Study for Axial Injection of Polarized Ions into the Princeton University Cyclotron field, focusing, injection, ion 3033
  • S. Oh, W.H. Moore, M. Yoon
The H- High Intensity Beam Extraction System for TRIUMF booster, extraction, field, septum 3042
  • M. Zach, G. Dutto, R.E. Laxdal, G.H. Mackenzie, J.R. Richardson, R. Trellé, R. Worsham
Measurement and Interpretation of Electron Angle at MABE Beam Stop electron, field, radiation, target 3271
  • T.W.L. Sanford, P.D. Coleman, J.W. Poukey
Compact Superconducting Cyclotrons for Neutron Therapy deuteron, field, neutron, proton 3287
  • H. Blosser, G. Blosser, J. DeKamp, J. Griffin, E. Jemison, D. Johnson, F. Marti, R. Maughan, B. Milton, W. Powers, J. Purcell, J. Vincent, W. Young
Heavy Ion Storage Rings for Atomic Physics electron, electron cooling, ion, scattering 3297
  • B. Franzke
Preparations for Parasitic Production of Biomedically Useful Positron-Emitters accelerator, extraction, neutron, target 3313
  • P. Malmborg
A Compact Cyclotron C-30 for Medical Isotopes Production extraction, field, ion, vacuum 3316
  • J. Sura, S. Getka, E. Plawski, C. Weychert, J. Zawadzki
Extraction of 11C from the TRIUMF 500 MeV Isotope Production Facility Cooling Water cooling water, positron, proton, target 3333
  • T.J. Ruth, V. Leung, P. Malmborg
Lead Alloys for Superconducting Cavities acceleration, accelerator, dielectric, field 3605
  • L. Dietl, K. Rieger, U. Trinks
Characteristics and Performance of the System Developed for Magnetic Mapping of the NSCL Superconducting K800 Cyclotron Magnet CAMAC, field, laser, resonance 3734
  • L.H. Harwood, M. Fowler, R. Fox, H. Hanawa, J.A. Nolen, Jr., A.F. Zeller
A Multi-Function Ring Magnet Power Supply for Rapid-Cycling Synchrotrons acceleration, booster, extraction, injection 3749
  • W.F. Praeg
Long Removable Cryogenic Transfer Lines superconducting magnet, thermal, vacuum 3790
  • M.L. Mallory, A. Gavalya, H.W. Laumer
Accelerators-Instruments and Symbols for Power accelerator, collider, proton, synchrotron 3834
  • E. Vogt