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Keyword: radiation

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Particle Accelerators in Cancer Therapy - Current Status and Overview of the Planned Program for Heavy Particle Therapy accelerator, electron, neutron, photon 2992
  • J.R. Stewart
Progress Report on Testing of a 100-kV, 125-mA Deuteron Injector electron, emittance, field, ion 3009
  • D.D. Armstrong, E.A. Meyer, H.L. Rutkowski, J.D. Schneider
The Fermilab Cancer Therapy Facility: Status Report After 2.5 Years of Operation ion, neutron, photon, target 3068
  • M. Awschalom, L. Grumboski, A.F. Hrejsa, G.M. Lee, I. Rosenberg
The Bevalac Radiotherapy Facility field, ion, scattering, site 3074
  • J.R. Alonso, T. Criswell, J. Howard
DORIS at 2 x 5 GeV luminosity, sextupole, synchrotron, vacuum 3135
  • D. Degele, W. Bothe, H.C. Dehne, A. Febel, H. Gerke, D. Heins, G. Hemmie, K. Hoffmann, K. Holm, E. Jandt, R.D. Kohaupt, H. Kumpfert, G. Mulhaupt, H. Narciss, H. Nesemann, S. Patzold, A. Piwinski, R. Rossmanith, J. Susta, K. Wille, A. Wrulich
Superconducting Accelerating Cavities for High Energy e+ - e- - Storage Rings coupling, electron, field, synchrotron 3252
  • W. Bauer, A. Brandelik, A. Citron, W. Lehmann, L. Szecsi, M. Yoshioka
Electron-Proton Colliding Beams at Fermilab booster, electron, lifetime, luminosity 3258
  • A.G. Ruggiero
An Electron Beam Spectrum Monitor using Synchrotron Light accelerator, electron, spectrum, synchrotron 3297
  • D. Reagan, T.E. Hostetler
Microprocessor Based Beam Loss Monitor System for the AGS accumulation, impedance, ion, linac 3313
  • R.L. Witkover
The Intensity Monitor Device for PETRA damping, injection, pick-up, synchrotron 3370
  • W. Radloff
Monitor 1979 controls, cooling water, target, vacuum 3376
  • D.L. Grisham, E.L. Ekberg, J.E. Lambert, R.E. Meyer, P.J. Stroik, M.D. Wickham
The Serial Data Acquisition System at PETRA accelerator, ion, luminosity, sputter 3385
  • H. Frese, G. Hochweller
High Intensity Beam Profile Monitors for the LAMPF Primary Beam Lines background, field, proton, vacuum 3420
  • E.W. Hoffman, J. Bridge, J. Caine, A. Harvey, D. Lee, R.J. Macek, O. van Dyck
Applications of Distributed Microprocessors in the CESR Control System algorithms, synchrotron 3445
  • D.B. Reaves, F.W. Dain, R. Helmke
Improved Analytic Starting Points for Beam Matching Problems to be Solved on Digital Computers emittance, optics 3505
  • P.F. Meads Jr.
Insertion Design for e+e- Storage Rings insertion, lifetime, luminosity, synchrotron 3517
  • A. Hutton
Energy Losses of an Electron Bunch Moving Along the Axis of a Circular Waveguide with Periodically Perturbed Wall accelerator, electron, field, waveguide 3523
  • M. Chatard-Moulin, A. Papiernik
The Variation of t with p/p in the CERN ISR acceleration, damping, field, sextupole 3571
  • E. Ciapala, A. Hofmann, S. Myers, T. Risselada
Some Aspects on Linear and Non-Linear Orbit Motion in Storage Rings field, lattice, sextupole, tune 3607
  • W.H. Backer, C.J.A. Corsten, H.L. Hagedoorn
Invited Paper- Applications of Synchrotron Radiation photon, scattering, synchrotron, x-ray 3780
  • A. Bienenstock
Invited Paper- Synchrotron Radiation Sources brightness, electron, photon, synchrotron 3785
  • A. van Steenbergen
Invited Paper- The Free Electron Laser and its Possible Developments electron, field, laser, wiggler 3791
  • C. Pellegrini
SSRL: Past Experience, Present Development, Future Plans synchrotron, thermal, vacuum, x-ray 3798
  • H. Winick
BESSY, A 800 MeV Storage Ring Dedicated to Synchrotron Radiation acceptance, injection, synchrotron, x-ray 3801
  • D. Einfeld, W.D. Klotz, G. Muelhaupt, T. Mueller, R. Richter
An X-Ray Synchrotron Source for Europe, Members of the Machine Sub-Group of the ESF ad hoc Commiittee for Synchrotron Radiation lattice, synchrotron, undulator, wiggler 3809
  • W.H. Backer, M. Bassetti, R. Coisson, D. Degele, F. Du Pont, A. Hofmann, D. Husmann, J. Le Duff, G. Mulhaupt, J. Perot, M. Renard, M. Sommer, V. Suller, S. Tazzari, D.J. Thompson
Initial Operation of SSRL Wiggler in SPEAR field, focusing, synchrotron, wiggler 3812
  • M. Berndt, W. Brunk, R. Cronin, D. Jensen, R. Johnson, A. King, J. Spencer, T. Taylor, H. Winick
Beryllium Windows for Synchrotron Radiation Beam Lines synchrotron, thermal, vacuum 3816
  • J. Cerino, R. Cronin
A Free Electron Laser Experiment electron, field, laser, waveguide 3830
  • H. Bohmer, M.Z. Caponi, J. Munch
Simulations of Free Electron Laser electron, field, instability, laser 3833
  • T. Kwan, B.B. Godfrey
SURF'S Up at NBS: A Progress Report betatron, electron, field, synchrotron 3845
  • G. Rakowsky, L.R. Hughey
Installation and Thermal Design of Synchrotron Radiation Beam Ports at SPEAR electron, synchrotron, thermal, vacuum 3851
  • C. Jako, N. Hower, T. Simon
Thermal Design of Synchrotron Radiation Exit Ports at CESR electron, synchrotron, thermal, vacuum 3854
  • D.M. Mills, B.W. Batterman, D.H. Bilderback
Single Wavelength Standard Wiggler for PEP damping, field, tune, wiggler 3860
  • W. Brunk, G. Fischer, J. Spencer
Status Report on the Wiggler Magnet for Adone field, magnetic measurements, synchrotron, wiggler 3863
  • M. Bassetti, A. Cattoni, B. Dulach, A. Luccio, M.A. Preger, M. Serio, S. Tazzari, F. Tazzioli
Channeling Radiation from Positrons channeling, crystal, photon, positron 3865
  • M.J. Alguard, B.L. Berman, S.D. Bloom, S. Datz, R.H. Pantell, R.L. Swent
Bench Measurements of the Loss Impedance for PEP Beam Line Components coupling, impedance, thermal, vacuum 3971
  • J.N. Weaver, J.B. Styles, P.B. Wilson
The 10 Millisecond 150 Kiloampere Pulsed Power Supply for the Fermilab Neutrino Focussing Horn accelerator, impedance, neutrino, target 3977
  • R.C. Trendler
A Rapid Cycling Synchrotron Magnet with Separate AC and DC Circuits booster, field, injection, synchrotron 4021
  • R.J. Burke, M.H. Foss
A Transformer Septum Magnet accelerator, field, septum, vacuum 4024
  • M. Foss, W. Praeg, K. Thompson
The Design and Construction of Transparent Vacuum Chambers for Interaction Areas of Colliding Beam Machines acceptance, background, electron, vacuum 4083
  • J.C. Brunet, J.C. Godot, C. Hauviller, W. Jeker, A. Poncet, I. Wilson
The New ISR Absorber Blocks for High Intensity Beams electron, proton, thermal, vacuum 4134
  • C. Hauviller
LAMPF Primary Beam Line Protection Systems halo, target, thermal, vacuum 4137
  • R.J. Macek, E.W. Hoffman, O.B. van Dyck
The Sensitivity of Microwave Bipolar Transistors and Amplifiers to Ionizing Radiation electron, field, irradiation, x-ray 4298
  • I. Thomson, M.B. Christensen, M.H. Gibson, G.J.G. Janssens
A Solid-State Dosimeter Based on a New Glow Curve for Beryllia field, irradiation, shielding, x-ray 4307
  • L. Adams, I. Thomson
Applications of Filtered Bremsstralung Spectra in Radiographic Studies - Part II: Measurements of Iodine in Tissue and Separation of Bone and Water instability, spectrum, x-ray 4311
  • P.S. Yeh, J.L.H. Chan, A. Macovski
Fault-Tolerant Techniques for Radiation Environments neutron 4320
  • R.C. DeVries