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Keyword: synchrotron

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Computer Control of High Energy Accelerators accelerator, field, injection, timing 1
  • L. G. Lewis
Hydrostatic Leveling System photoelectric, proton, radiation, thermal 19
  • P. F. Pellissier
Stabilization of Accelerating Voltage Under High-Intensity Beam Loading acceleration, feedback, injection, radiation 58
  • Q.A. Kerns, W.S. Flood
A Comparison of Triodes and Klystrons for Particle Accelerator Applications accelerator, field, klystron, modulator 96
  • A. J. Morris, C. A. Martin-Vegue
Zero Gradient Synchrotron RF System cathode, ferrite, field, induction 133
  • L. A. Klaisner, R. E. Daniels, J.H. Martin, J. McDonnell, J. R. Simanton, J. Stephenson, T. Stockdale, C. B. Turner, R. A. Winje, T. de Parry
Magnet Design in High- Energy Accelerators accelerator, field, focusing, injection 317
  • M. H. Blewett
Ring Magnet Power System for the Zero Gradient Synchrotron controls, field, injection, vacuum 338
  • J. F. Sellers, E. F. Frisby, W.F. Praeg, A.T. Visser
Synchrotron - Magnet Cost Studies accelerator, field, power-supply, proton 354
  • C. G. Dols, R. A. Kilpatrick
Pole Face Shape Design in High-Energy Accelerators field, focusing, induction, vacuum 387
  • C. C. Iliescu
Measurement and Shaping of the Fringing Fields of the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator Magnets accelerator, field, focusing, proton 401
  • M. Awschalom, M. V. Isaila, P. J. Reardon, F.C. Shoemaker
Computer Calculations of the Magnetic Field of Alternating Gradient Synchrotron Magnets accelerator, field, injection, septum 408
  • P. F. Dahl, R.S. Christian, G. Parzen
Electronic Peakers cathode, feedback, induction, injection 434
  • W. Michaelson
Machine Operation at the Brookhaven Alternating Gradient Synchrotron accelerator, field, ion, target 439
  • R. R. Adams, W. F. Gefers, J. Spiro
Operation of a 3 GeV Fast Cycling Proton Synchrotron acceleration, maintenance, proton, target 445
  • E. P. Tomlinson
Personnel Security at the Brookhaven Alternating Gradient Synchrotron acceleration, linac, radiation, solenoid 689
  • R. R. Kassner, W. Livant
Radiation Measurement Work at the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator accelerator, neutron, radiation, shielding 708
  • M. Awschalom, F.L. Larsen
Zero Gradient Synchrotron Ring Vacuum System field, injection, radiation, vacuum 728
  • W.B. Hanson, F.W. Markley, R.D. Roman (ANL), H. Lucks, J.S. Moenich, M.A. Otavka, W.J. Pelczarski, C.W. Senders, R.A. Trcka, K. H. Weberg
Design Concepts of Modern Accelerator Vacuum Systems - Prediction vs. Experimental Data accelerator, ionization, radiation, vacuum 734
  • F. S. Reinath, D.T. Scalise
Survey of Injection-System Design accelerator, betatron, injection, proton 792
  • W. A. S. Lamb
Stabilized DC Power Supplies for Beam Injection into Orbital Accelerators accelerator, coupling, injection, ion 820
  • G. Reinhold, R. Minkner
A 475.76 MHz Linac Chopper chopper, gun, injection, linac 836
  • G.L. Nicholls, G.A. Voss
The Cambridge Electron Accelerator Beam Position Monitors accelerator, beam position monitor, electron, impedance 856
  • L. Law, L. Holcomb
Design of a Transport System for High Intensity Beams acceptance, emittance, focusing, quadrupole 912
  • A. Passner, R. C. Catura, R. Powers
Current Strip for Extraction of the CEA External Electron Beam electron, extraction, field, vacuum 954
  • P. H. Burr
The Future of Electron Synchrotrons electron, field, injection, linac 1027
  • M.S. Livingston
Superconducting Accelerators accelerator, electron, field, impedance 1045
  • P.B. Wilson, H.A. Schwettman