Accelerator Control Systems

Title Page
Sharing Control System Software 1801
  • P. Clout (Vista Systems)
Control System Architecture: The Standard and Non-Standard Models 1806
  • M.E. Thuot, L.R. Dalesio (LANL)
Anatomy of a Control System: A System Designer's View 1811
  • S. Magyary (LBNL)
Beam Position Monitor Data Acquisition for the Advanced Photon Source 1814
  • F.R. Lenkszus, Y. Chung, D.J. Ciarlette, G.A. Decker, E. Kahana, R.J. Laird, A.J. Votaw (ANL)
New Tevatron Cryogenic Control System 1817
  • B. Lublinsky, J. Firebaugh, J. Smolucha (FNAL)
Control Software for EUTERPE 1820
  • P.D.V. van der Stok, J.I.M. Botman, R. Deckers, J.L. Delhez, C.J. Timmermans, Y. van de Vijver, F. van den Berk (Eindhoven U. of Tech.)
Network Management of Real-Time Embedded Processors 1823
  • C. Kalbfleisch, S. Hunt, K. Low, D. Mathieson (SSCL)
High Speed Serial Communications for Control Systems 1826
  • D. Mathieson, S. Hunt, C. Kalbfleisch, K. Low (SSCL)
"BUBBANET": A High Performance Network for the SSC Accelerator Control System 1829
  • S. Hunt, C. Kalbfleisch, K. Low, D. Mathieson (SSCL)
Gateway for Inter-Network Connection in the Pohang Light Source Control System 1832
  • S.C. Won, S. Kwon (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
The Star, a Dynamically Configured Dataflow Director for Realtime Control 1835
  • M. Bickley, J. Kewisch (CEBAF)
The SSCL Linac Control System 1838
  • J. Heefner, C. Cuevas, S. Hunt, D. Murray, J. Sage (SSCL)
Proposal to Use Failure Prediction as a Means of Meeting Availability Requirements at the SSC 1841
  • S. Sarkar, W. Merz, F. Meyer (SSCL)
Control, Timing, and Data Acquisition for the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator (AWA) 1844
  • P. Schoessow, E. Chojnacki, C. Ho, J. Power (ANL)
The High Level Programmer and User Interface of the NSLS Control System 1846
  • Y. N. Tang, J.D. Smith (NSLS-BNL), S. Sathe (AGS-BNL)
NSLS Control Monitor and Its Upgrade 1849
  • S. Ramamoorthy, J.D. Smith (NSLS-BNL)
NSLS Control System Upgrade Status 1852
  • J. Smith, J. Flannigan, J. Keane, S. Krinsky, S. Ramamoorthy, S. Sathe, Y. Tang (NSLS-BNL)
Digital Signal Array Processor for NSLS Booster Power Supply Upgrade 1855
  • R. Olsen, J. Dabrowski (NSLS-BNL), J. Murray (Stony Brook)
Control System for NSLS Booster Power Supply Upgrade II 1858
  • R. Olsen, J. Dabrowski (NSLS-BNL), J. Murray (Stony Brook)
Software Environment and Configuration for the DSP Controlled NSLS Booster Power Supplies 1861
  • R. Olsen, J. Dabrowski (NSLS-BNL), J. Murray (Stony Brook)
Control Units for APS Power Supplies 1864
  • O.D. Despe, D.G. McGhee, C. Saunders (ANL)
High Resolution ADC Interface to Main Magnet Power Supply at the NSLS 1867
  • M. Bordoley (NSLS-BNL)
Design of the Advanced Light Source Timing System 1869
  • M. Fahmie (LBNL)
Ring Diagnostics and Consistency Test of the Model for the AGS Booster 1872
  • A. Luccio, E.H. Auerbach (BNL)
Use of Design Codes for On-Line Beam Diagnostics at the MIT-Bates Accelerator 1875
  • K.D. Jacobs, J.B. Flanz, B.G. McAllister (MIT-Bates)
A Graphical User-Interface Control System at SRRC 1878
  • J.S. Chen, S.J. Chen, C.J. Wang (SRRC Taiwan), G.J. Jan (National Taiwan U.)
Machine Protection System Algorithm Compiler and Simulator 1881
  • G.R. White, G. Sherwin (SLAC)
MPS VAX Monitor and Control Software Architecture 1884
  • S. Allison, N. Spencer, K. Underwood, D. VanOlst, M. Zelanzy (SLAC)
The Continuous and Seamless Replacement of a Running Control System Succeeded 1887
  • G.v. Egan-Krieger, R. Müller, J. Rahn (BESSY)
Control and Data Acquisition System of Electron Accelerator for Radiation Processing 1890
  • W. Macixzewski, A.G. Chmielewski, J. Lukasiewicz, W. Migdal (Institute of Nuc. Tech. Warsaw)
Expert System for Magnetic Systems Investigations 1892
  • S. Lima, F.F. Nodarse, R.V. Poliakova, I.P. Yudin (JINR Moscow)
Orbit Correction Implementation at CEBAF 1895
  • M. Bickley, B.A. Bowling, D. Douglas, A. Hofler, J. Kewisch, G. A. Krafft (CEBAF)
Controls Interface Protocols for the SSC Correction and 'DC' Magnet Power Supplies 1898
  • S. Sarkar, J. Gannon, W. Merz, F. Meyer (SSCL)
Parametrization of the AmPS Magnets for the Control System 1901
  • Y. Wu, R. Hart, R. Maas, F. Schimmel, G. van Garderen, J. van der Laan (NIKHEF-K)
Global Voltage Control for the LEP RF System 1903
  • E. Ciapala, A. Butterworth, E. Peschardt (CERN)
Designing RF Control Subsystems Using the VXIbus Standard 1906
  • J.D. Stepp, J.F. Bridges, F.C. Vong (ANL)
Automated Measurement of Cavity Frequency and Cavity Tuning at CEBAF 1909
  • R. Li, S. N. Simrock, B.C. Yunn (CEBAF)
A Beam Position Monitor Data Acquisition System for the New Fermilab 400 MeV Line 1912
  • S. Lackey, J. Firebaugh, C. Johnstone, W. Marsh, J. Smolucha, K. Woodbury (FNAL)
A VME Based Quench Protection Monitor for the Tevatron Low Beta Quadrupoles 1914
  • S. Lackey, C. Briegel, L. Chapman, R. Flora, K. Martin (FNAL), T. Savord (SSCL)
Experience with the TRIUMF Main Tank Vacuum Control System 1916
  • S. Sarkar, D.P. Gurd (SSCL), P. Bennett, P. Harmer, J. Nelson, W. Sievers, J.C. Yandon (TRIUMF)
Laser Power Stabilization in the TRIUMF Optically Pumped Polarized H- Ion Source 1919
  • S. Sarkar (SSCL)
MPS Beam Control Software Architecture 1922
  • K. Krauter, M. Crane (SLAC)
The CEBAF Analog Monitor System 1925
  • K. Crawford, M. O'Sullivan, J. Perry, S. Simrock (CEBAF)
Techniques for Increasing the Reliability of Accelerator Control System Electronics 1928
  • J. Utterback (FNAL)
WindoWorks: A Flexible Program for Computerized Testing of Accelerator Control System Electronic Circuit Boards 1931
  • J. Utterback (FNAL)
Switching the Fermilab Accelerator Control System to a Relational Database 1934
  • S. Shtirbu (FNAL)
The Impact of New Accelerator Control Software on LEP Performance 1937
  • R. Bailey, A. Belk, P. Collier, M. Lamont, M. Tarrant, G. de Rijk (CERN)
A Software System for Modeling and Controlling Accelerator Physics Parameters at the Advanced Light Source 1940
  • L. Schachinger, V. Paxson (LBNL)
Machine Physics Application Program for Control, Commissioning and Error Findings for Storage Rings 1943
  • H.P. Chang, C.H. Chang, J.Y. Fan, C.S. Hsue, C.C. Kuo, J.C. Lee, H.J. Tsai, M.H. Wang (SRRC Taiwan)
CATER: An Online Problem Tracking Facility for SLC 1946
  • R.C. Sass, H. Shoaee (SLAC)
Ramping Control Using a Spreadsheet 1949
  • D.Y. Wang, R.P. Johnson, L.S.B. Ng, W.J. Pearce (Maxwell Labs)
Easy and Effective Applications Programs Using DataViews 1952
  • E.S. McCrory (FNAL)
The Graphic Environment for Transport Line Control and Beam Diagnostics 1955
  • S. Kuznetsov (Kurchatov Institute, Moscow)
An I/O Subnet for the APS Control System: The BITBUS Universal Gateway 1957
  • G.J. Nawrocki, N.D. Arnold, S.J. Benes, M.G. Hoffberg, J.R. Winans (ANL)
Status and Design of the Advanced Photon Source Control System 1960
  • W. McDowell, N.D. Arnold, R. Daly, M. Knott, M. Kraimer, F. Lenkszus (ANL)
Controlling the Third Harmonic Cavity During Focus Free Transition Crossing in the Fermilab Main Ring 1963
  • M.A. Martens (FNAL)
AMS: Area Message Service for SLC 1966
  • M. Crane, R. Mackenzie, D. Millsom, M. Zelazny (SLAC)
Adding PCs to SLC Control System 1969
  • T. Lahey, S. Levitt, R. Mackenzie, N. Spencer, K. Underwood (SLAC)
Precise System Stabilization at SLC Using Dither Techniques 1972
  • M.C. Ross, L. Hendrickson, T. Himel, E. Miller (SLAC)
Thermal Stabilization of Low Level RF Distribution Systems at SLAC 1975
  • D. McCormick, T. Himel, M. Ross, N. Spencer (SLAC)