PAC1991 Keywords
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Keyword: space-charge

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Observation and Analysis of Time-Dependent Closed Orbit Motion in the LAMPF Proton Storage Ring betatron, injection, proton, tune 228
  • R. Hutson, D. Fitzgerald, R. Macek
Relativistic Acceleration and Retardation Effects on Photoemission of Intense Electron Short Pulses, in RF-FEL Photoinjectors acceleration, cathode, electron, field 233
  • J.-M. Dolique, M. Coacolo
Experimental Studies of Emittance Growth Due to Initial Mismatch of a Space Charge Dominated Beam in a Solenoidal Focusing Channel electron, emittance, halo, simulation 248
  • D. Kehne, M. Reiser, H. Rudd
Simulation Studies of Emittance Growth in RMS Mismatched Beams emittance, plasma, thermal, tune 251
  • A. Cucchetti, M. Reiser, T. Wangler
Digital Computer Simulation of Three-Dimensional Ion Beam Extraction and Transport Systems electron, ion, plasma, simulation 275
  • J.E. Boers
Digital Computer Simulation of Axisymmetric Electron Beams and Guns of Any Energy cathode, field, simulation, target 278
  • J.E. Boers
Space-Charge Calculation for Bunched Beams with 3-D Ellipsoidal Symmetry accelerator, emittance, field, simulation 330
  • R.W. Garnett, T.P. Wangler
Simultaneous Acceleration of H+ and H- in RFQ Linacs accelerator, acceptance, emittance, quadrupole 401
  • K.R. Crandall
Stripping Foil Losses and Space Charge Blowup in the FNAL Booster booster, closed-orbit, injection, scattering 860
  • C. Johnstone, D. Bogert, J. Lackey, R. Tomlin
Simulation of Hollow Beams with Cancellation of Steady State Non-Linear Space-Charge impedance, instability, simulation, wakefield 1728
  • S.R. Koscielniak
Beam Property Measurements in the IUCF Cooler Ring electron, electron cooling, proton, tune 1770
  • M. Ball, D.D. Caussyn, J. Collins, V. Derenchuk, D. DuPlantis, G. East, T. Ellison, D. Friesel, B. Hamilton, B. Jones, S.Y. Lee, M.G. Minty, T. Sloan
Observation of Space-Charge Effects in the Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring accelerator, betatron, proton, tune 1893
  • D. Neuffer, D. Fitzgerald, T. Hardek, R. Hutson, R. Macek, M. Plum, H. Thiessen, T.-S. Wang
Observations of the PSR Transverse Instability background, injection, instability, proton 1896
  • E. Colton, D. Fitzgerald, T. Hardek, R. Macek, D. Neuffer, M. Plum, H. Thiessen, T. Wang
Flat-Beam RF Photocathode Sources for Linear Collider Applications cathode, collider, electron, emittance 1987
  • J.B. Rosenzweig
Design and Modeling of a 17 GHz Photocathode RF Gun cathode, electron, gun, laser 2026
  • C.L. Lin, S.C. Chen, B. Danly, R. Temkin, J.S. Wurtele
Three-Dimensional Space Charge and Image Charge Effects in Radio-Frequency-Quadrupole Accelerators accelerator, brightness, emittance, simulation 3032
  • F.W. Guy