PAC1987 Keywords
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Keyword: instability

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Stability of the Driving Bunch in the Plasma Wakefield Accelerator accelerator, field, plasma, thermal 127
  • J.J. Su, P. Chen, J.M. Dawson, M. Jones, T. Katsouleas, R. Keinigs, S. Wilks
Limitations on Single Bunch Operation in the SRS due to Beam Instabilities damping, injection, lifetime, synchrotron 497
  • V.P. Suller, J.S. MacKay, M.W. Poole, R.P. Walker
Numerical Studies of Ion-Focused Transport in a Recirculating Accelerator acceleration, ion, plasma, simulation 945
  • T.P. Hughes
Preliminary Study of Filamentation of Intense Pulsed Ion Beams cathode, field, ion, plasma 948
  • X.L. Jiang, S.C. Jiang, Y.B. Piao
Time Dependence of Microsecond Intense Electron Beam Transport in Gases cathode, electron, ion, ionization 963
  • R.F. Lucey, Jr., M.L. Brake, C.L. Enloe, R.M. Gilgenbach, T.E. Repetti, J.E. Tucker
Trapping of the PHERMEX Beam in a Mirror Field electron, field, injection, shielding 966
  • T.P. Hughes, L.A. Builta, J.M. Mack, D.C. Moir
Beam Pipe HEM11 Probes for Traveling Wave Linac Section accelerator, coupling, spectrum, vacuum 1019
  • A.M. Vetter, J.L. Adamski, W. J. Gallagher
Instability Measurements of an Intense Relativistic Electron Beam Propagating in an Ion Focusing Regime Channel electron, ion, plasma, resonance 1054
  • R.F. Schneider, K.T. Nguyen, J.R. Smith, H.S. Uhm
Multipass Beam Breakup in Recirculating Linacs lattice, linac, recirculation, site 1078
  • J.J. Bisognano, R.L. Gluckstern
Relativistic Electron Beam Ion Hose Instability in Beam-Induced Channels coupling, electron, ion, resonance 1096
  • K.T. Nguyen, R.F. Schneider, J.R. Smith, H.S. Uhm
Space-Charge Effects of Transition Crossing in the Fermilab Booster booster, equilibrium, quadrupole, space-charge 1129
  • K.-Y. Ng
The Influence of Density Distribution on the Stability of Beams emittance, focusing, ion, thermal 1149
  • F.W. Guy, P. M. Lapostolle, T.P. Wangler
Transient Analysis of a Coupled Accelerator and Decelerator System accelerator, decelerator, electron, ion 1161
  • H. Takeda
Microwave Instabilities in Booster and AGS booster, impedance, proton, resistive wall 1188
  • S.Y. Lee, X.F. Zhao
Nonlinear Behavior of the Longitudinal Modes of the Coasting Beam in a Storage Ring Landau damping, accelerator, coupling, damping 1201
  • S. A. Bogacz, K.-Y. Ng
Landau Damping of a Multi-Bunch Instability Due to Bunch-to-Bunch Tune Spread betatron, damping, impedance, tune 1213
  • Y.H. Chin
A Fast Transition Jump Scheme at the Brookhaven AGS accelerator, betatron, quadrupole, simulation 1216
  • P. Yamin, L. Ahrens, E. Auerbach, E. Raka, L. Ratner
Invariants of Betatron Motion and Dynamic Aperture betatron, focusing, resonance, sextupole 1264
  • J. Hagel
Sideband Spectra of a Longitudinal Instabillity Observed in Photon Factory Storage Ring electron, factory, spectrum, synchrotron 1313
  • Y. Kamiya, M. Katoh
Plasma Channels Used for Relativistic Electron Beam Transport electron, focusing, ion, plasma 1761
  • J.R. Smith, K.T. Nguyen, R.F. Schneider, H.S. Uhm
Trapped Ions and Beam Lifetime in NSLS Storage Rings electron, ion, lifetime, x-ray 1773
  • T.S. Chou, H.J. Halama
A "Monochromatic" RF-Cavity damping, ferrite, field, impedance 1791
  • S. Bartalucci, M. Bell, F. Caspers, K. Hübner, P. Marchand, R. Poirier, A. Susini
Further Development of the SRS RF System coupling, klystron, monitoring, waveguide 1940
  • D.M. Dykes, B. Taylor
Propagation of Charged Particle Beams in the Atmosphere electron, field, ionization, plasma 1965
  • M. Lampe