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Keyword: controls

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A Multi-Purpose Digital Controller for the LEP RF System acceptance, klystron, software, vacuum 520
  • E. Ciapala, M. Disdier
The CEBAF Control System Architecture CAMAC, accelerator, electron, software 523
  • R. Bork
Experience in Using Workstations as Hosts in an Accelerator Control Environment accelerator, commissioning, ion, software 594
  • A. Abola, R. Casella, T. Clifford, L. Hoff, R. Katz, S. Kennell, S. Mandell, E. McBreen, D.P. Weygand
Generic Device Controller for Accelerator Control Systems acceleration, accelerator, instrumentation, software 600
  • R. Mariotti, W. Buxton, R. Frankel, L. Hoff
Motion Control System for the Fermilab Electrostatic Septa CAMAC, accelerator, alignment, target 617
  • S. Lackey, M. Coburn, C. Crawford, J. Elseth, W. Knopf
Recent Developments in the TRIUMF Control System CAMAC, accelerator, ion, monitoring 631
  • D. Gurd, B. Aikens, D. Bishop, P.A. Brown, D.J. Dale, B. Evans, E. Klassen, K.S. Lee, E.A. Osberg, W.R. Roberts, S. Sarkar
The Program Line Sequencer, A New Approach CAMAC, accelerator, software, timing 640
  • J. Lewis, P. Heymans
SuperHILAC Real-Time Velocity Measurements CAMAC, accelerator, beamline, ion 649
  • B. Feinberg, D. Meaney, R. Thatcher, C. Timossi
Communication System for the TRISTAN Accelerators CAMAC, accelerator, accumulation, modulator 679
  • T. Katoh, A. Akiyama, K. Kudo, S. Takeda
New Multi-Microprocessor Control System of the Main Ring Magnet Power Supply for the KEK 12 GeV PS background, injection, maintenance, timing 689
  • S. Matsumoto, H. Baba, K. Mikawa, T. Sueno, M. Toda
On-Line Modelling, a Tool at Commissioning of the 600 MeV e+e- Accumulator (EPA) of LEP accelerator, injection, lattice, tune 692
  • J.P. Delahaye, H. Kugler, A. Lévy-Mandel, F. Perriollat, J.P. Potier
The Database for Accelerator Control in the CERN PS Complex acceleration, accelerator, software, survey 704
  • J.H. Cupèrus
Application of High Level Programs in a Controls Environment CAMAC, cyclotron, field, software 719
  • C.J. Kost, D.A. Dohan, M. Mouat
Computer Control of the Energy Output of a Klystron in the SLC accelerator, klystron, positron, software 735
  • R.K. Jobe, M.J. Browne, M. Flores, N. Phinney, H.D. Schwarz, J.C. Sheppard
Control of Stochastic Cooling & RF Systems Using Interactive Graphics accelerator, feedback, software, stochastic cooling 738
  • G. Mayer, S. Beck, R. Pasquinelli
Development of the SPS/LEP Control Systems accelerator, collider, software, timing 741
  • C.G. Beetham
Distributed Data Access in the LAMPF Control System CAMAC, accelerator, ion, software 745
  • S.C. Schaller, E.A. Bjorklund
Tuning Loop Control System for the Fermilab Debuncher DRF1 Cavities accelerator, feedback, monitoring, timing 794
  • J.R. Zagel, V.K. Bharadwaj, J.M. Smolucha, T.M. Watts
Test Results on Dual Resonant Power Supply with Flat Top and Flat Bottom Current acceleration, equilibrium, solenoid 1505
  • E. Schneider
MI5 - A Beam Line that Climbs the Wall alignment, shielding, survey, target 1588
  • R. Kokke, J. McIlroy, A.J. Otter, D. Revell, H. Sprenger, L. Voboril
The 3.6 MW High Voltage Interface for the LEP Main Ring Klystrons acceleration, cathode, klystron, modulator 1619
  • H. O'Hanlon, G. Pecheur
The Bevatron Liquid Nitrogen Circulation System acceleration, field, software, vacuum 1622
  • D. Hunt, G. Stover