PAC1965 Keywords
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Keyword: focusing

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Magnet Plunging System for the Bevatron External Proton Beam extraction, proton, target, vacuum 69
  • R. Krevitt, D. Morris
High Power Klystrons accelerator, field, gun, klystron 86
  • J. V. Lebacqz
A 40-Kilovolt, 125-Ampere Hard Tube Modulator for Accelerator Service cathode, ferrite, field, modulator 205
  • R. W. Freyman
Magnet Design in High- Energy Accelerators accelerator, field, injection, synchrotron 317
  • M. H. Blewett
Magnet for an 800-MeV Separated Orbit Cyclotron alignment, cyclotron, field, rf cavities 373
  • R.S. Lord, E.D. Hudson
The Argonne ZGS Magnet alignment, controls, field, proton 377
  • M.H. Foss, T.K. Khoe, R. J. Krizek, W. A. Siljander
Uniform-Field Wedge Magnets: Design field, fringe fields 383
  • T.F. Godlove, W. L. Bendel
Uniform-Field Wedge Magnets: Results electron, field, linac, quadrupole 385
  • W. L. Bendel, T.F. Godlove
Pole Face Shape Design in High-Energy Accelerators field, induction, synchrotron, vacuum 387
  • C. C. Iliescu
The Focusing Air-Core Magnet Channel for the MSU 55-MeV Cyclotron cyclotron, extraction, field, quadrupole 392
  • R. E. Berg, H.G. Blosser
Measurement and Shaping of the Fringing Fields of the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator Magnets accelerator, field, proton, synchrotron 401
  • M. Awschalom, M. V. Isaila, P. J. Reardon, F.C. Shoemaker
A Low Energy Separated Orbit Cyclotron acceleration, cyclotron, field, injection 489
  • E.D. Hudson, R.S. Lord, R.E. Worsham
A Hypervelocity Microparticle Linear Accelerator for Use in Micrometeoric Simulation accelerator, field, ion, vacuum 544
  • E. H. Dingman
Beam Dynamics Problems in a High Energy Electron Linac accelerator, electron, field, positron 580
  • G.A. Loew, R.H. Helm
Study of Some Transversal Motions of the Electron Beam of a Linac accelerator, electron, field, linac 593
  • R. Bergere, A. Veyssiere
A Computer Program for Optical Matching Systems acceptance, emittance, linac, proton 627
  • S. Ohnuma, J.N. Vitale
Stability and Tolerance of the Separated Orbit Cyclotron acceptance, alignment, betatron, cyclotron 644
  • R.E. Worsham
Calculation of Particle Trajectories in an Ion Linac with Self-Focusing Accelerating Gaps Having Quadrupolar Symmetry coupling, field, ion, linac 648
  • D. Boussard
A Sloan-Lawrence Accelerator with Self-Focusing Accelerating Structure accelerator, injection, ion, quadrupole 652
  • D. Boussard, A. Septier
Developments in Gridded Ion Lenses accelerator, brilliance, electron, ion 765
  • J. W. Johnson
Matching and Alignment from the Linac to the Zero Gradient Synchrotron diagnostics, emittance, linac, quadrupole 799
  • E.A. Crosbie, P.V. Livdahl
A 45 Inflection System for the Stanford Two-Mile Accelerator accelerator, field, quadrupole, sextupole 842
  • W.B. Herrmannsfeldt, R.H. Miller
A High Intensity, High Energy Muon Beam at the Brookhaven AGS muon, pion, quadrupole, target 895
  • D. Birnbaum, J. Tinlot, T. Yamanouchi
Design of a Transport System for High Intensity Beams acceptance, emittance, quadrupole, synchrotron 912
  • A. Passner, R. C. Catura, R. Powers
Beam Pulse Selector for a Sector Focused Cyclotron acceleration, accelerator, cyclotron, field 977
  • A. Svanheden, H.A. Howe, M. Reiser
Sectored Cyclotrons cyclotron, extraction, field, resonance 985
  • H.G. Blosser