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Keyword: electron

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Multiplex Control and Monitoring of a Large Accelerator accelerator, alignment, monitoring, vacuum 36
  • R. Littauer
Grid-Controlled Power Tubes in Particle-Accelerator Applications accelerator, linac, modulator, vacuum 76
  • M. V. Hoover
RF Structures for Linear Accelerators field, impedance, proton, waveguide 110
  • G. W. Wheeler, S. Giordano
Electron Analog Tests of Proton Linear Accelerator Structure accelerator, chopper, field, gun 144
  • J. E. Brolley, Jr., C. R. Emigh, D. W. Mueller
Triodes and Klystrons at Ultra-High Frequency accelerator, klystron, proton, vacuum 222
  • O. C. Lundstrom
Tandem Accelerators of the Future acceleration, accelerator, injection, ion 235
  • E. A. Burrill
Ion-Gas Collisions during Beam Acceleration accelerator, ion, ionization, spectrum 242
  • E. M. Kellogg
Electron Accelerators for Electron Microscopy in the 1 MeV Range accelerator, electron gun, field, gun 270
  • G. Reinhold, H. Adler, R. Minkner
A Wide Area Electron Beam Scanner alignment, field, impedance, modulator 279
  • M. L. Rossi, A. J. Favale, F. J. Lotito, F. R. Swanson
Magnet Exciting Coils accelerator, cooling water, quadrupole, vacuum 344
  • D. D. Jacobus
Frequency Dependence of the Resistance and Inductance of Solid Core Magnets accelerator, field 349
  • G. Gonzalez, A. Brambilla
Uniform-Field Wedge Magnets: Results field, focusing, linac, quadrupole 385
  • W. L. Bendel, T.F. Godlove
Field Control Type Current Regulator for Electromagnets cyclotron, feedback, field, resonance 421
  • F. F. Cilyo
High Repition Rate Pulsers for Beam Switching Magnets accelerator, field, impedance, vacuum 430
  • J.L. Cole, I. C. Lutz, J. J. Muray
A Comparison of Theoretical and Actual Beam Performance of a 140 MeV Electron Linear Accelerator at the University of Saskatchewan accelerator, field, injection, waveguide 457
  • J. Haimson, L. Katz
Positron Production with the USNRL Linac accelerator, linac, positron, spectrum 462
  • M. E. Toms, T.F. Godlove
A Positron Linear Accelerator Design accelerator, emittance, positron, solenoid 465
  • C.S. Nunan
A Waveguide Resonant Ring Electron Accelerator accelerator, coupling, field, waveguide 494
  • S. D. Winter
Power System Operation at the Cambridge Electron Accelerator accelerator, maintenance, tune, vacuum 517
  • W. S. C. Henry
Problems in the Design of Cryogenic Target Facilities for Electron Scattering Experiments radiation, scattering, target, thermal 519
  • H. F. Kaiser
Flexibility in Accelerator Engineering Housing accelerator, cyclotron, shielding, site 535
  • I. Mackinlay
Beam Loading in Linear Accelerators accelerator, beam-loading, field, waveguide 566
  • J.E. Leiss
Beam Dynamics Problems in a High Energy Electron Linac accelerator, field, focusing, positron 580
  • G.A. Loew, R.H. Helm
Study of Some Transversal Motions of the Electron Beam of a Linac accelerator, field, focusing, linac 593
  • R. Bergere, A. Veyssiere
Computer Program for High-Current Electron Accelerator accelerator, feedback, field, waveguide 613
  • R. M. Bevensee
A Study of Field Distribution and Beam Loading in Proton Linacs at High Energies coupling, field, impedance, proton 630
  • T. Nishikawa
Radioactive Gas Production from the R. P. I. Electron Linear Accelerator accelerator, linac, radiation, target 678
  • J. E. Russell, R. M. Ryan
Qualitative Effects of Radiation Damage on Equipment and Components at the R. P. I. Linac linac, neutron, radiation, target 705
  • R. Fullwood, E. R. Gaerttner, R. Krasse
Developments in Gridded Ion Lenses accelerator, brilliance, focusing, ion 765
  • J. W. Johnson
The SLAC Injector accelerator, bunching, emittance, spectrum 804
  • R.H. Miller, R.F. Koontz, D. D. Tsang
Electron Attachment to Medium-Energy Ions accelerator, background, field, ion 809
  • M. B. Sampson, F. J. Bartis, W. W. Eidson
Design Considerations for High-Intensity Negative-Ion Sources cathode, cyclotron, ion, vacuum 811
  • K. W. Ehlers
Injector Pulsor for Linac Picosecond Operation accelerator, cathode, gun, radiation 830
  • R. K. Hanst, N. J. Norris
Transport Systems for High Intensity Beams proton, radiation, shielding, thermal 846
  • R. E. Taylor
The Cambridge Electron Accelerator Beam Position Monitors accelerator, beam position monitor, impedance, synchrotron 856
  • L. Law, L. Holcomb
Position Monitoring Electronics for the Stanford Linear Accelerator accelerator, coupling, feedback, monitoring 862
  • R.S. Larsen, H. A. Woods
Water Cooled Beam Dumps and Collimators for the Stanford Linear Accelerator accelerator, radiation, thermal, vacuum 867
  • D. Walz, E.L. Garwin, J. Jurow
Beam Bump Method of Target Engagement accelerator, betatron, equilibrium, target 899
  • R.J. Averill
The External Electron Beam Facility at the Cambridge Electron Accelerator accelerator, emittance, extraction, vacuum 931
  • J.M. Paterson
Secondary Emission from Thin Metal Foils Bombarded with 70 - MeV Electrons accelerator, spectrum, target, vacuum 935
  • S. A. Blankenburg, J.K. Cobb, J. J. Muray
Current Strip for Extraction of the CEA External Electron Beam extraction, field, synchrotron, vacuum 954
  • P. H. Burr
Beam Switchyard Instrumentation for the Stanford Two-Mile Accelerator accelerator, radiation, spectrum, vacuum 957
  • D. A. G. Neet
High Current Traveling Wave Electron Linear Accelerators bunching, field, impedance, injection 996
  • J. Haimson
The Future of Electron Synchrotrons field, injection, linac, synchrotron 1027
  • M.S. Livingston
Recent Developments on the Stanford 500MeV Electron Storage Rings injection, instability, linac, scattering 1033
  • B. Gittelman
Superconducting Accelerators accelerator, field, impedance, synchrotron 1045
  • P.B. Wilson, H.A. Schwettman