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Keyword: plasma

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Charged Particle Accelerators for Inertial Fusion Energy accelerator, induction, ion, target 6
  • S. Humphries Jr.
Microscopic Examination of Field Emission Areas in Superconducting Nb Cavities cathode, field, ion, vacuum 21
  • D. Moffat, T. Flynn, L. Hand, J. Kirchgessner, R. Noer, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q. Shu
Simulation of High Energy Beam Focusing by a Plasma electron, focusing, ion, positron 222
  • S. Rajagopalan, P. Chen
Observation of Plasma Wakefield Effects during High-Current Relativistic Electron Beam Transport background, electron, ion, laser 239
  • J.D. Miller, J. Goldhar, G. Joyce, K.T. Nguyen, R.F. Schneider, H.S. Uhm, D.J. Weidman
Simulation Studies of Emittance Growth in RMS Mismatched Beams emittance, space-charge, thermal, tune 251
  • A. Cucchetti, M. Reiser, T. Wangler
Digital Computer Simulation of Three-Dimensional Ion Beam Extraction and Transport Systems electron, ion, simulation, space-charge 275
  • J.E. Boers
Theory of Relativistic Electron Beam Bunching By the Wakefield Effects of a Background Plasma electron, field, ion, wakefield 455
  • H.S. Uhm
Root-Mean-Square Emittance Analysis of a Multiple Beam System accelerator, cathode, electron, emittance 479
  • K.A. Boulais, M.J. Rhee
Laser Wakefields at UCLA and LLNL accelerator, field, focusing, laser 564
  • W.B. Mori, C.E. Clayton, C.B. Darrow, J.M. Dawson, C.B. Decker, C. Joshi, T. Katsouleas, K. Marsh, S.C. Wilks
Plasma Lenses for SLAC Final Focus Test Facility accelerator, electron, focusing, simulation 619
  • D. Betz, P. Chen, D. Cline, M. Gundersen, C. Joshi, T. Katsouleas, J. Norem, S. Rajagopalan, J. Rosenzweig, J.J. Su, R. Williams
Direct Observation of Plasma Wakefield Caused by a Train of LINAC Bunches damping, electron, linac, wakefield 622
  • A. Ogata, T. Kobayashi, T. Kozawa, K. Nakajima, H. Nakanishi, Y. Nishida, H. Shibata, T. Ueda, Y. Yoshida, N. Yugami
Injection Locking of a Long-Pulse Relativistic Magnetron cathode, impedance, injection, modulator 751
  • S.C. Chen, G. Bekefi, R.J. Temkin
On the Design of Beam Absorbers for the SSC accelerator, collider, kicker, radiation 1002
  • B. Parker
An Inexpensive PC-Based Ion Linac Control System accelerator, ion, linac, software 1377
  • M.E. Hamm, J.M. Potter
Microwave Instability at Transition-Stability Diagram Approach accelerator, emittance, impedance, instability 1815
  • S. A. Bogacz
A Compact RF Driven H- Ion Source for Linac Injection electron, extraction, ion, vacuum 1910
  • J.P. Rymer, G.A. Engeman, R.W. Hamm, J.M. Potter
The BNL Toroidal Volume H- Source electron, extraction, field, ion 1913
  • J.G. Alessi, K. Prelec
Optimization of an RF Driven H- Ion Source electron, extraction, field, ion 1919
  • K.N. Leung, W.F. DiVergilio, C.A. Hauck, W.B. Kunkel, D.S. McDonald
Installation of the Legnaro ECR Ion Source cyclotron, field, ion, vacuum 1934
  • M. Cavenago, G. Bisoffi, G. Carugno, F. Cervellera, G. Fortuna, M.F. Moisio, V. Palmieri, K. Rudolph
Design Aspects for a Pulsed-Mode, High-Intensity, Heavy Negative Ion Source cathode, extraction, ion, sputter 1937
  • G.D. Alton
An Induction Linac Injector for Scaled Experiments emittance, extraction, induction, ion 1952
  • H.L. Rutkowski, D. Brodzik, A. Faltens, D.W. Hewett, R.M. Johnson, C. Pike, D. Vanecek
Scaling Study of Pseudospark Produced Electron Beam cathode, electron, emittance, vacuum 1972
  • K.K. Jain, B.N. Ding, M.J. Rhee
Electron Beam Generation from a Superemissive Cathode cathode, electron, emittance, field 1990
  • T.-Y. Hsu, M.A. Gundersen, G. Kirkman-Amemiya, R.-L. Liou
Progress in H- Ion Source Development at TAC accelerator, extraction, field, ion 2008
  • J. Culver, K. Antes, F.R. Huson, A. Larsson, C.R. Meitzler, L. Xiu
State of H- Source Development accelerator, emittance, extraction, ion 2076
  • K.N. Leung
H- Temperature Mesaurements by a Slit Diagnostic Technique cathode, extraction, ion, thermal 2080
  • J. Sherman, P. Allison, C. Geisik, H.V. Smith Jr.
Time-Resolved Emittance Measurements of an Excimer-Laser-Driven Metal Photocathode cathode, electron, emittance, laser 2107
  • T. Kauppila, R. Carlson, D. Moir, R. Ridlon
Emittance Growth in Mismatched Charged Particle Beams betatron, emittance, focusing, simulation 2497
  • M. Reiser
Visualization of Wake Fields in 3-D accelerator, field, impedance, resistive wall 2512
  • F.A. Harfoush, T.G. Jurgens
Suitability of Tunneling Ionization Produced Plasmas for the Plasma Beat Wave Accelerator electron, field, ionization, laser 2560
  • W.P. Leemans, C.E. Clayton, A. Dyson, C. Joshi, K.A. Marsh
Vlasov-Maxwell Simulations of Nonlinear Plasma Dynamics in the Plasma Wakefield Accelerator electron, field, simulation, thermal 2563
  • J. Krall, E. Esary, G. Joyce
Particle Trajectories through MIRRORTRON Configurations background, electron, field, ion 2581
  • D.J. Larson, D.W. Hewett
Performance of the CERN Plasma Lens in Laboratory and Beam Tests at the Antiproton Source antiproton, field, focusing, proton 2631
  • R. Kowalewicz, E. Boggasch, J. Christiansen, K. Frank, M. Lubrano di Scampamorte, S. Milner, F. Pedersen, H. Riege, M. Stetter, R. Tkotz
Beam Loading in a High Current Accelerating Gap accelerator, electron, impedance, ion 2999
  • M.J. Rhee, B.N. Ding
High Power Microwave Generation in Virtual Cathode Systems cathode, electron, ion, radiation 3111
  • A. N. Didenko, V.I. Rashchikov
Experiments Investigating the Effects of the Accelerating Gap Voltage Pulse on the Ion Focused (IFR) High Current Electron Recirculators electron, focusing, ion, lifetime 3126
  • M.G. Mazarakis, L.F. Bennett, W.R. Olson, J.W. Poukey, K.R. Prestwich, D.L. Smith, B.N. Turman, J.S. Wagner, J. Wells