PAC1987 Keywords
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Keyword: alignment

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Studies of Anomalous Dispersion in the SLC Second Order Achromat field, focusing, quadrupole, sextupole 77
  • T. Fieguth, S. Kheifets, J.J. Murray
Some Experiences from the Commissioning Program of the SLC Arcs field, linac, radiation, synchrotron 139
  • G.E. Fischer, K.L. Brown, F. Bulos, T. Fieguth, A. Hutton, J.J. Murray, N. Toge, W.T. Weng, H. Wiedemann
A Proton Accelerating Model of Uranium RFQ acceleration, field, ion, proton 270
  • S. Arai, T. Fujino, T. Fukushima, T. Hattori, J. Tojo, N. Tokuda
Inner Undulator Electron Diagnostic Stations electron, field, undulator, vacuum 449
  • K.E. Robinson, T.E. DeHart
Prototype Development of a Beam Line Expert System accelerator, commissioning, simulation, software 532
  • S.H. Clearwater, M.J. Lee
Motion Control System for the Fermilab Electrostatic Septa CAMAC, accelerator, controls, target 617
  • S. Lackey, M. Coburn, C. Crawford, J. Elseth, W. Knopf
Monitoring the Beam Position in the SLC Interaction Region CAMAC, accelerator, collider, quadrupole 686
  • J.C. Denard, G.B. Bowden, G.J. Oxoby, J.L. Pellegrin, M.C. Ross
A CCD Beam Profile Monitor for 14.6 GeV/amu 16O Ions beam profile monitor, ion, proton, target 707
  • D. Beavis, R. Debbe, Y. Ikeda, M.J. LeVine, T. Sugitate, J.H. Van Dijk, H. E. Wegner
Mechanical and Magnetic Alignment Techniques for the RADLAC-II Linear Accelerator accelerator, electron, target, vacuum 942
  • D.J. Armistead, D.L. Bolton, M.G. Mazarakis
Lie Algebraic Methods for Treating Lattice Parameter Errors in Accelerators accelerator, field, lattice, tune 1060
  • L.M. Healy, A.J. Dragt
Study of Misalignment Effects in Electron Beam Transport Through a Periodic Solenoid Channel electron, emittance, field, gun 1135
  • M. Reiser, D. Kehne, K. Low, J. McAdoo, T. Shea
Analysis of Optical Perturbations of the SLC Arcs betatron, coupling, field, lattice 1221
  • W.T. Weng, M. Sands
Dynamic Aperture of LEP in Presence of Alignment and Field Errors accelerator, field, lattice, tune 1243
  • D. Brandt, F.C. Iselin
Error-Finding and Error-Correcting Methods for the Start-Up of the SLC accelerator, commissioning, quadrupole, simulation 1334
  • M.J. Lee, S.H. Clearwater, S.D. Kleban, L.J. Selig
Transverse Damping in a 30 GHZ Very High Energy Linac emittance, field, linac, quadrupole 1346
  • H. Henke
Alignment of the Stanford Linear Collider Arcs-Concepts and Results accelerator, collider, positron, survey 1402
  • R. Pitthan, B. Bell, H. Friedsam, W. Oren, M. Pietryka, R. Ruland
Fabrication and Magnetic Field Measurements of the IUCF Cooler Ring Dipole Magnets accelerator, antiproton, field, sextupole 1443
  • T. Sloan, O. Dermois, M. Yurko
Mechanical Design of a Large Bore Quadrupole Triplet Magnet field, quadrupole, thermal, vacuum 1466
  • S. Abbott, R. Caylor, E. Fong, J. Tanabe
Ring Magnets for the Synchrotron X-Ray Source at ANL field, focusing, sextupole, vacuum 1486
  • W. F. Praeg, S.H. Kim, K.M. Thompson
MI5 - A Beam Line that Climbs the Wall controls, shielding, survey, target 1588
  • R. Kokke, J. McIlroy, A.J. Otter, D. Revell, H. Sprenger, L. Voboril
Precise Alignment of Magnets in the TRISTAN Main Ring insertion, laser, quadrupole, survey 1648
  • A. Kabe, K. Egawa, K. Endo, K. Takayama
Polar Coordinate Alignment of the Magnet Stands in the BO Overpass Region of the Fermilab Main Ring accelerator, accumulation, field, target 1685
  • C.D. Moore, T.A. Topolski
Improvements in the Stability of the TRIUMF RF Resonator coupling, field, thermal, vacuum 1839
  • R. Worsham, D. Dohan, G. Dutto, K. Fong, V. Pacak, G. Stanford