High Energy Accelerators, Colliders, Novel Methods

Title Page
The SPS Collider: Status and Outlook 24
  • L.R. Evans
Status of the HERA-Project 29
  • R. Kose
Status of TRISTAN 34
  • G. Horikoshi, Y. Kimura
IHEP Accelerating-Storage Complex (Status and Development) 39
  • A. I. Ageev, V.N. Alferov, A.D. Artemov, V.I. Balbekov, Yu P. Dmitrevsky, A.F. Dunaitsev, V.V. Elistratov, Yu.S. Fedotov, V.A. Glukhikh, V. I. Gridasov, G.G. Gurov, O.A. Gusev, V.V. Ivanov, B.G. Karasev, M.N. Kosyakin, O.V. Kurnaev, V.N. Lebedev, A.A. Logunov, E.L. Makeev, I.F. Malyshev, I.V. Mozin, K.P. Myznikov, A.V. Nikiforovsky, V.I. Peregud, V.G. Rogozinsky, O.B. Senchenko, B.K. Shembel, F.Z. Shiryaev, P.V. Smirnov, L.D. Soloviev, I.I. Sulygin, N.M. Tarakanov, V.A. Titov, A. A. Vasiliev, S.N. Vasiliev, G.P. Vorontsov, V.A. Yarba
Commissioning of the SLC Injector 43
  • J.C. Sheppard, P.S. Bambade, J.E. Clendenin, R.A. Gearhart, R.H. Miller, J. Sodja
Antiproton Acceleration in the Fermilab Main Ring and Tevatron 47
  • P. Martin, J. Dinkel, R. Ducar, C. Kerns, Q. Kerns, K. Meisner, H.W. Miller, J. Reid, S. Tawzer, D. Wildman
Performance of the PS and SPS Accelerator Complex with Oxygen Ions 50
  • E. Brouzet, W.C. Middlekoop
RF-Driver Linear Colliders 53
  • P.B. Wilson
Non-Plasma Based Advanced Methods of Acceleration 59
  • R.H. Siemann
Overview of Plasma Based Accelerating Schemes 63
  • C.E. Clayton
High Gradient Superconducting RF 68
  • R. Sundelin
Experimental Beam Dynamics in the SLC Linac 73
  • J.T. Seeman, G.S. Abrams, C. Adolphsen, I.E. Campisi, W. Herrmannsfeldt, M. Lee, A. Petersen, E. Soderstrom, D. Tsang
Studies of Anomalous Dispersion in the SLC Second Order Achromat 77
  • T. Fieguth, S. Kheifets, J.J. Murray
Fabrication and 35 GHz Testing of Key Two-Beam Accelerator Components 80
  • D.B. Hopkins, J. Haimson, G.W. Koehler, R.W. Kuenning, W. Low, D. Prosnitz, A.M. Sessler, A.L. Throop, G.R. Westenskow
The UW/ANL Plasma Wake-Field Acceleration Experiment 83
  • J.B. Rosenzweig, D.B. Cline, B. Cole, J. Detra, P. Sealy
An Advanced Hadron Facility: A Combined Kaon Factory and Cold-Neutron Source 86
  • H.A. Thiessen
A Design for a 2 km Experimental Straight Section for the SSC 89
  • D.E. Johnson, T.E. Toohig
A Low Voltage Repeater for Studies of E-Beam Wave Interactions 91
  • A. Anselmo, J.D. Ivers, J.A. Nation, Y.Z. Zhang
A Proton-Antiproton Version of the Large Hadron Collider in the LEP Tunnel 94
  • R. Schmidt
A Very Large Interaction Region for the SSC 97
  • D.E. Groom, A.A. Garren, D.E. Johnson
Beam Loading Efficiency in Plasma Accelerators 100
  • S. Wilks, J.M. Dawson, T. Katsouleas, J.J. Su
Collective Ion Acceleration Via Laser Controlled Ionization Channel 103
  • W.W. Destler, P.G. O'Shea, J. Rodgers, Z. Segalov
Computer Simulation Studies of Electron Beam Propagation and Collective Ion Acceleration in Vacuum 106
  • C.R. Chang, M. Reiser
Electron-Beam Direct Drive for RF Accelerator Cavities 109
  • M.D. Nahemow, S. Humphries Jr.
High Gradients by Simultaneous Multifrequency Operations of RF Structures 112
  • F. Caspers, H. Haseroth, J. Knott
Improving the Energy Resolution of LEP Experiments 115
  • M. Bassetti, J.M. Jowett
Mixing, Staging, and Phasing for a Proton-Driven Wake Field Accelerator 118
  • W. Gai, A.G. Ruggiero, J.D. Simpson
Model Measurements for the Switched Power Linac 121
  • S. Aronson, F. Caspers, H. Haseroth, J. Knott, W. Willis
Thermal Limits on Wave Amplitude in the Plasma Wake-Field Accelerator 124
  • J.B. Rosenzweig
Stability of the Driving Bunch in the Plasma Wakefield Accelerator 127
  • J.J. Su, P. Chen, J.M. Dawson, M. Jones, T. Katsouleas, R. Keinigs, S. Wilks
Operation of CESR with Permanent Magnet Interaction Region Quadrupoles 130
  • S. Herb, J. Kirchgessner
Operation of the SPPS Separation Scheme 133
  • K. Cornelis, L. Evans, A. Faugier, A. Hilaire, R. Schmidt
Preliminary Experiment on the Electron Beam Extraction from a Stellatron 136
  • H. Ishizuka, A. Fisher, K. Kamada, R. Prohaska, N. Rostoker
Some Experiences from the Commissioning Program of the SLC Arcs 139
  • G.E. Fischer, K.L. Brown, F. Bulos, T. Fieguth, A. Hutton, J.J. Murray, N. Toge, W.T. Weng, H. Wiedemann
Superconducting Quadrupoles for the SLC Final Focus 142
  • R. Erickson, T. Fieguth, J.J. Murray
The Ultralac: A Collective Wave Accelerator for Ultrarelativistic Particles 145
  • J.A. Nation, A.P. Anselmo
The Scaling of Linear Supercolliders Using Modified SLAC Structures 148
  • D. Chernin, A. Mondelli
Time Dependent Chromaticity Changes in the Tevatron 151
  • D.A. Finley, D.A. Edwards, R.W. Hanft, R. Johnson, A.D. McInturff, J. Strait
Transverse Focussing Using Plasma Wake Fields 154
  • D.B. Cline, B. Cole, J. Norem, J. Rosenzweig
Wave Growth Technique for Collective Wave Accelerators 157
  • A.P. Anselmo, J.A. Nation
Achromatic Dissipative Focusing 160
  • F. Ruggiero
Modifications to the SSC Lattice 163
  • A.A. Garren, D.E. Johnson
Low Emittance Optic for PETRA II 166
  • W. Brefeld, R. Brinkmann, J. Rossbach
PETRA II: Electron Optics, Proton Optics, and Tracking Studies for the e/p Injector for HERA 169
  • J. Rossbach
DESY III, The New Proton Injector for HERA 172
  • G. Hemmie, J.R. Maidment
Collective Acceleration of Protons by the Plasma Waves in a Counterstreaming Electron Beam 175
  • Y.T. Yan