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Keyword: lattice

Title Other Keywords Page
Status of LEP and its Experimental Programme accelerator, injection, linac, vacuum 1561
  • H. Schopper
Tracking Studies on the Effects of Magnet Multipoles on the Aperture of the RHIC Heavy Ion Collider acceleration, field, multipole, tune 1620
  • G.F. Dell, G. Parzen
Tracking Studies on the Effects of Random Multipoles in the 6.5 T Lattice of the SSC Reference Designs Study acceptance, insertion, multipole, quadrupole 1623
  • G.F. Dell
Design, Installation, and Commissioning of the DØ Overpass at the Fermilab Main Ring accelerator, commissioning, field, tune 1666
  • R. Gerig, M. May, C. Moore, S. Ohnuma, S. Pruss, F. Turkot
SSC Test Lattice Designs betatron, insertion, quadrupole, tune 1669
  • E.D. Courant, D.R. Douglas, A.A. Garren, D.E. Johnson
The BØ Low-Beta Insertion Design for the Tevatron insertion, luminosity, quadrupole, tune 1672
  • D.E. Johnson
Control and Initial Operation of the Fermilab BØ Low Insertion betatron, insertion, target, tune 1678
  • D.A. Finley, R.P. Johnson, F. Willeke
TOM, A Program for Interactive Lattice Design accelerator, booster, insertion, optics 1681
  • R.P. Johnson, F. Willeke
Lattices for the Superferric Super Collider accelerator, insertion, sextupole, tune 1701
  • S. Heifets, D. Neuffer
Magnet Lattices for the Proposed TRIUMF KAON Factory extraction, quadrupole, septum, tune 1710
  • J.I.M. Botman, M.K. Craddock, T. Suzuki
GIANT- A Computer Code for General Interactive Analysis of Trajectories beamline, damping, field, simulation 1877
  • J. Jäger, M. Lee, R. Servranckx, H. Shoaee
Description of a High Rate Luminosity Monitor Installed at CESR accelerator, luminosity, radiation, solenoid 1925
  • G.P. Jackson, S.W. Herb
On-Line Model Driven Control of the SLC Electron Damping Ring accelerator, damping, electron, tune 2098
  • I. Almog, J. Jäger, M. Lee, M. Woodley
A Portable Database-Driven Control System for SPEAR CAMAC, field, photon, software 2104
  • S. Howry, T. Gromme, A. King, M. Sullenberger
Superconvergent Tracking and Invariant Surfaces in Phase Space accelerator, resonance, sextupole, tune 2206
  • R.D. Ruth, T. Raubenheimer, R.L. Warnock
Limiting Effects of the Parasitic Sextupole Component in the CERN Large Hadron Collider collider, emittance, field, sextupole 2228
  • M. Bassetti, W. Scandale
An Analytic Approach to the Off-Momentum Closed Orbit in Storage Rings betatron, focusing, quadrupole, sextupole 2237
  • J. Hagel
Exact Calculation of Nonlinear Orbit Properties of a Synchrotron betatron, equilibrium, field, synchrotron 2267
  • B. Gottschalk
T-Change in the KEK GeV-PS acceleration, betatron, damping, injection 2270
  • A. Ando
A Method to Render Second-Order Beam Optics Programs Symplectic acceleration, optics, ray trace, sextupole 2279
  • D. Douglas, E. Forest, R.V. Servranckx
Hamiltonian Formulation of Optical Perturbations in Storage Rings coupling, optics, resonance, tune 2282
  • H. Zyngier
Applications of the Second-Order Achromat Concept to the Design of Particle Accelerators accelerator, collider, extraction, sextupole 2288
  • K.L. Brown, R.V. Servranckx
Tracking the SSC Test Lattices field, resonance, sextupole, tune 2300
  • B.T. Leemann, D.R. Douglas, E. Forest
Beam Tracking and Stability Analysis for the SSC accelerator, field, sextupole, tune 2303
  • S. Heifets, K. Lau, D. Neuffer, D. Raparia
Study of Random and Systematic Multipoles in the SSC Lattice multipole, resonance, sextupole, tune 2306
  • S. Heifets
High Transition Energy Magnet Lattices field, focusing, proton, tune 2308
  • R.C. Gupta, J.I.M. Botman, M.K. Craddock
MARYLIE 3.0-A Program for Nonlinear Analysis of Accelerator and Beamline Lattices beamline, fringe fields, quadrupole, ray trace 2311
  • A.J. Dragt, D.R. Douglas, E. Forest, L.M. Healy, F. Neri, R.D. Ryne
Strong Intrabeam Scattering in Heavy Ion and Proton Beams accelerator, betatron, emittance, scattering 2326
  • G. Parzen
Measurements of Stability Limits for a Space-Charge-Dominated Ion Beam in a Long A.G. Transport Channel betatron, emittance, injection, space-charge 2483
  • M.G. Tiefenback, D. Keefe
Transportable Charge in a Periodic Alternating Gradient System accelerator, injection, ion, quadrupole 2489
  • E.P. Lee, T.J. Fessenden, L.J. Laslett
An FFAG Compressor and Accelerator Ring Studied for the German Spallation Neutron Source acceleration, extraction, field, spallation 2697
  • P.F. Meads, G. Wüstefeld
Collective Effects and Lattice Implications for an FEL Bypass Ring emittance, equilibrium, impedance, scattering 2700
  • J. Bisognano, A. Jackson, M.S. Zisman
Lattice Studies of CRYRING electron, emittance, injection, ion 2715
  • P. Heikkinen
Revision of and Documentation for the Standard Version of the POISSON Group Codes accelerator, field, impedance, radio-frequency 2870
  • J.L. Warren, G.P. Boicourt, M.T. Menzel, G.W. Rodenz, M.C. Vasquez
The VUV Radiation Source Super-ACO electron, emittance, lifetime, vacuum 3371
  • H. Zyngier, G. Arzelier, A. Dael, A. Damany, A. Labeque, J.L. Laclare, G. Leleux, M.P. Level, P.C. Marin, C. Monet-Descombey, E.M. Sommer, R. Souchet, A. Tkatchenko
Storage Ring Design for a Short Wavelength FEL damping, electron, emittance, radiation 3377
  • K.-J. Kim, J. Bisognano, S. Chattopadhyay, M. Cornacchia, A. Garren, K. Halbach, A. Jackson, H. Lancaster, C. Pellegrini, J. Peterson, G. Vignola, M. Zisman
The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility electron, emittance, radiation, synchrotron 3400
  • S. Tazzari
A Lattice and Bypass Design for a Coherent XUV Facility electron, extraction, quadrupole, tune 3418
  • A. Jackson, A.A. Garren, G. Vignola
Storage Ring Parameters for High Gain FEL electron, emittance, laser, undulator 3421
  • K.-J. Kim, J.M. Peterson
A Low Emittance Configuration for SPEAR emittance, injection, radiation, synchrotron 3433
  • L.N. Blumberg, J. Cerino, J. Harris, R. Hettel, A. Hofmann, R.Z. Liu, R. Stege, H. Wiedemann, H. Winick
Accelerator Physics Studies for the SSC accelerator, field, multipole, tune 3442
  • A.W. Chao
Design, Construction and Performance of the DESY II Magnets field, injection, synchrotron, vacuum 3625
  • G. Hemmie, H. Böttcher, U. Berghaus, E. Dasskowski, H.R. Heller, G. Meyer, G. Nawrath, F. Schwickert, K. Sinram, G. Wöbke, H. Wümpelmann
A Design for a High-Field Combined Function Superferric Magnet accelerator, collider, field, ion 3687
  • R.C. Gupta, G.H. Morgan
Use of an Elliptical Aperture to Control Saturation in Closely-Coupled, Cold Iron Superconducting Dipole Magnets collider, field, ion, sextupole 3695
  • G. Morgan
Technological Aspects of the LEP Low-Beta Insertions insertion, quadrupole, shielding, vacuum 3704
  • T.M. Taylor