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Keyword: damping

Title Other Keywords Page
The Slac-Linac-Collider (SLC) Project electron, emittance, linac, positron 2016
  • H. Wiedemann
A New Generation Control System at SLAC accelerator, electron, linac, positron 2142
  • R. Melen
Snapshot Digitizer System for Fermilab Main Accelerator accelerator, booster, impedance, timing 2168
  • R.J. Pasquinelli
SLAC Collider Injector, RF Drive Synchronization and Trigger Electronics and 15 Amp Thermionic Gun Development accelerator, collider, gun, laser 2213
  • R. Koontz, T. McKinney, R. Miller, A. Wilmunder
Theoretical Treatment of Transverse Feedback Systems with Memory betatron, feedback, impedance, kicker 2255
  • M. Cornacchia, J.M. Wang
The Transverse Feedback System for the CERN PS Booster betatron, booster, feedback, tune 2270
  • C. Carter, C. Christiansen, J. Donnat, G. Gelato, M. Le Gras, H. Schönauer, D.J. Williams
The Transverse Feedback System in DESY feedback, injection, kicker, synchrotron 2285
  • W. Ebeling
Operation of the PEP Transverse Beam Feedback feedback, modulator, pick-up, synchrotron 2296
  • C.W. Olson, J.M. Paterson, J.-L. Pellegrin, J.R. Rees
Operation of PEP Longitudinal Feedback System feedback, klystron, spectrum, synchrotron 2317
  • M.A. Allen, L.G. Karvonen, R.A. McConnell, H. Schwarz
Change of the Energy Distribution in an Electron Storage Ring by a Dipole-Octupole Wiggler betatron, field, octupole, wiggler 2392
  • A. Hofmann, J. Jowett, S. Myers
Instability Growth Rate Calculations for High Energy Storage Rings accelerator, feedback, impedance, resonance 2437
  • R. Siemann
Computer Simulations of the Beam-Beam Interaction and Measurements with PETRA betatron, coupling, luminosity, synchrotron 2440
  • A. Piwinski
Single Bunch Current Dependent Phenomena in CESR impedance, synchrotron, tune, vacuum 2446
  • D. Rice, K. Adams, M. Billing, E. Blum, R. Littauer, B. McDaniel, R. Meller, D. Morse, S. Peck, S. Peggs, J. Seeman, R. Siemann, R. Talman, M. Tigner, E. vonBorstel
Stochastic Cooling of Bunched Beams feedback, simulation, stochastic cooling, synchrotron 2462
  • J.J. Bisognano, S. Chattopadhyay
Beam-Beam Simulation for LEP betatron, simulation, synchrotron, tune 2503
  • S. Myers
Beam-Beam Limit as a Function of the Damping Time in Electron Rings betatron, resonance, synchrotron, tune 2506
  • G. Guignard
A Computer Simulation of Longitudinal Single-Bunch Effects in Electron-Positron Storage Rings accelerator, impedance, simulation, single-bunch 2525
  • P.B. Wilson, K.L.F. Bane, K. Satoh
A Survey of Collective Instabilities for Electron, Proton and Antiproton Beams in the SPS antiproton, impedance, proton, standing wave 2537
  • B. Chen, S. Chen, E.J.N. Wilson, B. Zotter
Reduction of the Horizontal Antidamping in the DESY Electron Synchrotron emittance, injection, lattice, synchrotron 2546
  • G. Hemmie, M. Leneke
Electron Cooling for the Fermilab Source acceptance, accumulation, electron, electron cooling 2583
  • W. Kells, F. Krienen, P. McIntyre, F. Mills, L. Oleksiuk, J. Peoples
Turbulent Bunch Lengthening and the Microwave Instability impedance, rf cavities, synchrotron, vacuum 2602
  • B. Zotter
High-Speed High-Precision Programmable Magnet Power Supply for a Wide Range of Magnet Time Constants accelerator, feedback, injection 2859
  • J. Lisser, K. Bouwknegt
The PEP Liquid Level System accelerator, alignment, site, survey 2876
  • T. Lauritzen, R.C. Sah
Damping Test of the Higher-Order Modes of the Re-Entrant Accelerating Cavity coupling, field, impedance, radiation 2915
  • Y. Yamazaki, K. Takata, S. Tokumoto
A New, Rugged, High Power Cockcroft-Walton Power Supply coupling, feedback, ion, linac 2961
  • J. Hinkson, G. Behrsing, E. Hazelton, W. Hearn, H. Lancaster
Improvement of the 108 MHz RF-Amplifiers for the Unilac Alvarez Structure acceleration, coupling, impedance, shielding 3012
  • G. Hutter, N. Angert
Periodic Approach to Space Charge Limit in Proton Linear Accelerators field, focusing, linac, proton 3501
  • S. Inagaki