Intense Pulsed Beams and Collective Acceleration

Title Page
Invited Paper- Current Status of Collective Accelerators 4156
  • N. Rostoker
Invited Paper- Intense Particle Beams 4160
  • G. Yonas
Invited Paper- Multimegawatt Neutral Beams for Tokamaks 4166
  • W.B. Kunkel
Status Report of the Experimental and Theoretical Investigations in the Garching Electron Ring Accelerator 4172
  • C. Andelfinger, W. Dommaschk, J. Fink, W. Herrmann, I. Hofmann, D. Jacobi, P. Merkel, H.B. Schilling, U. Schumacher, M. Ulrich
Experimental Studies of Heavy Ion Collective Acceleration at the University of Maryland 4177
  • W.W. Destler, L. Floyd, M. Reiser
The Experimental Test Accelerator (ETA) 4180
  • R.E. Hester, D.G. Bubp, A.W. Chesterman, J.C. Clark, E.G. Cook, W.L. Dexter, A.A. Faltens, T.J. Fessenden, L.L. Reginato, T.T. Yokota
Operation of a Repetitively Pulsed 300kV, 10kA Electron Beam Diode 4183
  • M.T. Buttram
The C.P.A. (A Collective Particle Accelerator) 4186
  • M. Friedman
An Electron Accelerator using a Laser 4188
  • T. Tajima, J.M. Dawson
Unidirectional Ion Generation and Geometric Focussing of Ions in a Reflex Triode 4190
  • A. Bromborsky, H.E. Brandt, R.A. Kehs
Collective Ion Acceleration Produced by Injecting a Rotating Relavistic Electron Beam into Neutral Hydrogen 4193
  • J.D. Sethian, R.A. Mahaffey, R.A. Meger, D.N. Spector
Acceleration Mechanisms in Single and Multiple Stage Collective Vacuum Diodes 4196
  • J.L. Adamski, J.R. Beymer, R.L. Copeland
Collective Ion Acceleration Controlled by a Gas Gradient 4199
  • F. Mako, A. Fisher, C.W. Roberson, N. Rostoker, D. Tzach
Electron Beams Generated in Foilless Diodes 4202
  • D.C. Straw, M.C. Clark
Equilibrium and Destruction of a REB in a Magnetic Guide 4205
  • N. Kobayashi, S. Kawasaki, A. Miyahara
Pulserad 445W, A Compact High-Power Beam Generator 4208
  • J. Benford, B.H. Bernstein, J.A. Berry, D.E. Osias
A Three Megavolt Transformer for PFL Pulse Charging 4211
  • G.J. Rohwein
High Flux Ion, and Odd Multi-Half-Wave Length Resonant Transformer Accelerators in the Space and Time Domains 4214
  • K. Denno
Lasers and Accelerators 4217
  • J. D. Lawson
High Current Linear Ion Accelerators Utilizing Electron Neutralization 4220
  • S. Humphries Jr., G.W. Kuswa, C.W. Mendel, J.W. Poukey
Proton Injection into a Large Amplitude Space Charge Wave 4223
  • R.J. Adler, G. Gammel, J.D. Ivers, J.A. Nation, G. Providakes, V. Serlin
A Phase Modulated Collective Ion Accelerator 4226
  • R.J. Faehl, B.B. Godfrey, W.R. Shanahan
Collective Ion Acceleration with an Intense REB in a Periodic Waveguide 4229
  • C.W. Roberson, P. Sprangle, C.M. Tang
IFA Proof of Principle Experiments 4231
  • C.L. Olson
Electron Ring Accelerator Research at the University of Maryland 4234
  • C.D. Striffler, J. Grossman, R.A. Meger, E. Papas, M. Reiser, M.J. Rhee, T.F. Wang
The NRL Autoaccelerator Concept 4237
  • T.R. Lockner, M. Friedman
A Computational Study of One Aspect of Autoresonant Acceleration 4239
  • W.R. Shanahan, R.J. Faehl, B.B. Godfrey
Computational Studies of Beam Dynamics in the ETA Gun 4242
  • A.C. Paul, V.K. Neil
Charged, Internally Switched Transmission Line Configurations for Electron Acceleration 4245
  • D. Eccleshall, C.E. Hollandsworth, J.K. Temperley
Collective Ion Acceleration in the Vacuum System with Insulated Anode 4248
  • V.M. Bistritsky, A.N. Didenko, Ya.E. Krasik, V.S. Lopatin, V.I. Podkatov