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Keyword: vacuum

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Compression of Electron Ring: The System and Results in IPP-Japan electron, field, plasma 992
  • S. Kawasaki, N. Kobayashi, Y. Kubota, A. Miyahara
Research Performances on Superconducting Devices for Collective Accelerator in JINR acceleration, accelerator, field, solenoid 1003
  • Yu.V. Muratov, N.B. Rubin, V.P. Sarantsev, Yu.A. Shishov, Yu.I. Smirnov, A.G. Zeldovich
TRACE I, A Transformer-Charged Electron Beam Generator coupling, cw, electron, field 1013
  • G.J. Rohwein
Rectilinear Transition Flow of Intense Charged Particle Beams electron, extraction, injection, plasma 1016
  • A.M. Chodorow, A. Erteza
A Two-Dimensional Intense Relativistic Beam Equilibrium electron, equilibrium, induction, plasma 1019
  • A.M. Chodorow, A. Erteza
The Use of Digital Techniques for Automatic RF Control of the CS-15 Compact Clyclotron accelerator, cathode, coupling, cyclotron 1076
  • T.Y.T. Kuo, J. Conti, J.S. Laughlin, R. Lee, M. Shufer
An Improved Design for the Fermilab SEPTA accelerator, cathode, extraction, septum 1091
  • J. Walton, R. Andrews, H. Edwards, M. Palmer
ESCAR Superconducting Magnet System accelerator, field, multipole, proton 1129
  • W.S. Gilbert, M.A. Green, R.B. Meuser, W.L. Pope
Superconducting Cavities for Synchrotron Use accelerator, electron, field, synchrotron 1141
  • J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee, H.L. Phillips, D. Rice, R. Sundelin, M. Tigner, E. von Borstel
Status of the CERN-Karlsruhe Superconducting RF Particle Separator coupling, electron, field, radiation 1144
  • W. Bauer, A. Citron, G. Dammertz, M. Grundner, L. Husson, H. Lengeler, E. Rathgeber
Superconducting Re-Entrant Cavities for Heavy Ion Linacs accelerator, coupling, field, ion 1153
  • P.H. Ceperley, I. Ben-Zvi, H.F. Glavish, S.S. Hanna
Superconducting Magnet System for the AGS High Energy Unseparated Beam field, quadrupole, quench, sextupole 1164
  • G. Morgan, J. Aggus, J. Bamberger, D. Brown, P. Dahl, R. Damm, H. Hahn, D. Kassner, C. Lasky, G. Parzen, W. Sampson, A. Schlafke
The ESCAR Helium Refrigeration System accelerator, quench, synchrotron, thermal 1168
  • R. Byrns, M.A. Green
Thermal Conductance Measurements of Mechanical Supports for Superconducting Magnets accelerator, radiation, shielding, thermal 1183
  • M. Kuchnir, P. Sanger
Tests on S-Band Superconducting Niobium Prototype Accelerator Structures accelerator, electron, field, radiation 1197
  • P. Kneisel, C. Lyneis, J.P. Turneaure
Liquid Deuterium Neutron Attenuator for Broad-Band Photon Beam Facility cryogenics, neutron, photon, proton 1201
  • R.W. Fast, M.A. Otavka
TRIUMF RF System coupling, cyclotron, injection, ion 1253
  • R.L. Poirier, M. Zach
Dielectric Property Measurements on Large Alumina Vacuum Seals Used on Fermilab Accelerator RF Cavities accelerator, dielectric, field, rf cavities 1296
  • J.F. Bridges, J.E. Griffin, D.E. Johnson
The 40 kA Dumping System for the ISR Beams field, impedance, injection, kicker 1321
  • J. C. Schnuriger
Bates Linac Operational Experience accelerator, controls, gun, monitoring 1341
  • C.P. Sargent, W. Turchinetz, J.N. Weaver
Production of Simultaneous, Variable Energy Beams from the TRIUMF Cyclotron acceptance, cyclotron, extraction, field 1402
  • J.R. Richardson, E.W. Blackmore, M.K. Craddock, G. Dutto, C.J. Kost, G.H. Mackenzie
Tune Shifts of Excentric Beams in Elliptic Vacuum Chambers betatron, field, space-charge, tune 1451
  • B.W. Zotter
The Sodium Curtain Beam Profile Monitor of the ISR extraction, field, ionization, proton 1475
  • B. Vosicki, K. Zankel
Comparison of Cold and Warm Vacuum Systems for Intersecting Storage Rings equilibrium, field, ion, pick-up 1492
  • H.J. Halama, J.C. Herrera
Design of the Cryopumping Vacuum System for ESCAR field, injection, ion, thermal 1496
  • R.C. Wolgast
Transverse Oscillations Damping with Wide-Band Feedback on SPEAR II betatron, damping, feedback, synchrotron 1500
  • J.-L. Pellegrin
The IUCF Phase Probe cyclotron, extraction, pick-up, proton 1505
  • E.A. Kowalski, D.W. Devins, A. Seidman
The Particle Separator at Los Alamos EPICS, field, pion, proton 1522
  • D. J. Liska
The Bevalac Beam Transport System alignment, field, ion, monitoring 1529
  • R. Avery, G. Behrsing, R. Morgado, D. Rondeau, W. Salsig, F. Selph, J. Staples, R. Yourd
Vacuum System for the Stanford-LBL Storage Ring (PEP) insertion, ion, radiation, synchrotron 1540
  • D. Bostic, U. Cummings, N. Dean, B. Jeong, J. Jurow
Increased Intensity Heavy Ion Beams at ORIC with Cryopumping acceleration, cyclotron, extraction, ion 1544
  • E.D. Hudson, R.S. Lord, M.L. Mallory, J.E. Mann, J.A. Martin, W.R. Smith
A New Pulse Magnet Design Utilizing Tape Wound Cores accelerator, cw, field, induction 1548
  • W.O. Brunk, D.R. Walz
Thin Films of Linac Beams as Non-Destructive Devices for Particle Beam Intensity, Profile, Centering and Energy Monitors electron, field, radiation, transition radiation 1552
  • L. Wartski, M. Boloré, G. Filippi, J. Lasalle, S. Roland
A Multi-Wire Chamber System for Heavy Ion Beam Monitoring at the Bevalac accelerator, extraction, ion, monitoring 1561
  • J. Cuperus, R. Morgado
High Precision Scrapers for ISR Luminosity Measurements alignment, coupling, insertion, luminosity 1589
  • K. Potter, S. Turner
Design of the ESCAR Injection Beam Line injection, linac, proton, septum 1605
  • J. Tanabe, J. Staples, R. Yourd
LLL 100-MeV Electron Linac: Design Considerations and Performance of the Beam-Transport Vacuum System accelerator, beam-transport, ion, linac 1609
  • M.C. Lara, H.E. Brooks
Properties of the Texas A&M Electron Beam Ion Source electron, extraction, ion, ionization 1637
  • R.W. Hamm, R.A. Kenefick
A Prototype High Current, High Duty Factor Negative Hydrogen Ion Source for LAMPF brightness, extraction, ion, plasma 1640
  • G.P. Lawrence, T.D. Hayward, J.A. Jackson
Design of a 320 kV Ion Accelerator for Multiply Charged Heavy Ions accelerator, extraction, field, ion 1675
  • J.G. Bannenberg, A.J.H. Boerboom
Search for the "Abnormal Nuclear State" Heavy, A > 200, Ion Acceleration in the AGS acceleration, accelerator, booster, ion 1690
  • K. Prelec, A. van Steenbergen
Upgrading the Argonne 4-mV Dynamitron accelerator, ion, ion-source, radiation 1726
  • F.P. Mooring, R.L. Amrein, A. Langsdorf, Jr.
An Injector Cyclotron for Cyclone cyclotron, extraction, field, radio-frequency 1732
  • Y. Jongen, G. Ryckewaert
Design and Performance of the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Project (SSRP) radiation, shielding, synchrotron, x-ray 1794
  • A.D. Baer, M. Baldwin, N. Dean, R. Gaxiola, A. Golde, J. Harris, E. Hoyt, B. Humphrey, F. Johnson, J. Jurow, R. Melen, J. Miljan, B. Salsburg, G. Warren, H. Winick
Hard-Rock Tunneling Using Pulsed Electron Beams accelerator, cathode, electron, linac 1798
  • R.T. Avery, T.L. Brekke, I. Finnie, D. Keefe
The Proton Diagnostic Accelerator accelerator, extraction, ion, proton 1802
  • R. Martin, M. Foss, R. Lari, J. Moenich
Beam Energy Loss to Parasitic Modes in SPEAR II accelerator, coupling, rf cavities, synchrotron 1838
  • M.A. Allen, J.M. Paterson, J.R. Rees, P.B. Wilson
RF Beam Loading Effects in EPIC accelerator, coupling, impedance, injection 1843
  • M.H.R. Donald
On the Measurement and Interpretation of Coupling Impedance Data in the Frequency and Time Domain booster, coupling, impedance, proton 1875
  • H.H. Umstatter
Pressure Induced Beam Instabilities in the Fermilab Accelerator acceleration, instability, ion, tune 1884
  • B.A. Prichard, Jr.