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Keyword: sextupole

Title Other Keywords Page
Brief Comments on Nonlinear Dynamics Studies in Storage Rings accelerator, cyclotron, resonance, tune 228
  • A. W. Chao (SSCL)
Dynamic Aperture Measurements at the Tevatron accelerator, betatron, emittance, lattice 266
  • J. M. Peterson, A. W. Chao, D. E. Johnson, S. G. Peggs, C. G. Saltmarsh, L. C. Schachinger (SSCL), R. M. Talman (Cornell University), D. A. Edwards, D. Finley, N. M. Gelfand, R. E. Gerig, M. Harrison, R. P. Johnson, N. Merminga, M. Syphers (FNAL), P. L. Morton (SLAC)
Status of the AGS Booster Project booster, injection, quadrupole, vacuum 436
  • W. T. Weng (BNL)
The Design of Low Emittance Electron Storage Rings damping, electron, emittance, tune 456
  • L. N. Hand, S. Lundgren (Cornell University)
Analytic Calculation of the Dynamical Aperture for the Two Dimensional Betatron Motion in Storage Rings betatron, resonance, tune 696
  • J. Hagel, H. Moshammer (CERN)
Study of Chromaticity Correction in Low Emittance Storage Ring betatron, lattice, resonance, tune 702
  • M. Hara, R. Nagaoka, H. Tanaka, K. Tsumaki, K. Yoshida (RIKEN Accelerator Research Facility)
An Experimental Study of the SSC Magnet Aperture Criterion injection, kicker, resonance, tune 791
  • N. Merminga, D. A. Edwards, D. Finley, N. M. Gelfand, R. Gerig, M. Harrison, R. Johnson, M. Syphers (FNAL), R. Meller, R. Siemann, R. Talman (Cornell University), P. Morton (SLAC), A. Chao, D. Johnson, S. Peggs, J. Peterson, C. Saltmarsh, L. Schachinger (SSCL)
Evaluation of the Dynamic Aperture of TARN II field, focusing, lattice, tune 806
  • A. Noda, M. Kanazawa, K. Noda, T. Watanabe, M. Yoshizawa (Institute for Nuclear Study, Univ. of Tokyo)
Correction of Random Multipole Errors with Lumped Correctors betatron, multipole, octupole, skew 827
  • J. M. Peterson, E. Forest (SSCL)
Optimization of a Low Emittance Lattice for the ESRF emittance, lattice, quadrupole, tune 845
  • A. Ropert (ESRF Grenoble)
Analysis of the Triple Bend Achromat as a Lattice for BESSY II accelerator, insertion, lattice, quadrupole 875
  • B. Simon, R. Maier, G. Wüstefeld (BESSY GmbH, Berlin)
Nonlinear Beam Dynamics Close to Resonances Excited by Sextupole Fields accelerator, instability, resonance, tune 908
  • F. Schmidt (CERN), F. Willeke (DESY)
Persistent Current Field Errors and Dynamic Aperture of HERA-P acceptance, betatron, field, multipole 911
  • R. Brinkmann, F. Willeke (DESY)
Advances in BNL's Polarized Ion Source Development field, focusing, scattering, solenoid 929
  • J. Alessi, B. DeVito, A. Hershcovitch, A. Kponou, C. Meitzler (AGS-BNL)
Vacuum Chamber EDDY Current Correction Coil for the AGS Booster booster, field, proton, vacuum 1035
  • G. Danby, J. Jackson (BNL)
The 3 Preinjectors of MIMAS for Heavy Ions Polarized and Unpolariezed Ions electron, emittance, ion, polarization 1072
  • J. Faure, J. L. Lemaire, R. Vienet (CE-Saclay LNS, Gif-sur-Yvette)
Beam Diagnostics Using Variations of Local Magnetic Fields field, optics, quadrupole, tune 1214
  • P. Kuske, H. -G Hoberg, J. Machado, R. Maier, A. Schiele (BESSY GmbH, Berlin)
Performance of BEPC-SR Magnet System electron, field, quadrupole, spectrum 1445
  • Z. Cao, R. Hou, B. F. Li, C. M. Li, Y. F. Shi, J. M. Xu, Z. S. Yin, B. Zhao, P. M. Zhu (IHEP Beijing)