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Keyword: target

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IUCF Cooler Ring Status 1989 cyclotron, electron, injection, lifetime 17
  • R.E. Pollock
The MIT-Bates South Hall Ring emittance, extraction, injection, septum 34
  • J.B. Flanz, R.D. Biron, E. Ihloff, K.D. Jacobs, S. Kowalski, Z. Radouch, T. Russ, A. Saab, W.W. Sapp, C. Williamson, A. Zolfaghari, J. Zumbro
The Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher Project (AmPS) electron, injection, linac, vacuum 46
  • G. Luijckx, J.H.M. Bijleveld, P.J.T. Bruinsma, A.P. Kaan, F.B. Kroes, L.H. Kuijer, R. Maas, J.G. Noomen, J.C. Post, H.B. Rookhuizen, J.B. Spelt, C. de Vries
Computer-Aided Studies of the ALS 500 MHz Storage Ring Cavity acceleration, damping, field, impedance 121
  • C.C. Lo, B. Taylor
RF System for High Beam Intensity Acceleration in the CERN PS acceleration, antiproton, feedback, impedance 135
  • R. Garoby, J. Jamsek, P. Konrad, G. Lobeau, G. Nassibian
Design of High Average Power Linear Electron Accelerator Sections electron, linac, thermal, tune 231
  • T. Buller
Calculation of Losses and Protection Against Irradiation During Beam Abort and Loss Localization in the UNK acceleration, ion, radiation, septum 255
  • A.I. Drozhdin, Yu.S. Fedotov, M.A. Maslov, N.V. Mokhov, I.A. Yazynin
The Beam Slow Extraction from a Magnetic Ring of Moscow Meson Facility betatron, emittance, extraction, proton 270
  • N.D. Malítsky, M.I. Grachev, V.M. Lobashev, P.N. Ostroumov, Yu.P. Severgin, I.A. Shukeilo, V.A. Titov
A Radiation Hard Dipole Magnet Coils Using Aluminum Clad Copper Conductors booster, field, radiation, septum 366
  • W.J. Leonhardt
Stripping Injection of H2+ and H- into COSY injection, proton, scattering, synchrotron 417
  • M. Rogge, D. Blasczyk, P. Kohl, T. Ludwig, H. Neuburger, W. Polster, D. Prasuhn, D. Protic, J. Reich, G. Riepe, P.v. Rossen
In-Situ Non-Destructive Testing of Superconducting Dipoles in the Tevatron accelerator, field, vacuum, x-ray 524
  • B. Hanna, H. Jostlein, D. Plant, S. Pruss
Design Considerations for a Large Aperture High Field Superconducting Dipole accelerator, field, multipole, sextupole 527
  • F. Harfoush, C. Ankenbrandt, M. Harrison, J. Kerby, K. Koepke, P. Mantsch, T. Nicol, A. Riddiford, J. Theilacker
Generating Catalogs of Transverse Matching Solutions accelerator, field, focusing, quadrupole 598
  • G. Swain, M. Burns, P. Busch
Determination of the Beam Width in a Stellatron Accelerator betatron, electron, field, x-ray 615
  • H. Ishizuka, A. Fisher, R. Prohaska, N. Rostoker
A New Design of Truly Selfshielding Baby-Cyclotrons for Positron Emitter Production cyclotron, field, ion, positron 675
  • M. Abs, J.L. Bol, A. Chevalier, E. Conrad, Y. Jongen, M. Lacroix, M. Ladeuze, G. Lannoye, T. LeDocte, A. Ninane, G. Rijckewaert, S. Zaremba
Conceptual Design of an RFQ Accelerator-Based Neutron Source for Boron Neutron-Capture Therapy accelerator, irradiation, neutron, proton 678
  • T.P. Wangler, T.S. Bhatia, T.E. Blue, R.A. Gahbauer, J.E. Stovall, C.K.C. Wang
High-Performance Deuterium-Lithium Neutron Source for Fusion Materials and Technology Testing accelerator, deuteron, irradiation, neutron 684
  • G.P. Lawrence, T.S. Bhatia, B. Blind, F.W. Guy, R.A. Krakowski, G.H. Neuschaefer, N.M. Schnurr, S.O. Schriber, G.L. Varsamis, T.P. Wangler, M.T. Wilson
Stimulated Longitudinal Emittance Growth in the Main Ring acceleration, emittance, proton, synchrotron 863
  • G. Jackson, T. Ieiri
Phase Space Acceptance of LMF Transport Schemes acceptance, equilibrium, injection, ion 1011
  • C.L. Olson
PIC Simulations of an Aschromatic Solenoidal Focusing System for LMF accelerator, field, focusing, ion 1014
  • T.A. Mehlhorn, J.P. Quintenz
High-Yield Positron Systems for Linear Colliders acceptance, electron, linac, positron 1107
  • J.E. Clendenin
Symmetry Corrected Second Order Achromat accelerator, emittance, optics, sextupole 1349
  • J.B. Flanz
1.8 TeV Tevatron Upgrade Lattices accelerator, collider, field, lattice 1364
  • A.A. Garren, M.J. Syphers
Optical Flexibility of the COSY-Jülich Storage Ring acceleration, field, lattice, quadrupole 1379
  • K. Bongardt, S. Martin, P.F.M. Meads, D. Prasuhn, H. Stockhorst, R. Wagner
Measurements of in the TEVATRON and Comparisons with Calculations injection, lattice, quadrupole, tune 1427
  • N.M. Gelfand, R. Johnson, P. Zhang
A Beam Scraper Using a Linear Motor coupling, emittance, radiation, vacuum 1474
  • E.R. Beadle, E.S. Rodger, R.E. Thern
Beamstrahlung as an Optics Tuning Tool at the SLC IP luminosity, monitoring, radiation, synchrotron 1542
  • E. Gero, G. Bonvicini, C. Field, W. Koska
Precision Synchrotron Radiation Detectors accelerator, electron, radiation, synchrotron 1544
  • J. Butler, J.J. Gomez, C.K. Jung, J. Kent, M. King, M. Lateur, M. Levi, J. Nash, F. Rouse, J. Tinsman, C. Von Zanthier, S. Watson, G. Wormser
Beam Diagnostic for COSY-Jülich field, kicker, monitoring, pick-up 1574
  • R. Maier, U. Hacker
A Two-Cyclotron Concept for the Production of Radioactive Ion Beams cyclotron, field, injection, ion 1620
  • Y. Jongen, M. Lacroix, M. Loiselet, A. Ninane, G. Ryckewaert, S. Zaremba
LNLS Control System Conceptual Design accelerator, booster, software, synchrotron 1651
  • J.G.R.S. Franco, S. Furquim, O. Monteiro, A.R. Rodrigues, C. Scorzato
Progress Report on the LEP Pre-Injector accumulation, field, klystron, septum 1815
  • S. Battisti, R. Bossart, J.P. Delahaye, R. Garoby, K. Hübner, A. Krusche, H. Kugler, J.H.B. Madsen, D. Pearce, J.P. Potier, A. Riche, L. Rinolfi
Amplitude and Phase Regulationn of the RF Separator cyclotron, plasma, rf separator, software 1874
  • R. Burge, T.A. Enegren, J. Miszczak
Bevalac Versatility: Operations Achievements in the Multitasking Mode accelerator, field, ion, tune 1937
  • F. Lothrop, J. Alonso, R. Miller, M. Tekawa
Recent Operational Experience with the Fermilab Tevatron accelerator, collider, luminosity, maintenance 1943
  • J.L. Crawford, R.C. Mau
Indirect Measurement of HERMES III Voltage accelerator, electron, ion, radiation 1948
  • T.W.L. Sanford, J.A. Alexander, G. Douglas, J.A. Halbleib, R. Mock, J.W. Poukey, J.J. Ramirez, T. Sheridan
Computerized Precision Control of a Synchronous High Voltage Discharge Switch for the Beam Separation System of the LEP e+e - Collider collider, feedback, software, timing 1981
  • J.H. Dieperink, A. Finnigan, W. Kalbreier, R.L. Keizer, M. Laffin, V. Mertens
Operational Experience with the Fermilab Antiproton Source accelerator, antiproton, collider, kicker 1999
  • E. Harms