Accelerator Technology III

Title Page
Higher Order Mode RF Power Extraction From Polarized Cavities with a Single Output Coupler 479
  • J. Kirchgessner, J. Graber, W. Hartung, D. Moffat, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, D. Saraniti, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu
Field Emmission Processing of Superconducting RF Cavities with High Peak Power 482
  • J. Kirchgessner, J. Graber, W. Hartung, J. Lawton, D. Moffatt, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu
Fully Hydroformed RF Cavities 485
  • C. Hauviller
Temperature and Field Dependence of the RF Surface Resistance of High Tc Materials 488
  • D. Moffatt, K. Green, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears, Q.S. Shu
R & D in Progress to Overcome Field Emission in Superconducting Accelerator Cavities 491
  • Q.S. Shu, K. Gendreau, W. Hartung, J. Kirchgessner, D. Moffatt, R. Noer, H. Padamsee, D. Rubin, J. Sears
Optimization of Coil Configuration in a Superconducting Dipole Magnet for Compact Synchrotron Light Source 494
  • M. Kitamura, T. Kobayashi, N. Maki
Test of Two 1.8 M SSC Model Magnets with Iterated Design 497
  • P. Wanderer, J.G. Cottingham, P. Dahl, G. Ganetis, G. Garber, A. Ghosh, C. Goodzeit, A. Greene, J. Herrera, S. Kahn, E. Kelly, G. Morgan, J. Muratore, A. Prodell, E.P. Rohrer, W. Sampson, R. Shutt, P. Thompson, E. Willen
Collarless, Close-in, Shaped Iron Aperture Designs for the SSC Dipole 500
  • R.C. Gupta, G.M. Morgan
Status of the Quadrupoles for RHIC 503
  • P.A. Thompson, J.G. Cottingham, M. Garber, A. Ghosh, C. Goodzeit, A. Greene, J. Herrera, S. Kahn, E. Kelly, G. Morgan, S. Plate, A. Prodell, W. Sampson, W. Schneider, R. Shutt, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
Minimum Energy to Start a Quench and Optimum Copper-to-NbTi Ratio 506
  • K.Y. Ng
Lifetime of Passive Quench Protection Diodes in the SSC 509
  • J. Ziegler, R. Carcagno
A New High-Gradient Correction Quadrupole for the Fermilab Luminosity Upgrade 512
  • P. Mantsch, J. Carson, M.J. Lamm, A. Riddiford
The D0 Low Power and Quench Protection System 515
  • K.P. Koepke, M.J. Lamm, G. S. Tool
Time-Varying Sextupole Corrections during the Tevatron Ramp 518
  • D.A. Herrup, B.C. Brown, R.W. Hanft, D.E. Johnson, R.P. Johnson, M. Kuchnir, M.J. Lamm, A.D. McInturff, M.J. Syphers, A.V. Tollestrup
Compensation of Time Varying Fields in the Tevatron Superconducting Magnets 521
  • D.E. Johnson, D.A. Herrup
In-Situ Non-Destructive Testing of Superconducting Dipoles in the Tevatron 524
  • B. Hanna, H. Jostlein, D. Plant, S. Pruss
Design Considerations for a Large Aperture High Field Superconducting Dipole 527
  • F. Harfoush, C. Ankenbrandt, M. Harrison, J. Kerby, K. Koepke, P. Mantsch, T. Nicol, A. Riddiford, J. Theilacker
Full Length SSC R&D Dipole Magnet Test Results 530
  • J. Strait, M. Bleadon, B.C. Brown, S. Caspi, M. Chapman, J. Cortella, J.G. Cottingham, P. Dahl, A. Desportes, A. Devred, G. Ganetis, A. Garber, A. Ghosh, W. Gilbert, C. Goodzeit, A. Greene, R. Hanft, J. Herrera, S. Kahn, J. Kaugerts, E. Kelly, T. Kirk, M. Kuchnir, M. Lamm, P. Mantsch, P.O. Mazur, R. Meuser, K. Mirk, G. Morgan, D. Orris, J. Peoples, C. Peters, A. Prodell, J. Rechen, J.M. Royet, W. Sampson, R. Scanlan, R. Schermer, R. Schutt, C. Taylor, P. Thompson, J.C. Tompkins, G. Tool, J. Turner, P. Wanderer, E. Willen, J. Zbasnik
Formulae for the Calculation of Energy Deposition Densities in the Graphite Dumps of the LHC 533
  • A. Ijspeert, G.R. Stevenson
Charge State Distributions for Heavy Ions in Carbon Stripper Foils 536
  • M.A. McMahan, B. Feinberg, R.F. Lebed
Emittance at the SuperHILAC and the Bevalac Transfer Line 539
  • G.F. Krebs, M.S. Abinante, J.R. Alonso, B. Feinberg, K. Fowler, J. Guggemos, J.G. Kalnins, J. Staples, R. Thatcher, E. Zajec
Jitter in H- Beam Position at Neutral Particle Beam Test Stand 542
  • A.H. Novick, M.R. Kraimer
The Beam Bunching and Transport System of the Argonne Positive Ion Injector 545
  • P.K. Den Hartog, J.M. Bogaty, L.M. Bollinger, B.E. Clifft, R.C. Pardo, K.W. Shepard
Spectrometer Chopper for AHF and SSC Low-Energy Transports 548
  • J.W. Hurd, H.A. Thiessen
Beam Dumps, Stoppers and Faraday Cups at the SLC 551
  • D.R. Walz, E. Lewandowski, A. McFarlane
Momentum Slits, Collimators and Masks in the SLC 553
  • D.R. Walz, E. Lewandowski, A. McFarlane, J. Zabdyr
Optical Design of the CEBAF Beam Transport System 557
  • D.R. Douglas, J. Kewisch, R.C. York
Vacuum System for the LBL Advanced Light Source (ALS) 560
  • K. Kennedy, T. Henderson, J. Meneghetti
Differences in Synchrotron Radiation Induced Gas Desorption from Stainless Steel and Aluminium Alloy 563
  • M. Andritschky, O. Gröbner, A.G. Mathewson, R. Souchet, P. Strubin, B. Trickett
Fabrication and Test of Prototype Ring Magnets for the ALS 566
  • J. Tanabe, N. Andresen, R. Avery, R. Caylor, M.I. Green, K. Halbach, S. Hernandez, E. Hoyer, D. Humphries, Y. Kajiyama, R. Keller, W. Low, S. Marks, J. Milburn, D. Yee
X-Ray Lithography Source (SXLS) Vacuum System 569
  • J.C. Schuchman, J. Aloia, H. Hsieh, T. Kim, S. Pjerov
The Liqud Helium System of ATLAS 571
  • J.M. Nixon, L.M. Bollinger
The Ultra High Vacuum System of the AGS Booster 574
  • H.C. Hseuh, S. Sadinsky, J. Savino, P. Schnitzenbaumer, P. Stattel, W. Van Zwienen, C. Xiuhua
Vacuum System for the 8 GeV Storage Ring 577
  • S.H. Be, Y.P. Lee, Y. Morimoto, Y. Oikawa, H. Sakamoto, S. Yokouchi
Bargain Basement Bakeout 580
  • W. Manwaring, S. Noe, T. Sloan
Vacuum System Development Status for the APS Storage Ring 583
  • R. Wehrle, S. Kim, R. Nielsen
Vacuum Chamber Thermal Protection for the APS 586
  • S.L. Kramer, E.A. Crosbie, S. Kim, R. Wehrle, M. Yoon
Cryogenic Optimization for Cavity Systems 589
  • C.H. Rode, D. Proch
The CEBAF Croygenic Systems 592
  • W.C. Chronis, D. Arenius, D. Kashy, M. Keesee, C.H. Rode
A Synchronous Beam Sweeper for Heavy Ions 595
  • J.M. Bogaty
Generating Catalogs of Transverse Matching Solutions 598
  • G. Swain, M. Burns, P. Busch
Half Wave Helix Loaded Superconducting Resonator for the Saclay Heavy on Linac 601
  • B. Cauvin, J.P. Fouan, J. Girard, G. Ramstein
Thermal Analysis of Cryogenically Cooled Linear Accelerators 604
  • S. Fixler, J. Healey, T. Schultheiss, J. Szot
A Rotary Tuner for UHF Drift-Tube Linacs 607
  • D. J. Liska, J. H. Billen, H. Mignardot, G.W. Zimmerman