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Keyword: feedback

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Antiproton Acceleration in the Fermilab Main Ring and Tevatron acceleration, antiproton, collider, proton 47
  • P. Martin, J. Dinkel, R. Ducar, C. Kerns, Q. Kerns, K. Meisner, H.W. Miller, J. Reid, S. Tawzer, D. Wildman
High Gradients by Simultaneous Multifrequency Operations of RF Structures coupling, cw, field, superconductivity 112
  • F. Caspers, H. Haseroth, J. Knott
20 MeV Electron Linear Accelerator in Nanjing University accelerator, coupling, electron, linac 264
  • Y. Wang
Development of High-Current-Density Lab 6 Thermionic Emitters for a Space-Charge-Limited Electron Gun cathode, electron, electron gun, gun 292
  • M.E. Herniter, W.D. Getty
Stabilization of the Fast Head-Tail Instability by Feedback betatron, kicker, simulation, tune 503
  • S. Myers
Beam Diagnostics and Control for SLC CAMAC, damping, linac, synchrotron 508
  • M.C. Ross
An Automatic Beam Steering System for the NSLS X-17T Beam Line Using Closed Orbit Feedback photon, radiation, undulator, x-ray 512
  • R.J. Nawrocky, M. Li, O.V. Singh, L.H. Yu
Three Bunch Energy Stabilization for the SLC Injector damping, electron, positron, timing 516
  • J.C. Sheppard, I. Almog, P.S. Bambade, J.E. Clendenin, R.K. Jobe, N. Phinney, H. Shoaee, R.F. Stiening, K.A. Thompson
A Beam Position Feedback System for Beam Lines at the Photon Factory factory, photon, synchrotron, x-ray 538
  • T. Katsura, K. Haga, Y. Kamlya, T. Mitsuhashi
A CAMAC-Based Knob Controller for the LAMPF Control System CAMAC, accelerator, software, vacuum 544
  • W. Smith, E. Bjorklund
Correlator Filters for Feedback at SRS and NSLS betatron, booster, damping, x-ray 582
  • D.M. Dykes, J.N. Galayda
Operating Results for the Beam Profile Monitor System Currently in Use at Bevalac Facility impedance, injection, monitoring, shielding 622
  • G. Stover, K. Fowler
Position, Angle and Energy Stabilization for the SLC Positron Target and Arcs damping, injection, linac, positron 713
  • R.K. Jobe, I. Almog, N. Phinney, J.T. Seeman, J.C. Sheppard, H. Shoaee, K.A. Thompson
Beam Monitors and Transverse Feedback Systems of TRISTAN Main Ring accumulation, electron, radiation, synchrotron 729
  • T. Ieiri, H. Ishii, J. Kishiro, Y. Mizumachi, K. Mori, K. Nakajima, A. Ogata, T. Shintake, M. Tejima
Control of Stochastic Cooling & RF Systems Using Interactive Graphics accelerator, controls, software, stochastic cooling 738
  • G. Mayer, S. Beck, R. Pasquinelli
Feedback Systems in the SLC beam position monitor, kicker, software, timing 748
  • K.A. Thompson, R.K. Jobe, R. Johnson, N. Phinney
Hardware for the LEP Transverse Feedback System betatron, field, kicker, pick-up 751
  • S. Myers, R. Olsen, I. Wilson
Implementation of Nonintercepting Energy Spread Monitors damping, monitoring, quadrupole, software 757
  • J.C. Sheppard, P.S. Bambade, J.E. Clendenin, T.E. Gromme, R.K. Jobe, N. Phinney, M.C. Ross
Operation of the Transverse Feedback System at the CERN SPS betatron, damping, injection, tune 763
  • R. Bossart, R. Louwerse, J. Mourier, L. Vos
Phase Detector and Phase Feedback for a Single Bunch in a Two-Bunch Damping Ring for the SLAC Linear Collider accelerator, damping, electron, positron 769
  • H.D. Schwarz, J.G. Judkins
RF Control System for a Rocket-Borne Accelerator accelerator, field, monitoring, quadrupole 775
  • M.T. Lynch, D.R. Keffeler, L.N. Sorum
The SLC Control System-Status and Development collider, klystron, positron, software 789
  • N. Phinney, H. Shoaee
Tuning Loop Control System for the Fermilab Debuncher DRF1 Cavities accelerator, controls, monitoring, timing 794
  • J.R. Zagel, V.K. Bharadwaj, J.M. Smolucha, T.M. Watts
Workstation Consoles for SLC accelerator, background, maintenance, software 797
  • J. Bogart, A. Hunter, S. Kleban, N. Phinney, N. Spencer, M. Sullenberger
Stacktail Momentum Cooling in the Fermilab Antiproton Source accelerator, antiproton, booster, thermal 1132
  • R.J. Pasquinelli, W. Hyslop, W. Kells, M. Kuchnir, J. Marriner, G. Mayer, J. McCarthy, S. Mtingwa, D. Peterson, R. Shafer
Fast Energy and Energy Spectrum Feedback in the SLC Linac damping, klystron, linac, spectrum 1258
  • G.S. Abrams, I.E. Campisi, W. Herrmannsfeldt, M. Lee, A. Petersen, N. Phinney, M. Ross, J.T. Seeman, E. Soderstrom, K. Thompson, D. Tsang
Progress in Space-Charge Limited Machines: Four Times the Design Intensity in the CERN Proton Synchrotron Booster emittance, injection, resonance, space-charge 1298
  • G. Gelato, L. Magnani, N. Rasmussen, H. Schönauer, K. Schindl
Transverse Wakefield Control and Feedback in the SLC Linac betatron, injection, linac, wakefield 1349
  • J.T. Seeman, G.S. Abrams, C. Adolphsen, I.E. Campisi, W. Herrmannsfeldt, M. Lee, A. Petersen, N. Phinney, M. Ross, E. Soderstrom, R. Stiening, K. Thompson, D. Tsang
High Precision Power Supplies for the National Synchrotron Light Source accelerator, insertion, light source, synchrotron 1408
  • R. Olsen, H. Langenbach
Dynamic Behaviour of the LEP Power Converters acceleration, damping, timing, vacuum 1440
  • J.G. Pett, A. Beuret
Magnet Current Regulation in the SSC accelerator, damping, field, simulation 1458
  • O. Calvo, G. Tool, D. Wolff
Power Supply Control for the TRISTAN Main Ring Accumulation Ring CAMAC, acceleration, electron, timing 1529
  • H. Fukuma, K. Endo, A. Kabe, Ta. Kubo, T. Ozaki
Low-Level RF System for the AGS Light Ion Program acceleration, field, ion, timing 1585
  • V. Kovarik, L. Ahrens, D.S. Barton, R. Frankel, A. Otis, D. Pope, M. Pritsker, E. Raka, R. Warkentien
A Pulse Amplifier for Nuclear Instrumentation accelerator, impedance, instrumentation, thermal 1633
  • D. Martin, P. Cliff
An Adaptive Optimal Phase Following System Under Frequency Stabilization acceleration, electron, field, spectrum 1636
  • D.-x. Xi
Robust Control of the Duplexcavity Frequency Stabilization System for a 20 MeV Linac electron, gun, ionization, spectrum 1657
  • D.-x. Xi
The Low-Level RF System for TRISTAN Main Ring acceleration, field, klystron, synchrotron 1660
  • E. Ezura, K. Akai, H. Hayano, M. Ono, M. Suetake, T. Takashima
The RF Reference Line for TRISTAN accumulation, klystron 1663
  • H. Hayano, E. Ezura
Performance of the SLAC Linear Collider Klystrons accelerator, cathode, electron, klystron 1713
  • M.A. Allen, W.R. Fowkes, R. F. Koontz, H.D. Schwarz, J.T. Seeman, A.E. Vlieks