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Keyword: stochastic cooling

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Design of an 8-GeV Accumulator Ring for the Fermilab Tevatron I Project accumulation, betatron, injection, lattice 2031
  • A. Ando, T.L. Collins, D.E. Johnson
Antiprotons in the ISR antiproton, background, injection, proton 2047
  • P.J. Bryant
Stochastic Cooling: Recent Theoretical Directions betatron, feedback, kicker, synchrotron 2393
  • J. Bisognano
Stability and Signal Suppression of Schottky Signals from Stochastically Cooled Beams feedback, instability, kicker, spectrum 2590
  • W.P. Kells
Signal Suppression Analysis for the Momentum Stochastic Cooling with a Multiple System antiproton, cw, kicker, pick-up 2596
  • A.G. Ruggiero
Momentum Precooling in the Debuncher Ring for the Fermilab Tevatron-I Project accelerator, acceptance, antiproton, lattice 2599
  • A.G. Ruggiero, J. Simpson
Vlasov Theory of Signal Suppression for Bunched Beams Interacting with a Stochastic Cooling Feedback Loop betatron, feedback, kicker, synchrotron 2646
  • S. Chattopadhyay
Theory of Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling betatron, kicker, spectrum, synchrotron 2649
  • S. Chattopadhyay
A Formulation of Transversely Coupled Betatron Stochastic Cooling of Coasting Beams betatron, coupling, damping, kicker 2652
  • S. Chattopadhyay
Superconducting Delay Line for Stochastic Cooling Filters antiproton, dielectric, impedance, simulation 3360
  • M. Kuchnir, J.D. McCarthy, R.J. Pasquinelli
Traveling-Wave Tube Amplifier Characteristics Study for Stochastic Beam Cooling Experiments accelerator, antiproton, betatron, cw 3423
  • B. Leskovar, C.C. Lo
Filters for Stochastic Cooling of Longitudinal Beam Emittance dielectric 3651
  • S.L. Kramer, R. Konecny, J. Simpson, A.J. Wright
Slot Coupled Beam Signal Pickup Development at Argonne National Laboratory coupling, field, impedance, resonance 3654
  • J.D. Simpson, R. Konecny, S.L. Kramer, D. Suddeth