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Keyword: lattice

Title Other Keywords Page
The LEP Project -- Status and Plans betatron, ion, luminosity, vacuum 1978
  • G. Plass
Recent Improvements in Luminosity at PEP emittance, luminosity, sextupole, simulation 2001
  • R. Helm, M. Allen, A. Chao, M. Donald, S. Kheifets, T. Martin, R.H. Miller, P. Morton, J. Paterson, J. Rees, B. Richter, L. Rivkin, J. Seeman, H. Shoaee, J. Spencer, H. Wiedemann, P. Wilson
Heavy Ion Collisions in a Collider at BNL acceleration, field, ion, luminosity 2020
  • M.Q. Barton
Intense Antiproton Source for a 20-TeV Collider booster, collider, emittance, luminosity 2025
  • G.R. Lambertson, C.W. Leemann
Design of an 8-GeV Accumulator Ring for the Fermilab Tevatron I Project accumulation, betatron, injection, stochastic cooling 2031
  • A. Ando, T.L. Collins, D.E. Johnson
Observation of the Beam-Beam Limit in CESR lifetime, luminosity, radiation, tune 2033
  • J. Seeman, K. Adams, G. Aharonian, M. Billing, E. Blum, G. Decker, M. Giannella, G. Jackson, R. Littauer, B. McDaniel, D. Morse, S. Peck, D. Rice, L. Sakazaki, R. Siemann, R. Talman, M. Tigner
The Lattice Design of the LEP Electron Positron Accumulator (EPA) damping, emittance, injection, kicker 2050
  • J.P. Delahaye, A. Krusche
The IUCF Cooler -- A Storage Ring with Electron Cooling for Internal Target Experiments cyclotron, electron, field, target 2056
  • R.E. Pollock
A Variable Transition Energy Lattice for SIS 12/18 betatron, focusing, ion, quadrupole 2120
  • B. Franczak, K. Blasche, K.H. Reich
Lattice for a 1.1-GeV 500-A Fast Cycling Proton Synchrotron extraction, injection, proton, tune 2129
  • Y. Cho
Emittance Calculations for the Stanford Linear Collider Injector beamline, collider, emittance, quadrupole 2161
  • J.C. Sheppard, C.A. Blocker, J.E. Clendenin, R.H. Helm, M.J. Lee, R.H. Miller
On-Line Control Models for the Stanford Linear Collider accelerator, damping, linac, quadrupole 2320
  • J.C. Sheppard, R.H. Helm, M.J. Lee, M.D. Woodley
Control of Machine Functions or Transport Systems accelerator, damping, extraction, injection 2367
  • M.D. Woodley, J. Jäger, A.S. King, M.J. Lee
Measurements of Betatron Phase Advance and Beta Function in the ISR betatron, kicker, optics, tune 2406
  • J. Borer, A. Hofmann, J.-P. Koutchouk, T. Risselada, B. Zotter
Analytic Estimates for the Dynamic Aperture of Non-Linear Lattices accelerator, betatron, resonance, sextupole 2436
  • K.J. Adams
MARYLIE: The Maryland Lie Algebraic Transport and Tracking Code accelerator, algorithms, fringe fields 2442
  • D.R. Douglas, A.J. Dragt
On Improving the Chromatic Effects of Storage Rings with Antisymmetric Insertions insertion, quadrupole, resonance, tune 2451
  • J. Claus, M. Cornacchia, E. Courant, F. Dell, A. Garren, G. Parzen
Coupling and Decoupling in Storage Rings coupling, insertion, skew, tune 2460
  • S. Peggs
The Lattice Design and Tolerance Analysis of the CBA Transport Line betatron, field, luminosity, sextupole 2463
  • W.T. Weng
Studies of the Chromatic Properties and Dynamic Aperture of the BNL Colliding Beam Accelerator emittance, multipole, sextupole, tune 2469
  • G.F. Dell
Dipole Shuffling in the Fermilab Energy Saver accelerator, field, resonance, target 2472
  • L.P. Michelotti, S. Ohnuma
Generalization of the Hofmann-Zotter Combined-Function Formulation for Application to 50x50 GeV e+e- Storage Rings betatron, focusing, radiation, synchrotron 2475
  • L.E. Sakazaki, R.M. Talman
The Fermilab Tevatron I Debuncher Ring acceptance, antiproton, betatron, sextupole 2478
  • A.G. Ruggiero
Computer Modeling of Internal Targets in Electron Storage Rings electron, emittance, scattering, target 2484
  • R.P. Maloney, J.S. McCarthy, B.E. Norum, R.C. York
Comparison of Delta Function and Gaussian Wakes for Longitudinal Tracking damping, diagnostics, simulation, synchrotron 2516
  • D. Brandt
Space Charge Limits in ESQ Transport Systems acceleration, brightness, ion, quadrupole 2558
  • A.W. Maschke, J. Brodowski, E. Meier
Momentum Precooling in the Debuncher Ring for the Fermilab Tevatron-I Project accelerator, acceptance, antiproton, stochastic cooling 2599
  • A.G. Ruggiero, J. Simpson
Synchrotron Oscillations with Very Small betatron, resonance, sextupole, synchrotron 2604
  • A. Ando, K. Takayama
Status of BESSY, an 800-MeV Storage Ring Dedicated to Synchrotron Radiation field, optics, synchrotron, x-ray 3094
  • G.v. Egan-Krieger, D. Einfeld, H.-G. Hoberg, W.-D. Klotz, H. Lehr, G. Mülhaupt, R. Maier, M. Martin, R. Richter, L. Schulz, E. Weihreter
An All Wiggler and Undulator Synchrotron Radiation Source brightness, emittance, radiation, undulator 3097
  • H. Winick, R. Bachrach, A. Bienenstock, J. Cerino, K. Halbach, K. Hodgson, I. Lindau, H. Wiedemann
Closed Orbit Correction of the NSLS VUV Ring accelerator, spectrum, survey, vacuum 3106
  • E. Bozoki, J. Bittner, L. Blumberg, T. Dickinson, J. Galayda
A Proposed Lattice Modification to the Daresbury SRS electron, injection, radiation, synchrotron 3136
  • G. Saxon
Superconducting Combined Function Magnets field, insertion, quadrupole, tune 3402
  • H. Hahn, R.C. Fernow
Development of Disk-and-Washer Cavity in KEK accelerator, coupling, field, impedance 3572
  • S. Inagaki, E. Ezura, T. Furuya, T. Higo, K. Kitagawa, Y. Kojima, H. Nakanishi, S. Noguchi, T. Takashima, K. Takata