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Keyword: instability

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Stability of Intense Transported Beams emittance, quadrupole, simulation, tune 3080
  • L.J. Laslett, L. Smith
Space Charge Limited Transport and Bunching of Non K-V Beams emittance, focusing, ion, simulation 3090
  • I. Haber
Acceleration in the CERN-SPS - Present Status and Future Developments acceleration, damping, impedance, injection 3231
  • D. Boussard, G. Dome, T.P.R. Linnecar
The Damper for the Transverse Instabilities of the SPS betatron, feedback, injection, resistive wall 3284
  • R. Bossart (CERN), L. Burnod, J. Gareyte, V. Rossi, B. de Raad
Single Beam Instabilities in PETRA damping, injection, optics, tune 3480
  • R.D. Kohaupt
Acceleration and Storage of a Dense Single Bunch in the CERN SPS coupling, impedance, lifetime, scattering 3484
  • D. Boussard, L. Evans, J. Gareyte, T. Linnecar, W. Mills, E.J.N. Wilson
Analysis of Tranverse Coherant Instability in KEK Booster betatron, booster, field, kicker 3535
  • Y. Miyahara
Longitudinal Behavior of the Beam in KEK Booster acceleration, booster, feedback, injection 3538
  • E. Ezura, M. Kondoh, K. Kudo, S. Takeda
Collective Effects at Very High Intensity in the CERN-PS damping, impedance, injection, vacuum 3568
  • D. Boussard, E. Brouzet, R. Cappi, J. Gareyte
Weak-Strong Instability as a Diffusion Process accelerator, betatron, damping, tune 3615
  • S.A. Kheifets
High Frequency Bunches for Proton-Proton Storage Accelerators injection, luminosity, synchrotron, tune 3618
  • J.C. Herrera, M. Month
Simulations of Free Electron Laser electron, field, laser, radiation 3833
  • T. Kwan, B.B. Godfrey
A Beam Position Stabilization System background, brightness, electron, instrumentation 3857
  • M. Bergher
The Supply of the 148 MW Pulsed Power to the CERN SPS and the Associated Mains Voltage Stabilization and Filtering accelerator, coupling, damping, impedance 4066
  • O. Bayard
Status Report of the Experimental and Theoretical Investigations in the Garching Electron Ring Accelerator cathode, electron, field, impedance 4172
  • C. Andelfinger, W. Dommaschk, J. Fink, W. Herrmann, I. Hofmann, D. Jacobi, P. Merkel, H.B. Schilling, U. Schumacher, M. Ulrich
High Flux Ion, and Odd Multi-Half-Wave Length Resonant Transformer Accelerators in the Space and Time Domains accelerator, electron, field, ion 4214
  • K. Denno
Applications of Filtered Bremsstralung Spectra in Radiographic Studies - Part II: Measurements of Iodine in Tissue and Separation of Bone and Water radiation, spectrum, x-ray 4311
  • P.S. Yeh, J.L.H. Chan, A. Macovski