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Keyword: injection

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Operating Results from Fermilab accelerator, booster, extraction, proton 929
  • P.V. Livdahl
Collective Acceleration with Intense Electron Beams acceleration, electron, ion, plasma 962
  • C.L. Olson
Rectilinear Transition Flow of Intense Charged Particle Beams electron, extraction, plasma, vacuum 1016
  • A.M. Chodorow, A. Erteza
Injection and Acceleration of Protons in the Zero Gradient Synchrotron (ZGS) by Stripping H- Ions acceleration, booster, equilibrium, scattering 1056
  • E. Crosbie, A. Gorka, E. Parker, C. Potts, L. Ratner
The Fermilab Energy Doubler, A Two-Year Progress Report accelerator, extraction, field, proton 1125
  • W.B. Fowler, D. Drickey, P. J. Reardon, B.P. Strauss, D.F. Sutter
Performance Studies of Superconducting Dipoles for the Fermilab Energy Doubler accelerator, cryogenics, field, quench 1137
  • D. Drickey, R. Flora, B.P. Strauss, D.F. Sutter
A 110 kA Rapid-Pulsing Power Supply accelerator, booster, field, impedance 1242
  • R. Winje, K. Bourkland
TRIUMF RF System coupling, cyclotron, ion, vacuum 1253
  • R.L. Poirier, M. Zach
Transductors for Current Sensing in the Dipole and Quadrupole Magnet Circuits of the Fermilab Main Ring accelerator, extraction, quadrupole, thermal 1277
  • Q.A. Kerns
Megawatt HV DC Power Supplies coupling, damping, field, ion-source 1289
  • G. Reinhold, R. Gleyvod
A Wide Dynamic Range 10 MeV High Current Electron Linear Accelerator accelerator, electron, gun, waveguide 1303
  • J. Haimson, B. Mecklenburg, V. Valencia
The 40 kA Dumping System for the ISR Beams field, impedance, kicker, vacuum 1321
  • J. C. Schnuriger
20 MeV S-Band Standing Waveguide electron, field, spectrum, waveguide 1328
  • K. Whitham
Recent Advances in High Voltage Electron Beam Injectors accelerator, electron, electron gun, gun 1354
  • J. Haimson
Report on the ISR background, luminosity, proton, tune 1358
  • W. Schnell
Report on DORIS betatron, field, luminosity, synchrotron 1363
  • G.A. Voss
SPEAR II Performance accelerator, betatron, instability, synchrotron 1366
  • J.M. Paterson
PETRA, An Extension of the Storage Ring Facilities at DESY damping, electron, luminosity, positron 1374
  • G.A. Voss
Progress Report on the POPAE Design Study insertion, lattice, luminosity, proton 1411
  • T.L. Collins, D.A. Edwards, J. Ingebretsen, D.E. Johnson, S. Ohnuma, A.G. Ruggiero, L.C. Teng
Measurement of Intra-Beam Scattering in the ISR emittance, intra-beam scattering, residual gas, scattering 1416
  • K. Hübner
The PEP Injection System accelerator, damping, kicker, radiation 1423
  • R.T. Avery, K.L. Brown, J.M. Peterson
Extrapolation of the Isabelle Design to 400 x 400 GeV acceleration, field, luminosity, tune 1435
  • R. Chasman, R.L. Gluckstern
Status of EPIC booster, electron, positron, site 1439
  • D.A. Gray
Interaction of Accelerator Controls and Diagnostics accelerator, booster, linac, tune 1458
  • M.F. Shea
Zero Gradient Synchrotron Booster Injection betatron, booster, equilibrium, kicker 1488
  • D.E. Suddeth, R.L. Kustom, D. Schmitt
Design of the Cryopumping Vacuum System for ESCAR field, ion, thermal, vacuum 1496
  • R.C. Wolgast
A Fast Digitizer and Display System accelerator, booster, timing 1567
  • G. Tool
Design of the ESCAR Injection Beam Line linac, proton, septum, vacuum 1605
  • J. Tanabe, J. Staples, R. Yourd
The Design of the Zero Gradient Synchrotron Booster II Ring Magnet booster, field, focusing, synchrotron 1613
  • M.H. Foss, R.J. Lari, J. Simpson, K. Thompson
GANIL: A Proposal for a National Heavy-Ion Laboratory accelerator, cyclotron, emittance, extraction 1651
  • The GANIL Study Group
Design Considerations for the ORNL 25 MV Tandem Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, field, ion 1655
  • J.K. Bair, J.A. Biggerstaff, C.M. Jones, J.D. Larson, J.W. McConnell, W.T. Milner, N.F. Ziegler
Progress Report on Zero Gradient Synchrotron H- Source Development booster, emittance, field, ion 1665
  • J.A. Fasolo
Energy Boosting of a Tandem Beam with the Oak Ridge Isochronous Cyclotron cyclotron, emittance, field, ion 1679
  • R.S. Lord, J.B. Ball, R. M. Beckers, K.N. Fischer, E.D. Hudson, M.L. Mallory, J.A. Martin, G.S. McNeilly, S.W. Mosko, J.D. Rylander
Calculated Finite Emittance and Dee-Gap Crossing Effects on Heavy-Ion Trajectories of Ion Injection into the Oak Ridge Isochronous Cyclotron from a 25 MV Tandem Electrostatic Accelerator emittance, equilibrium, heavy-ion, scattering 1682
  • G.S. McNeilly, K.N. Fischer
Transport of DC and Bunched Beams Through a 25 MV Folded Tandem Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, acceptance, ion 1697
  • W.T. Milner, G.D. Alton, D.C. Hensley, C.M. Jones, R.F. King, J.D. Larson, C.D. Moak, R.O. Sayer
Initial Operating Experience with the TRIUMF 300 keV H- Injection System chopper, cyclotron, field, ion 1707
  • J. Beveridge, E.W. Blackmore, P.F. Bosman, G. Dutto, W. Joho, V. Rödel, R.D. Riches, L.W. Root, B.L. White
Accelerators for the Fusion Program electron, field, ion, plasma 1736
  • R.N. Sudan
Light Ion Linacs for Medical Applications accelerator, linac, pion, proton 1755
  • J.N. Bradbury, E.A. Knapp, D.E. Nagle
The Ion Beam Compressor for Pellet Fusion emittance, ion, linac, proton 1763
  • R.L. Martin
RF Beam Loading Effects in EPIC accelerator, coupling, impedance, vacuum 1843
  • M.H.R. Donald
Transverse Beam Motion in the Fermilab Booster Accelerator acceptance, booster, septum, tune 1900
  • E.R. Gray, E.L. Hubbard, F.E. Mills, C.W. Owen, R.E. Peters, A.G. Ruggiero, M.F. Shea
Compensation for Beam Loading in the 400-GeV Fermilab Main Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, booster, feedback 1910
  • J.E. Griffin
Incoherent Transverse Space Charge Effects during Injection, RF Capture and Early Acceleration in AGS acceleration, betatron, field, tune 1926
  • J. Claus
Status of Correction Magnet Systems in the Main Ring at Fermilab field, sextupole, skew, tune 1934
  • R. Stiening, S. Ohnuma, B.A. Prichard, Jr.
New Proposed Accelerator Facilities in Western Europe booster, electron, luminosity, proton 1941
  • K. Johnsen