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Keyword: extraction

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Operating Results from Fermilab accelerator, booster, injection, proton 929
  • P.V. Livdahl
Rectilinear Transition Flow of Intense Charged Particle Beams electron, injection, plasma, vacuum 1016
  • A.M. Chodorow, A. Erteza
Performance and Characteristics of the IUCF Injector Cyclotron cyclotron, equilibrium, field, ion 1049
  • R.E. Pollock, J.W. Hicks, P. Schwandt
Spill Control and Intensity Monitoring for the Bevatron-Bevalac External Particle Beams background, feedback, field, proton 1052
  • J.J. Barale, K.C. Crebbin
The AGS Beam Loss Monitoring System accelerator, linac, monitoring, radiation 1069
  • G.S. Levine, J.C. Balsamo, Jr.
An Improved Design for the Fermilab SEPTA accelerator, cathode, septum, vacuum 1091
  • J. Walton, R. Andrews, H. Edwards, M. Palmer
Infllection and Extraction Systems at the Indiana University Clyclotron Facility acceleration, acceptance, cyclotron, field 1094
  • R.E. Pollock, J. Driesbach, D. Friesel, J. Hicks, S. Lewis, D. Madland, P. Schwandt, W. Smith
One Turn Vertical Extraction from the Zero Gradient Synchrotron (ZGS) betatron, field, impedance, septum 1097
  • R.L. Kustom
The Fermilab Energy Doubler, A Two-Year Progress Report accelerator, field, injection, proton 1125
  • W.B. Fowler, D. Drickey, P. J. Reardon, B.P. Strauss, D.F. Sutter
Operation of Superconducting Magnets in Fermilab Extracted Beams acceleration, cryogenics, kicker, quench 1185
  • C. Rode, P. Gavin, R. Norton
Fermilab Energy Doubler Magnets-Magnetostatics accelerator, field, focusing, quadrupole 1206
  • S.C. Snowdon
A Multiple Flattop Control System for the Fermilab Main Accelerator Power Supplies acceleration, accelerator, field, software 1247
  • R. Cassel
Transductors for Current Sensing in the Dipole and Quadrupole Magnet Circuits of the Fermilab Main Ring accelerator, injection, quadrupole, thermal 1277
  • Q.A. Kerns
A Pulsed Extraction Magnet System at the Zero Gradient Synchrotron (ZGS) accelerator, proton, software, synchrotron 1313
  • M. Knott, L. Lewis, C. Potts
The S.I.N. Ring Cyclotron after One Year of Operation cyclotron, pion, proton, target 1397
  • W. Joho
Production of Simultaneous, Variable Energy Beams from the TRIUMF Cyclotron acceptance, cyclotron, field, vacuum 1402
  • J.R. Richardson, E.W. Blackmore, M.K. Craddock, G. Dutto, C.J. Kost, G.H. Mackenzie
Nevis Synchrocyclotron Beam Status Report acceleration, field, ion, radiation 1408
  • D.W. Storm, Y. Au, R.C. Cohen, G. Dugan, R.A. Hawrylak, J. Rainwater, A.M. Sachs, J. Shill, F.G. Tinta
The Fermilab Transverse Instability Active Damping System accelerator, damping, feedback, instability 1473
  • E. Higgins, Q. Kerns, H. Miller, B. Prichard, R. Stiening, G. Tool
The Sodium Curtain Beam Profile Monitor of the ISR field, ionization, proton, vacuum 1475
  • B. Vosicki, K. Zankel
The IUCF Phase Probe cyclotron, pick-up, proton, vacuum 1505
  • E.A. Kowalski, D.W. Devins, A. Seidman
Increased Intensity Heavy Ion Beams at ORIC with Cryopumping acceleration, cyclotron, ion, vacuum 1544
  • E.D. Hudson, R.S. Lord, M.L. Mallory, J.E. Mann, J.A. Martin, W.R. Smith
A Multi-Wire Chamber System for Heavy Ion Beam Monitoring at the Bevalac accelerator, ion, monitoring, vacuum 1561
  • J. Cuperus, R. Morgado
NINA Programmed Quadrupoles acceleration, electron, quadrupole, tune 1586
  • N. Marks, J.B. Lyall, M.W. Poole
The IUCF Transfer Beamline acceptance, beamline, cyclotron, emittance 1601
  • D.W. Devins, C.C. Foster, J.W. Hicks, R.E. Pollock
Recent Progress in Ion Sources accelerator, ion, optics, plasma 1626
  • J.E. Osher
A PIG Sputter Source for Negative Ions cathode, electron, field, plasma 1632
  • H.H. Andersen, P. Tykesson
Properties of the Texas A&M Electron Beam Ion Source electron, ion, ionization, vacuum 1637
  • R.W. Hamm, R.A. Kenefick
A Prototype High Current, High Duty Factor Negative Hydrogen Ion Source for LAMPF brightness, ion, plasma, vacuum 1640
  • G.P. Lawrence, T.D. Hayward, J.A. Jackson
The Chalk River Heavy Ion Superconducting Cyclotron accelerator, cyclotron, field, ion 1647
  • C.R. Hoffmann, C.B. Bigham, J.S. Fraser, E.A. Heighway, J.A. Hulbert, J.H. Ormrod, H.R. Schneider
GANIL: A Proposal for a National Heavy-Ion Laboratory accelerator, cyclotron, emittance, injection 1651
  • The GANIL Study Group
A Pulsed Negative Hydrogen Source for Currents up to One Ampere acceleration, cathode, ion, plasma 1662
  • K. Prelec, Th. Sluyters
Design of a 320 kV Ion Accelerator for Multiply Charged Heavy Ions accelerator, field, ion, vacuum 1675
  • J.G. Bannenberg, A.J.H. Boerboom
Isochronous Cyclotron Harmonic Beam Experiments acceleration, cyclotron, ion, septum 1694
  • M.L. Mallory, E.D. Hudson, R.S. Lord
High Charge State Heavy Ion Production from a PIG Source cyclotron, feedback, field, ion 1702
  • L. Bex, D.J. Clark, C.E. Ellsworth, W.S. Flood, R.A. Gough, W.R. Holley, J.R. Meriwether, D. Morris
On the Ion Source and the Internal Beam Currents of the CS-15 Compact Cyclotron cathode, controls, cyclotron, ion 1711
  • T.Y.T. Kuo, J.S. Laughlin, R. Lee
A Penning Ion Source in a 7-MV Van de Graaff Van de Graaff, accelerator, emittance, ion 1715
  • P. Arndt, W. Jenter, H.-E. Mahnke
An Injector Cyclotron for Cyclone cyclotron, field, radio-frequency, vacuum 1732
  • Y. Jongen, G. Ryckewaert
The Proton Diagnostic Accelerator accelerator, ion, proton, vacuum 1802
  • R. Martin, M. Foss, R. Lari, J. Moenich
Design of an Intense Fast Neutron Source accelerator, ion, neutron, target 1809
  • J.D. Hepburn, B.G. Chidley, J.H. Ormrod
Longitudinal Instabilities in the Fermilab 400-GeV Main Accelerator damping, ferrite, instability, spectrum 1859
  • R.F. Stiening, J.E. Griffin
Experimental Research of the Closed Orbit Expansion Effect in the Strong Focusing Cyclotron cyclotron, field, focusing, target 1862
  • A.T. Vasilenko, Yu.N. Denisov, V.P. Dmitrievsky, V.P. Dzhelepov, A.A. Glazov, V.V. Kalinichenko, V.V. Kolga, D.L. Novikov, L.M. Onischenko, N.I. Polumordvinova, E.V. Samsonov, P.T. Shishlyannikov, B.I. Zamolodchikov, N.I. Zaplatin
Field Mapping of the IUCF 200 MeV Cyclotron acceleration, alignment, cyclotron, field 1887
  • D.L. Friesel, B.M. Bardin, R.E. Pollock, J.W.D. Sinclair
Field Mapping Results of the IUCF 200 MeV Cyclotron acceleration, cyclotron, field, proton 1891
  • D.L. Friesel, R.E. Pollock
The Design of the Zero Gradient Synchrotron Booster-II Lattice betatron, booster, field, kicker 1919
  • E.A. Crosbie, M.H. Foss, T.K. Khoe, J.D. Simpson
Design of a Digital Logarithmic Ratemeter Circuit   1952
  • R.V. Osborne