Engineering and Technology II

Title Page
Interaction of Accelerator Controls and Diagnostics 1458
  • M.F. Shea
Production of High Energy Polarized Protons 1466
  • E.F. Parker
The Fermilab Transverse Instability Active Damping System 1473
  • E. Higgins, Q. Kerns, H. Miller, B. Prichard, R. Stiening, G. Tool
The Sodium Curtain Beam Profile Monitor of the ISR 1475
  • B. Vosicki, K. Zankel
Fermilab Neutrino - Horn Focussing System 1479
  • F.A. Nezrick
A New High Intensity K-Beam at the Bevatron 1484
  • C. Leemann, R. Morgado, R. Sah
Zero Gradient Synchrotron Booster Injection 1488
  • D.E. Suddeth, R.L. Kustom, D. Schmitt
Comparison of Cold and Warm Vacuum Systems for Intersecting Storage Rings 1492
  • H.J. Halama, J.C. Herrera
Design of the Cryopumping Vacuum System for ESCAR 1496
  • R.C. Wolgast
Transverse Oscillations Damping with Wide-Band Feedback on SPEAR II 1500
  • J.-L. Pellegrin
The IUCF Phase Probe 1505
  • E.A. Kowalski, D.W. Devins, A. Seidman
A Variable-Length Time Delay for 50 MHz Sampled Analog Signals 1509
  • R. Biwer, G. Tool
Beam Position Measurement System at the Fermilab Main Accelerator 1513
  • Q.A. Kerns
Calibration of the Beam-Spill Control System at LAMPF 1517
  • J. R. Parker, D. J. Liska
The Particle Separator at Los Alamos 1522
  • D. J. Liska
Pulsed Beam Chopper for LAMPF 1526
  • R.F. Bentley, G.P. Lawrence, J.S. Lunsford
The Bevalac Beam Transport System 1529
  • R. Avery, G. Behrsing, R. Morgado, D. Rondeau, W. Salsig, F. Selph, J. Staples, R. Yourd
RF Separators and Separated Beams at SLAC 1533
  • T.H. Fieguth, R.A. Gearhart
Positioning Tolerances of Beam Line Magnets 1537
  • D.C. Carey
Vacuum System for the Stanford-LBL Storage Ring (PEP) 1540
  • D. Bostic, U. Cummings, N. Dean, B. Jeong, J. Jurow
Increased Intensity Heavy Ion Beams at ORIC with Cryopumping 1544
  • E.D. Hudson, R.S. Lord, M.L. Mallory, J.E. Mann, J.A. Martin, W.R. Smith
A New Pulse Magnet Design Utilizing Tape Wound Cores 1548
  • W.O. Brunk, D.R. Walz
Thin Films of Linac Beams as Non-Destructive Devices for Particle Beam Intensity, Profile, Centering and Energy Monitors 1552
  • L. Wartski, M. Boloré, G. Filippi, J. Lasalle, S. Roland
High Resolution Beam Profile Measurements Using Phosphorescence 1558
  • B.E. Bjärngard, G.T.Y. Chen, B.J. Maddox
A Multi-Wire Chamber System for Heavy Ion Beam Monitoring at the Bevalac 1561
  • J. Cuperus, R. Morgado
Wide Band Ferrite Beam Current Monitors 1565
  • J.B. Broberg
A Fast Digitizer and Display System 1567
  • G. Tool
Operating Experience with LAMPF Main Beam Lines Instrumentation and Control System 1570
  • O.B. van Dyck, A. Harvey, H.H. Howard, D.L. Roeder
High-Speed Beam Position Electronics for Accelerator Control and Diagnostics 1574
  • E.F. Higgins, J.E. Griffin
A 53 MHz Randomly Triggered Synchronous Predetermined Scaler for Accelerator Diagnostics 1578
  • E.F. Higgins
Beam Signal Processing for the Fermilab Longitundinal and Transverse Beam Damping Systems 1581
  • E.F. Higgins
NINA Programmed Quadrupoles 1586
  • N. Marks, J.B. Lyall, M.W. Poole
High Precision Scrapers for ISR Luminosity Measurements 1589
  • K. Potter, S. Turner
Beam Calculations for LAMPF Muon Channel 1593
  • W.P. Lysenko, V. W. Hughes, S. Ohnuma, P.A. Thompson, H.F. Vogel
Performance of the High-Energy Pion Beam at LAMPF 1598
  • R.D. Werbeck, R.J. Macek
The IUCF Transfer Beamline 1601
  • D.W. Devins, C.C. Foster, J.W. Hicks, R.E. Pollock
Design of the ESCAR Injection Beam Line 1605
  • J. Tanabe, J. Staples, R. Yourd
LLL 100-MeV Electron Linac: Design Considerations and Performance of the Beam-Transport Vacuum System 1609
  • M.C. Lara, H.E. Brooks
The Design of the Zero Gradient Synchrotron Booster II Ring Magnet 1613
  • M.H. Foss, R.J. Lari, J. Simpson, K. Thompson
Beat Bunching, A Proposal for Producing Picosecond Electron Pulses 1617
  • A. Hutton