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Keyword: acceptance

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A High Efficiency Ion Optical System for Tandem Accelerators accelerator, field, injection, ion 313
  • N.B. Brooks, R. P. Bastide, K.H. Purser, M. Roos, P.H. Rose, A. B. Wittkower
A Storage Ring for 10 BeV Muons accelerator, betatron, muon, target 470
  • J. Tinlot, D. Green
Optimization of Magnetic Lenses for Waveguide Portion of a Proton Linac accelerator, field, proton, waveguide 617
  • W. M. Visscher
A Computer Program for Optical Matching Systems emittance, focusing, linac, proton 627
  • S. Ohnuma, J.N. Vitale
Calculation of Space Charge Effects in Beam Transport acceleration, accelerator, emittance, field 634
  • R. C. Catura
Beam Dynamical Calculations with Realistic Fields in a Drift Tube Linear Accelerator accelerator, emittance, field, quadrupole 639
  • M. Rich
Stability and Tolerance of the Separated Orbit Cyclotron alignment, betatron, cyclotron, focusing 644
  • R.E. Worsham
The Design of High-Intensity Muon Channels for a Meson Facility muon, pion, quadrupole, spectrum 906
  • H.S. Butler
Design of a Transport System for High Intensity Beams emittance, focusing, quadrupole, synchrotron 912
  • A. Passner, R. C. Catura, R. Powers