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Keyword: photon

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APS Storage Ring Vacuum System Development insertion, ion, synchrotron, vacuum 29
  • R.C. Niemann, R. Benaroya, M. Choi, R.J. Dortwegt, R. Ferry, G.A. Goeppner, J.D. Gonczy, J. Howell, C. Krieger, R.W. Nielsen, B. Roop, R.B. Wehrle
Observation of Transverse Polarization in LEP electron, laser, optics, polarization 147
  • J. Badier, A. Blondel, M. Crozon, B. Dehning, L. Knudsen, J.-P. Koutchouk, M. Placidi, R. Schmidt
Collective Effects in Single Bunch Mode at the Photon Factory Storage Ring betatron, impedance, synchrotron, tune 440
  • N. Nakamura, K. Haga, M. Izawa, T. Katsura, S. Sakanaka
RF Impedance Measurements of the Various Vacuum Chambers for the Advanced Photon Source (APS) accelerator, coupling, impedance, vacuum 690
  • J.J. Song, J.F. Bridges, J.W. Howell, R.L. Kustom
NSLS Prototype Small-Gap Undulator (PSGU) insertion, residual gas, undulator, vacuum 1096
  • P.M. Stefan, S. Krinsky, G. Rakowsky, L. Solomon
Low-Emittance in SPEAR emittance, injection, lattice, synchrotron 1104
  • J. Safranek, H. Wiedemann
Theoretical Studies on the Beam Position Measurement with Button-Type Pickups in APS accelerator, impedance, timing, vacuum 1121
  • Y. Chung
Intensity Interferometry and Its Application to Beam Diagnostics laser, radiation, undulator, x-ray 1169
  • E. Gluskin
Beam Spot Size Measurement Using Beamstrahlung Signals at the SLC Interaction Point electron, field, positron, radiation 1207
  • E. Gero, P. Chen, W. Kozanecki
The Commissioning of the LEP Polarimeter laser, polarization, radiation, synchrotron 1213
  • J. Badier, A. Blondel, C. Bovet, P. Castro-Garcia, M. Crozon, J. De Vries, B. Dehning, G.P. Ferri, M. Glaser, C. Grunhagel, R. Jung, L. Knudsen, F. Lemeilleur, J. Mann, M. Placidi, R. Schmidt, K. Unser
A Real-Time Longitudinal Phase-Space Measurement Technique for H-Beams accelerator, emittance, laser, proton 1237
  • R.C. Connolly, D.P. Sandoval
Development and Application of General Purpose Data Acquisition Shell (GPDAS) at Advanced Photon Source field, quadrupole, software, vacuum 1299
  • Y. Chung, K. Kim
Alarm Handler for the Advanced Photon Source Control System EPICS, accelerator, controls, linac 1314
  • M.R. Kraimer, M.D. Anderson, B.-C.K. Cha
Measurement of Bunch Time-Structure in KEK PF field, injection, synchrotron, vacuum 1338
  • M. Tobiyama, T. Kasuga, T. Katsura, T. Obina, T. Takeo
Optimal, Real-Time Control-Colliders collider, electron, feedback, luminosity 1440
  • J.E. Spencer
I/O Subnets for the APS Control System accelerator, field, ion, software 1496
  • N.D. Arnold, R.T. Daly, M.R. Kraimer, W.P. McDowell, G.J. Nawrocki
Open Loop Compensation for the Eddy Current Effect in the APS Storage Ring Vacuum Chamber feedback, field, positron, vacuum 1525
  • Y. Chung, J. Bridges, G. Decker, L. Emery
Optical Fiber Cherenkov Detector for Beam Current Monitoring Cherenkov radiation, electron, monitoring, radiation 1567
  • I.V. Pishchulin, O.B. Romashkin, N.G. Solov'ev
Method and Apparatus for Multifunctional Nonperturbing Diagnostics of H- Beams electron, ion, laser, target 1573
  • A.S. Artiomov, A.K. Gevorkov, V.V. Limar, V.P. Sidorov, N.G. Vaganov
Correlation Method of Nonperturbing Measurements of Ion Beam Energy Spectra ion, laser, radiation, target 1576
  • A.S. Artiomov
First Turn Beam Correction for the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring alignment, quadrupole, sextupole, survey 1692
  • Y. Qian, E. Crosbie, L. Teng
Laser Diagnostics of H- Formation in a Magnetic Multicusp Ion Source diagnostics, ion, laser, vacuum 1916
  • A.T. Young, P. Chen, W.B. Kunkel, K.N. Leung, C.Y. Li, G.C. Stutzin
Development of Laser Optics for the AWA Photocathode accelerator, electron, laser, vacuum 1984
  • J. Norem, W. Gai
Strain Enhanced Electron Spin Polarization Observed in Photoemission from InGaAs electron, lattice, polarization, x-ray 2029
  • T. Maruyama, E.L. Garwin, R. Prepost, J.S. Smith, J.D. Walker, G.H. Zapalac
Development of Polarized Electron Sources Using AlGaAs-GaAs Superlattice and Using Strained GaAs collider, electron, laser, polarization 2032
  • H. Aoyagi, T. Baba, T. Furuya, H. Horinaka, K. Itoga, Y. Kamiya, T. Kato, Y. Kurihara, M. Mizuta, S. Nakamura, T. Nakanishi, T. Omori, T. Saka, Y. Takeuchi, M. Tsubata, M. Yoshioka
Overall Simulation of a Positron Beam Generated by Photons from Channeled MultiGeV Electrons crystal, electron, positron, simulation 2101
  • X. Artru, R. Chehab, A. Jejcic, J. Maillard, J. Silva
A New 3-D Integral Code for Computation of Accelerator Magnets accelerator, field, finite element, synchrotron 2140
  • L.R. Turner, L. Kettunen
Superconducting Magnet Program for X-Ray Lithography Source at Brookhaven National Laboratory field, quench, thermal, vacuum 2248
  • H. Hsieh, R. Blumberg, R. Heese, S. Kalsi, E.M.W. Leung, J. Murphy, S. Pjerov, M.F. Reusch, S. Sharma
Vacuum Chamber of the Injector Synchrotron for the Advanced Photon Source extraction, septum, synchrotron, vacuum 2275
  • R. Benaroya, R. Dortwegt
Photon Stimulated Desorption of Neutral Species from Aluminum accelerator, electron, spectrum, synchrotron 2286
  • T.S. Chou
Modeling Photo-Desorption in High Current Storage Rings radiation, synchrotron, thermal, vacuum 2289
  • W.A. Barletta
Performance Estimation of Vacuum System Components including Crotch and Absorber radiation, shielding, synchrotron, vacuum 2298
  • T. Nishidono, S.H. Be, H. Daibo, T. Hanasaka, Y. Hirano, S.R. In, Y. Oikawa, H.A. Sakaue, S. Takahashi, K. Watanabe, S. Yokouchi
ANL Advanced Photon Source Crotch Absorber Design electron, radiation, thermal, vacuum 2301
  • M. Choi, J.D. Gonczy, J.W. Howell, R.C. Niemann
UHV Seal Studies for the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring Vacuum System accelerator, ion, thermal, vacuum 2304
  • J.D. Gonczy, R.J. Ferry, R.C. Niemann, B. Roop
Ion Clearing and Photoelectron Production in the 200 MeV SXLS Ring electron, injection, ion, tune 2313
  • H. Halama, E. Bozoki
SXLS Phase II Vacuum System electron, field, ion, vacuum 2316
  • J.C. Schuchman, T.S. Chou, H. Halama, H. Hsieh, T. Kim, S. Pjerov, F. Staicu
Fabrication and Tests of Prototype Quadrupole Magnets for the Storage Ring of the Advanced Photon Source field, multipole, quadrupole, skew 2375
  • S.H. Kim, E.L. Black, J.M. Jagger, K.M. Thompson
Design of the Magnet for the SPring-8 Storage Ring field, lattice, quadrupole, sextupole 2465
  • N. Kumagai, K. Kumagai, S. Motonaga, J. Ohnishi, H. Takebe
The Advanced Photon Source Control System accelerator, injection, monitoring, software 2526
  • M.J. Knott, M.D. Anderson, N.D. Arnold, B.-C.K. Cha, R.T. Daly, G.R. Gunderson, M.R. Kraimer, F.R. Lenkszus, W.P. McDowell
Progress on the Development of APS Beam Position Monitoring System impedance, positron, synchrotron, vacuum 2545
  • G. Decker, Y. Chung
The ALS-A High-Brightness XUV Synchrotron Radiation Source brightness, radiation, synchrotron, x-ray 2640
  • A.L. Robinson, A.S. Schlachter
Undulator Based Synchrotron Radiation Source in the 5-30 eV Spectral Region electron, lifetime, radiation, undulator 2676
  • X. Zhang, S. Krinsky, J.B. Murphy
Orbit Distortion Due to the Floor Displacement in the Light Source Building Under Climatic Thermal Stress injection, light source, simulation, thermal 2682
  • Y. Fujita, Y. Kamiya, T. Katsura
Magnets with Full Apertures for Extracting Synchrotron Radiation at the Photon Factory Ring field, quadrupole, radiation, sextupole 2709
  • Y. Kobayashi, A. Araki, Y. Kamiya
A Wedged Pole Hybrid Type Undulator as a Synchrotron Radiation Source electron, field, radiation, undulator 2715
  • S. Sasaki, N. Matsuki, H. Ohno, S. Sasaki, T. Takada
ALS Insertion Device Block Measurement and Inspection accelerator, field, insertion, software 2739
  • S. Marks, J. Carrieri, C. Cork, W.V. Hassenzahl, E. Hoyer, D. Plate
Effects of Construction and Alignment Errors on the Orbit Functions of the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring alignment, field, quadrupole, sextupole 2778
  • H. Bizek, E. Crosbie, E. Lessner, L. Teng, J. Wirsbinski
Beam-Beam Deflection and Beamstrahlung Monitor Response for Tilted Elliptic Beams electron, simulation, spectrum, target 3249
  • V. Ziemann
Simulations on Pair Creation from Beam-Beam Interaction in Linear Colliders background, electron, field, simulation 3252
  • P. Chen, T. Tauchi, K. Yokoya
Differential Luminosity Under Beamstrahlung electron, field, luminosity, spectrum 3255
  • P. Chen
High Brightness Sources for Colliders brightness, channeling, electron, lattice 3270
  • J.E. Spencer