PAC1987 Keywords
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Keyword: timing

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Timing Stabilization for the SLC Electron Source bunching, damping, electron, gun 369
  • J.E. Clendenin, M.J. Browne, R.A. Gearhart, J.C. Sheppard, J. Sodja
Three Bunch Energy Stabilization for the SLC Injector damping, electron, feedback, positron 516
  • J.C. Sheppard, I. Almog, P.S. Bambade, J.E. Clendenin, R.K. Jobe, N. Phinney, H. Shoaee, R.F. Stiening, K.A. Thompson
Beam Instrumentation for the BNL Heavy Ion Transfer Line accelerator, injection, instrumentation, ion 567
  • R.L. Witkover, W. Buxton, V. Castillo, I. Feigenbaum, A. Lazos, Z-G. Li, G. Smith, R. Stoehr
Programmable Master-Timer System CAMAC, accelerator, diagnostics, software 628
  • J.M. Potter, M.L. Barnes, E.A. Bjorklund
The Program Line Sequencer, A New Approach CAMAC, accelerator, controls, software 640
  • J. Lewis, P. Heymans
A Microprocessor Based Status Control and Interlock Protection System for the SRS CAMAC, accelerator, monitoring, software 667
  • B.G. Martlew, D.G. Peters, D.E. Poole
Bucket Matching System between TRISTAN AR and MR CAMAC, accelerator, injection, linac 676
  • J. Urakawa, H. Hayano, T. Kawamoto, M. Kikuchi
New Multi-Microprocessor Control System of the Main Ring Magnet Power Supply for the KEK 12 GeV PS background, controls, injection, maintenance 689
  • S. Matsumoto, H. Baba, K. Mikawa, T. Sueno, M. Toda
Development of the SPS/LEP Control Systems accelerator, collider, controls, software 741
  • C.G. Beetham
Feedback Systems in the SLC beam position monitor, feedback, kicker, software 748
  • K.A. Thompson, R.K. Jobe, R. Johnson, N. Phinney
Overview of the SPS/LEP Fast Broadcast Message Timing System accelerator, antiproton, collider, software 766
  • C.G. Beetham, R.J. Lauckner, C. Saltmarsh
The Pulsed Amplitude Unit for the SLC CAMAC, accelerator, field, software 786
  • J. Rolfe, M.J. Browne, R.K. Jobe
Tuning Loop Control System for the Fermilab Debuncher DRF1 Cavities accelerator, controls, feedback, monitoring 794
  • J.R. Zagel, V.K. Bharadwaj, J.M. Smolucha, T.M. Watts
RF Impedance Studies of a Beam Chamber and Longitudinally Slot-Coupled Vacuum Pumping Antechamber coupling, impedance, synchrotron, vacuum 1304
  • R.L. Kustom, J.M. Cook, T. K. Khoe, S.L. Kramer, G.L. Nicholls
Dynamic Behaviour of the LEP Power Converters acceleration, damping, feedback, vacuum 1440
  • J.G. Pett, A. Beuret
Power Supply Control for the TRISTAN Main Ring Accumulation Ring CAMAC, acceleration, electron, feedback 1529
  • H. Fukuma, K. Endo, A. Kabe, Ta. Kubo, T. Ozaki
Low-Level RF System for the AGS Light Ion Program acceleration, feedback, field, ion 1585
  • V. Kovarik, L. Ahrens, D.S. Barton, R. Frankel, A. Otis, D. Pope, M. Pritsker, E. Raka, R. Warkentien
The Neutrino Horn 300 Kiloampere Pulsed Power Supply at Brookhaven National Laboratory lifetime, neutrino, thermal, vacuum 1743
  • J. Sandberg, A.S. Carroll, W. Leonhardt, R. Monaghan, C. Pearson, A. Pendzick, G. Ryan, W.P Sims, G.A. Smith, P. Stillman, J.C. Walker
Neutrino Horn Power Supply Operational Experience instrumentation, monitoring, neutrino, target 1746
  • P. Stillman, A.S. Carroll, W. Leonhardt, R. Monaghan, C. Pearson, A. Pendzick, G. Ryan, J. Sandberg, W.P Sims, G.A. Smith, J.C. Walker
FNAL Booster Intensity, Extraction, Synchronization Control for Collider Operation accelerator, booster, extraction, kicker 1937
  • R.J. Ducar, J.R. Lackey, S.R. Tawzer