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Keyword: skew

Title Other Keywords Page
Improving the Energy Resolution of LEP Experiments coupling, ion, optics, quadrupole 115
  • M. Bassetti, J.M. Jowett
Beam Dynamics in the SLC Final Focus System betatron, coupling, luminosity, sextupole 981
  • P.S. Bambade
Amplitude Dependence of the Tune Shift coupling, octupole, quadrupole, tune 1014
  • N.M. Gelfand
Lie Algebraic Treatment of Space Charge quadrupole, simulation 1063
  • R.D. Ryne, A.J. Dragt
The Effect of Errors in Charged Particle Beams accelerator, field, focusing, quadrupole 1146
  • D.C. Carey
Possible Benefits from Shuffling Dipoles in the RHIC betatron, quadrupole, sextupole, tune 1176
  • S. Ohnuma
Diagnosis of Transverse Coupling Errors in a Storage Ring background, coupling, lattice, solenoid 1301
  • P. Bagley, D. Rubin
Random Errors in the Magnetic Field Coefficients of Superconducting Quadrupole Magnets accelerator, field, multipole, quadrupole 1477
  • J. Herrera, R. Hogue, A. Prodell, P. Thompson, P. Wanderer, E. Willen
Single Layer Quadrupole Design for SSC collider, field, fringe fields, quadrupole 1489
  • P.A. Thompson, J. Cottingham, P. Dahl, M. Garber, A. Ghosh, C. Goodzeit, A. Greene, H. Hahn, J. Herrera, S. Kahn, E. Kelly, G. Morgan, S. Plate, A. Prodell, W. Sampson, W. Schneider, R. Shutt, E. Willen
Systematic Multipoles and the Linear Aperture for the SSC betatron, multipole, sextupole, tune 1502
  • D.V. Neuffer, J.M. Peterson