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Keyword: laser

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Repetitive Pulse Accelerator Technology for Light Ion Inertial Confinement Fusion accelerator, impedance, ion, target 1571
  • M.T. Buttram
Laser Accelerators accelerator, electron, field, plasma 1576
  • C. Joshi
High Intensity Sources of Polarized Protons electron, ion, polarization, proton 1713
  • P.W. Schmor
Design Status of Heavy Ion Injector Program electron, field, ion, vacuum 1788
  • E.O. Ballard, E.A. Meyer, K.B. Riepe, H.L. Rutkowski, R.B. Shurter, F.W. Van Haaften
High-Brightness Photoemitter Injector for Electron Accelerators brightness, electron, emittance, photon 1791
  • J.S. Fraser, E.R. Gray, G.W. Rodenz, R.L. Sheffield
Particle-in-Cell Simulations of the Lasertron cathode, electron, emittance, field 1794
  • M.E. Jones, W.K. Peter
Noninterceptive Techniques for the Measurement of Longitudinal Parameters for Intense H- Beams acceleration, diagnostics, field, photon 1871
  • W.B. Cottingame, G.P. Boicourt, J.H. Cortez, W.W. Higgins, O.R. Sander, D.P. Sandoval
Polarization of Beams in LEP betatron, electron, polarization, polarized beams 1911
  • C. Bovet, B.W. Montague, M. Placidi, R. Rossmanith
Low Dispersion Notch Filter for Multi-GHz Frequencies Using Fiber Optic Delays accumulation, optics, spectrum, stochastic cooling 2129
  • J.D. Simpson, R. Konecny
The Design of Gridded Pierce Guns for Accelerators accelerator, cathode, electron, gun 2611
  • R. True
Magnetic Bending of Laser-Guided Electron Beams accelerator, electron, field, x-ray 2754
  • C.A. Frost, C.E. Crist, G.T. Leifeste, R.B. Miller, W.W. Reinstra, S.L. Shope
LASERTRON, A Photocathode Microwave Device Switched by Laser cathode, electron, field, simulation 2831
  • Y. Fukushima, T. Kamei, Y. Kato, H. Kuroda, H. Matsumoto, M. Miyao, H. Mizuno, M. Mutou, N. Nakano, H. Nishimura, I. Sato, T. Shidara, T. Shintake, K. Takata, S. Takeda, M. Yoshioka
An Experimental Program to Build a Multimegawatt Lasertron for Super Linear Colliders cathode, electron, field, vacuum 2906
  • E.L. Garwin, W.B. Herrmannsfeldt, C. Sinclair, J.N. Weaver, J.J. Welch, P.B. Wilson
Electron Emission of over A/cm2 from a Pulsed-Laser Irradiated Photocathode cathode, electron, emittance, vacuum 3045
  • C.H. Lee, J.S. Fraser, J.H. Jacob, R. Klinkowstein, P.E. Oettinger, E.R. Pugh, R.L. Sheffield
Laser Extraction of an Electron Beam from a Modified Elongated Beatron Accelerator accelerator, electron, extraction, field 3048
  • A. Fisher, J. Pearlman, N. Rostoker, K. Whitham
Laser Generation and Transport of a Relativistic Electron Beam cathode, electron, field, ion 3092
  • S.L. Shope, C.E. Crist, C.A. Frost, B.B. Godfrey, P.D. Kiekel, G.T. Leifeste, J.W. Poukey
Recent Progress of the Advanced Test Accelerator accelerator, electron, field, ion 3144
  • D.S. Prono
Proposals for Synchrotron Light Sources electron, field, radiation, undulator 3354
  • L.C. Teng
The Los Alamos Free-Electron Laser electron, field, radiation, wiggler 3363
  • J.M. Watson
Hybrid Accelerator Design for a Free Electron Laser accelerator, electron, emittance, field 3380
  • S.B. Segall
Studies of Positional Stability of the Electron Beam in the NSLS Storage Ring electron, quadrupole, radiation, spectrum 3394
  • L.H. Yu, J. Galayda, R.J. Nawrocky
The Boeing 120 MeV RF Linac for FEL Research accelerator, electron, emittance, linac 3397
  • J.L. Adamski, W.J. Gallagher, R.C. Kennedy, B. Robinson, D.R. Shoffstall, E.L. Tyson, A.M. Vetter, A.D. Yeremian
An Electron Undulating Ring for VLSI Lithography electron, field, radiation, wiggler 3403
  • T. Tomimasu, T. Mikado, T. Noguchi, S. Sugiyama, T. Yamazaki
Generation of Quasi-Monochromatic Photon Beams from Compton Backscatterred Laser Light at ETL Electron Storage Ring background, electron, photon, spectrum 3406
  • T. Yamazaki, M. Chiwaki, T. Mikado, T. Noguchi, S. Sugiyama, T. Tomimasu
Storage Ring Parameters for High Gain FEL electron, emittance, lattice, undulator 3421
  • K.-J. Kim, J.M. Peterson
Physics Design for the ATA Tapered Wiggler 10.6 FEL Amplifier Experiment electron, emittance, extraction, wiggler 3424
  • W.M. Fawley
A Photoneutron Source Based upon an Electromagnetic Undulator electron, photon, target, undulator 3427
  • A. Steinbach
Wake Field Work at DESY cathode, field, gun, linac 3471
  • T. Weiland
Studies of the Plasma Droplet Accelerator Scheme coupling, electron, plasma, radiation 3503
  • W.B. Mori, J.M. Dawson, D.W. Forslund, C. Joshi, J.M. Kindel, K. Lee
Numerical Simulation of Secondary Electron Orbits Near an Electron Beam Propagating in a Low Pressure Gas accelerator, electron, field, ion 3512
  • M.R. Teague, S.S. Yu
The "Phase Velocity" of Nonlinear Plasma Waves in the Laser Beat-Wave Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, beat-wave, plasma 3527
  • W.L. Spence
IFA-2 Collective Ion Accelerator Experiments acceleration, ion, proton, spectrum 3530
  • C.L. Olson, J.P. Anthes, C.A. Frost, E.L. Patterson, J.W. Poukey
Experiments on the Plasma Beat-Wave Accelerator acceleration, beat-wave, electron, plasma 3539
  • N.A. Ebrahim, S. Aithal, P. Lavigne
Pump Depletion and Laser Staging for Beat-Wave Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, beat-wave, plasma 3542
  • T. Tajima, W. Horton, S. Singer, K. Witte
Study of the Plasma Fiber Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, field, plasma 3545
  • E. Zaidman, D.C. Barnes, K. Mima, D. Neuffer, T. Ohsuga, T. Tajima
A Modified Two-Beam Accelerator Driven by a DC Pelletron Free Electron Laser accelerator, electron, radiation, recirculation 3548
  • D. Larson
Experimental Study of the Plasma Beat Wave Accelerator electron, field, plasma, scattering 3551
  • C.E. Clayton, F.F. Chen, C. Darrow, C. Joshi, D. Umstadter
A Side-Injected-Laser Plasma Accelerator acceleration, field, ion, plasma 3554
  • T. Katsouleas, J.M. Dawson, D. Sultana, Y.T. Yan
Characteristics and Performance of the System Developed for Magnetic Mapping of the NSCL Superconducting K800 Cyclotron Magnet CAMAC, cyclotron, field, resonance 3734
  • L.H. Harwood, M. Fowler, R. Fox, H. Hanawa, J.A. Nolen, Jr., A.F. Zeller