Applications of Accelerators

Title Page
Developments in Accelerators for Heavy Ion Fusion 3277
  • D. Keefe
Medical Heavy Ion Accelerator Proposals 3282
  • R.A. Gough
Compact Superconducting Cyclotrons for Neutron Therapy 3287
  • H. Blosser, G. Blosser, J. DeKamp, J. Griffin, E. Jemison, D. Johnson, F. Marti, R. Maughan, B. Milton, W. Powers, J. Purcell, J. Vincent, W. Young
Radiation Processing Using Electron Linacs 3292
  • J. McKeown
Heavy Ion Storage Rings for Atomic Physics 3297
  • B. Franzke
High Power Switches for Ion Induction Linacs 3302
  • S. Humphries, Jr., M. Savage, W.B. Saylor
Hospital-Based Accelerator for Proton Radiotherapy 3305
  • B. Gottschalk, A.M. Koehler, M.S. Wagner
Pulsed X-Ray Source for Noninvasive Digital Subtraction Angiography 3308
  • H. Wiedemann
A Low Cost/Low Intensity 50 MeV Proton Irradiation Facility 3311
  • S.L. Kramer, R.L. Martin
Preparations for Parasitic Production of Biomedically Useful Positron-Emitters 3313
  • P. Malmborg
A Compact Cyclotron C-30 for Medical Isotopes Production 3316
  • J. Sura, S. Getka, E. Plawski, C. Weychert, J. Zawadzki
Treatment Planning with Ion Beams 3318
  • M. Foss
Wobbler Facility for Biomedical Experiments at the Bevalac 3321
  • W.T. Chu, S.B. Curtis, J. Llacer, T.R. Renner, R.W. Sorensen
Wobbler Dosimetry for the Biomedical Program at the LBL Bevalac 3324
  • W. Chu, B. Gonzales, M. McEvoy, N. Nyman, T. Renner, R.P. Singh, R. Stradtner
High Energy Beam Transport System for a Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator 3327
  • T.R. Renner, W.T. Chu, R.A. Gough, J. Staples, J. Tanabe
Development of a Radioactive Beams (RB) Accelerator Using an ISOL as a Source 3330
  • L. Buchmann, J.M. D'Auria, G. Mackenzie, R.B. Moore, H. Schneider
Extraction of 11C from the TRIUMF 500 MeV Isotope Production Facility Cooling Water 3333
  • T.J. Ruth, V. Leung, P. Malmborg
The High Temperature Experiment for Accelerator Inertial Fusion 3335
  • E.P. Lee
Muon Beam Polarization at the LAMPF Biomedical Channel 3338
  • M.A. Paciotti, J.N. Bradbury, R.H. Heffner, M. Leon, D. Rink, O.M. Rivera
Implantation of Intense Pulsed Metallic Ion Beam 3341
  • X.L. Jiang, K.F. Chen, S.C. Jiang, T.M. Wang
The Proposed TRIUMF Accelerator Mass Spectrometer 3344
  • J.R. Southon, D.E. Nelson, J.S. Vogel
Multiple Uses of an Upgraded FMIT Facility 3347
  • R.J. Burke, L.L. Carter, D.L. Johnson