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Keyword: proton

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Experience with the CERN p Complex antiproton, background, collider, luminosity 1950
  • G. Brianti
The Fermilab Antiproton Source antiproton, betatron, emittance, luminosity 1970
  • J. Peoples
Relativistic Uranium Beams -- The BEVALAC Experience field, injection, ion, vacuum 1988
  • J. Alonso
Kaon Factories cw, extraction, field, synchrotron 1993
  • M.K. Craddock
Magnet Sector Design for a 15-GeV Superconducting Cyclotron betatron, cyclotron, factory, field 2007
  • J.I.M. Botman, M.K. Craddock, C.J. Kost, J.R. Richardson
The Chain of LEP Injectors damping, field, linac, radiation 2022
  • LEP Injector Study Group
The CERN PS Complex as an Antiproton Source accumulation, antiproton, booster, injection 2039
  • The PS Staff
Possibility of Accelerating the Light Nucleus by KEK Proton Synchroton acceleration, booster, field, synchrotron 2045
  • M. Kondoh, K. Muto
Antiprotons in the ISR antiproton, background, injection, stochastic cooling 2047
  • P.J. Bryant
Beam Stacking Experiments at TARN betatron, cyclotron, injection, ion 2080
  • T. Katayama, K. Chida, T. Hattori, Y. Hirao, S. Kadota, A. Mizobuchi, T. Murakami, T. Nakanishi, A. Noda, M. Takanaka, N. Tokuda, S. Watanabe, S. Yamada, H. Yonehara, M. Yoshizawa
ASTOR, Comcept of a Combined Acceleration and Storage Ring for the Production of Intense Pulsed or Continuous Beams of Neutrinos, Pions, Muons, Kaons and Neutrons acceleration, cyclotron, extraction, kicker 2083
  • W. Joho
Progress Towards Higher Intensities and Improved Beam Stability at TRIUMF cw, cyclotron, field, injection 2092
  • P.W. Schmor, R. Baartman, J.W. Carey, D. Dohan, G. Dutto, G.H. Mackenzie
Lattice for a 1.1-GeV 500-A Fast Cycling Proton Synchrotron extraction, injection, lattice, tune 2129
  • Y. Cho
Performance of the Intense Pulsed Neutron Source Accelerator System accelerator, ion, neutron, synchrotron 2131
  • C. Potts, F. Brumwell, A. Rauchas, V. Stipp, G. Volk
Reducing Ferrite Tuner Power Loss by Bias Field Rotation ferrite, field, resonance, tune 2173
  • W.R. Smythe
Continuous Tune Measurements Using the Schottky Detector antiproton, betatron, injection, tune 2185
  • T. Linnecar, W. Scandale
Measurement of the Instaneous 200 MHz Bunch Currents at 750 keV for the CERN Linac 2 bunching, linac, thermal, vacuum 2244
  • J. Knott
Water-Cooled Target Box Design at LAMPF accelerator, finite element, target, vacuum 2270
  • D. Grisham, J. Lambert
The Multiwire Secondary Emission Monitor and the Emittance Measurement of the AGS Beam emittance, injection, quadrupole, vacuum 2331
  • W.T. Weng, I.-H. Chiang, G.A. Smith, A. Soukas
Beam-Beam and Single Beam Effects in the SPS Proton-Antiproton Collider antiproton, emittance, lifetime, tune 2397
  • L.R. Evans, J. Gareyte
Reduction of Beam Emittance by a Tapered-Foil Technique beam-transport, emittance, linac, scattering 2403
  • J.M. Peterson
New Method for Inverting the Closed Orbit Distortion Problem betatron, field, focusing, quadrupole 2415
  • J.L. Warren, P.J. Channell
Sequential Bunch Extractions in the Los Alamos PSR accelerator, bunching, damping, extraction 2610
  • T.F. Wang, R.K. Cooper, L. Smith
Time and Momentum Exchange for Production and Collection of Intense Antiproton Beams at Fermilab acceptance, antiproton, booster, emittance 2630
  • J. Griffin, J. MacLachlan, A.G. Ruggiero, K. Takayama
Electron Cooling and Accumulation of 200-MeV Protons at Fermilab accumulation, electron, electron cooling, equilibrium 2636
  • T. Ellison, W. Kells, V. Kerner, P.M. McIntyre, F. Mills, R. Peters, T. Rathbun, D. Young
A First Order Space Charge Option for TRANSOPTR field, focusing, induction, solenoid 2666
  • M.S. de Jong, E.A. Heighway
Storage Ring Filling Via Direct Production of Electron and Positrons by High Energy Protons acceptance, betatron, electron, target 2693
  • S. Conetti, A.G. Ruggiero
Beam Transport and Targetry in the 1-TeV Fermilab Meson Area muon, radiation, shielding, target 2775
  • E. Malamud, D.C. Carey, R. Coleman, D. Eartly, H. Haggerty, A. Jonckheere
Antiproton Production and Collection for the CERN Antiproton Accumulator antiproton, focusing, injection, target 2778
  • E. Jones, F. Rohner, J. C. Schnuriger, T.R. Sherwood, S. van der Meer
Charge Exchange Injection at the AGS emittance, field, injection, linac 2787
  • D.S. Barton, L.A. Ahrens, E. Gill, J.W. Glenn, R.K. Reece, R.L. Witkover
Graphite Targets at LAMPF finite element, radiation, target, thermal 2801
  • R.D. Brown, D.L. Grisham
The Fermilab Tevatron I Project Target Station for Antiproton Production accelerator, antiproton, shielding, target 2815
  • C. Hojvat, G. Biallas, R. Hanson, J. Heim, F. Lange
120-GeV Proton Transport for Antiproton Production in the Fermilab Tevatron I Project antiproton, field, focusing, target 2818
  • E. Colton, C. Hojvat, L. Oleksiuk
Antiproton Yield Optimization in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator antiproton, electron, injection, muon 2821
  • C.D. Johnson
Pulsed Beam Chopper for the PSR at LAMPF chopper, coupling, emittance, field 2830
  • J.S. Lunsford, R.A. Hardekopf
Recent Developments of Beam Dumps and Targets at the SPS antiproton, neutrino, target, thermal 2841
  • A. Ijspeert, R. Bellone, P. Sievers
Characteristics and Transport of a Proton Beam Generated in a Linear Induction Accelerator accelerator, electron, field, induction 2853
  • I.S. Roth, J.A. Nation
The Los Alamos Proton Storage Ring (PSR) Injection Deflector System feedback, impedance, injection, ray trace 2941
  • A.J. Jason, E.F. Higgins, A.R. Koelle
An Injector for RFQ1 emittance, ion, plasma, vacuum 3001
  • M.R. Shubaly, M.S. de Jong
First Operation of Proton Induction Linac field, focusing, induction, ion 3016
  • S. Kawasaki, Y. Kubota, A. Miyahara, K. Yamamoto
4-Mode Acceleration in KEK 20-MeV Proton Linac acceleration, field, injection, linac 3036
  • E. Takasaki, S. Fukumoto, Z. Igarashi, K. Ikegami, T. Kato, C. Kubota, Y. Mori, A. Takagi, T. Takenaka
The Accelerator Breeder, A Viable Option for the Producton of Nuclear Fuels accelerator, injection, target, thermal 3057
  • P. Grand
Medium Energy Proton Accelerator for Therapy cyclotron, field, ion, vacuum 3063
  • B. Gottschalk
External Tandem Target System for Efficient Production of Short-Lived Positron Emitting Radionuclides cyclotron, ion, positron, target 3064
  • K. Koh, J. Dwyer, R. Finn, Y. Sheh, J. Sinnreich, T. Wooten
High Field Superconducting Magnets for Particle Accelerators accelerator, field, finite element, quench 3304
  • H. Hirabayashi
End Fields of CBA Superconducting Magnets field, multipole, quadrupole, sextupole 3375
  • H.G. Kirk, J. Herrera, E. Willen
The rf Power Plant of the SPS acceleration, cw, impedance, monitoring 3414
  • H.P. Kindermann, W. Herdrich, W. Sinclair
A High-Q Ferrite-Tuned Cavity ferrite, field, resonance, solenoid 3460
  • L.M. Earley, R. Carlini, J. Potter, H.A. Thiessen
RFQ Linac Structure Developments at CRNL accelerator, coupling, field, quadrupole 3521
  • R.M. Hutcheon, L.D. Hansborough, K.J. Hohban, S.O. Schriber
Status of the Frankfurt Zero-Mode Proton RFQ accelerator, coupling, cw, ion 3536
  • A. Schempp, M. Daehne, M. Ferch, P. Junior, H. Klein, K. Langbein, N. Zoubek
Additions and Improvements to the RF Cavity Code SUPERFISH accelerator, field, linac, thermal 3545
  • S.O. Schriber, R.F. Holsinger
100% Duty Factor RFQ Linac Systems at ORNL accelerator, cw, field, linac 3557
  • R.M. Hutcheon, J.C. Brown, L.D. Hansborough, S.O. Schriber, R.B. Turner
Performance Results of a Low Current, High Gradient Superconducting Quadrupole Magnet accelerator, field, quadrupole, quench 3672
  • R.P. Smith, P.H. Garbincius, J.D. Gonczy, P.O. Mazur, R.P. Stanek, D.C. Underwood
From Accelerators to Storage Rings to ? accelerator, collider, field, luminosity 3689
  • W.K.H. Panofsky