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Keyword: klystron

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Computer Modeling of the Klystron bunching, electron, field, space-charge 2170
  • P.J. Tallerico, B.E. Carlsten
Improving the Phase Stability of the SLAC rf Driveline Network for SLC Operation accelerator, laser, linac, thermal 2234
  • J.N. Weaver, H.A. Hogg
Phase and Amplitude Detection System for the Stanford Linear Accelerator accelerator, collider, linac, software 2264
  • J.D. Fox, H.D. Schwarz
Wide-Band Cable Systems at SLAC accelerator, collider, feedback, spectrum 2323
  • W. Struven
A New-Control System for the SLAC Accelerator Klystrons for SLC CAMAC, accelerator, monitoring, timing 2325
  • R.K. Jobe
Spark-Gap Crowbar for High-Voltage Power Supply cw, vacuum 2862
  • A.K. Mitra, P.J. Tallerico
Transient Beam Loading Calculations and Experiment at the Saclay Electron Linac beam-loading, electron, linac, spectrum 2995
  • B. Aune, J. Leroy, A. Mosnier
Transient High-Field Behavior of Niobium Superconducting Cavities cw, field, thermal, x-ray 3366
  • I.E. Campisi, H. Deruyter, Z.D. Farkas, H.A. Hogg
High Power Klystrons for High Energy Physics Research Applications accelerator, cw, field, focusing 3432
  • E. Demmel, W. Schmidt
The rf System for the Los Alamos Free Electron Laser (FEL) accelerator, electron, laser, linac 3441
  • C.C. Friedrichs, W.J. Hoffert, P.J. Tallerico
Damping Ring rf for SLC damping, feedback, field, injection 3447
  • M.A. Allen, H.D. Schwarz, P.B. Wilson
Development of a High Power RF System for the Daresbury SRS coupling, resonance, spectrum, waveguide 3475
  • D.M. Dykes, B. Taylor
Theoretical and Observed Behaviour of the Daresbury SRS RF System coupling, impedance, synchrotron, waveguide 3478
  • E.A. Hughes
Breakdown and Resonance Behaviour of the SRS Waveguide resonance, spectrum, waveguide 3481
  • D.M. Dykes, A. Jackson, B. Taylor
The 500-MeV 2-1/2% Duty Factor Linear Electron Accelerator (MEA) accelerator, electron, modulator, spectrum 3599
  • P.J.T. Bruinsma, F.B. Kroes, L.H. Kuijer, J.G. Noomen, J.B. Spelt, A.G.C. Vogel
Numerical Simulation of High Power RF Sources bunching, electron, field, simulation 3633
  • A.T. Drobot, H. Hanerfeld, W.B. Herrmannsfeldt, K. Ko, L. Seftor