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Keyword: damping

Title Other Keywords Page
The Status of the SLAC Linear Collider Project accelerator, electron, emittance, positron 1976
  • R. Stiening
The Chain of LEP Injectors field, linac, proton, radiation 2022
  • LEP Injector Study Group
DESY II, a New Injector for the DESY Storage Rings PETRA and DORIS II acceleration, injection, synchrotron, vacuum 2028
  • G. Hemmie
The Lattice Design of the LEP Electron Positron Accumulator (EPA) emittance, injection, kicker, lattice 2050
  • J.P. Delahaye, A. Krusche
On-Line Control Models for the Stanford Linear Collider accelerator, lattice, linac, quadrupole 2320
  • J.C. Sheppard, R.H. Helm, M.J. Lee, M.D. Woodley
Tackling Transverse Coherent Instabilities of Co- and Counter-Rotating Beams in the CERN Antiproton Accumulator betatron, coupling, feedback, impedance 2343
  • F. Pedersen, W. Pirkl, K. Schindl
Beam Diagnostics of the Triastan Accumulation Ring diagnostics, radiation, tune, x-ray 2356
  • T. Ieiri, H. Ishii, Y. Mizumachi, A. Ogata, J.-L. Pellegrin, M. Tejima
Monitoring of the Stanford Linac Microbunches' Position accelerator, collider, linac, pick-up 2364
  • J.-C. Denard, G. Oxoby, J.-L. Pellegrin, S. Williams
Control of Machine Functions or Transport Systems accelerator, extraction, injection, lattice 2367
  • M.D. Woodley, J. Jäger, A.S. King, M.J. Lee
Computer Simulation Studies of Single Beam Stability betatron, simulation, tune, wakefield 2373
  • R.H. Siemann
Dependence of the Luminosity on Various Machine Parameters and Their Optimization at PETRA betatron, emittance, luminosity, synchrotron 2378
  • A. Piwinski
Simulation of the Beam-Beam Effect During Injection, Accumulation and Acceleration in LEP accumulation, injection, simulation, tune 2466
  • S. Myers
A Simple Method for Damping Transverse Motion of a High Intensity Electron Beam electron, field, focusing, vacuum 2510
  • D.S. Prono, G.J. Caporaso, J.C. Clark, E.J. Lauer, K.W. Struve
Comparison of Delta Function and Gaussian Wakes for Longitudinal Tracking diagnostics, lattice, simulation, synchrotron 2516
  • D. Brandt
Transverse Instabilities in the Daresbury SRS betatron, instability, octupole, tune 2522
  • A. Jackson, N. Marks, M.W. Poole, G. Saxon, V.P. Suller, R.P. Walker
Theoretical Study of High-Current Beams in Storage Rings Landau damping, emittance, instability, simulation 2546
  • I. Hofmann, I. Bozsik, A. Jahnke
Application of Dynamically Consistent Closures to Hydrodynamic Models of Beams electron, equilibrium, ion, simulation 2552
  • J.W-K. Mark, H.L. Buchanan, S.S. Yu
Collective Beam Instabilities Caused by RF Cavities in TRISTAN coupling, feedback, quadrupole, radiation 2563
  • T. Suzuki, Y. Chin, K. Satoh, K. Takata, K. Yokoya
Wigglers for Control of Beam Characteristics in LEP emittance, field, polarization, wiggler 2581
  • J.M. Jowett, T.M. Taylor
Sequential Bunch Extractions in the Los Alamos PSR accelerator, bunching, extraction, proton 2610
  • T.F. Wang, R.K. Cooper, L. Smith
Electron Beam Dynamics in the CERN PS acceleration, emittance, injection, wiggler 2613
  • Y. Baconnier, R. Cappi, R. Garoby, K. Hübner, W. Hardt, J.H.B. Madsen, J.P. Riunaud
A Formulation of Transversely Coupled Betatron Stochastic Cooling of Coasting Beams betatron, coupling, kicker, stochastic cooling 2652
  • S. Chattopadhyay
Bunch Lengthening in SOR electron, impedance, instability, synchrotron 2663
  • S. Asaoka, G. Isoyama, A. Mikuni, Y. Miyahara, H. Nishimura
A Canonical Integration Technique field 2669
  • R.D. Ruth
Applications of Vacuum Technology to Novel Accelerator Problems electron, field, ion, vacuum 2758
  • E.L. Garwin
Magnetic Losses in Metallic Glasses under Pulsed Excitation field, induction, instrumentation, modulator 2918
  • C.H. Smith
Improved Control System of the Thyristor Flicker Suppressor for the KEK 12-GeV PS accelerator, controls, impedance, timing 2932
  • S. Matsumoto, H. Baba, K. Mikawa, H. Sato, T. Sueno
A High Presicion Waveform Generator accelerator, controls, software, timing 2959
  • C.J. Rotolo
Analytical Study of the Generation and Control of Orbit Errors in the ANL 4-GeV cw Electron Microtron Design alignment, cw, field, linac 3229
  • R.L. Kustom
Superconducting Cavity Beam Test in CESR accelerator, electron, spectrum, synchrotron 3336
  • R. Sundelin, J. Amato, S. Herb, J. Kirchgessner, P. Kneisel, J. Mioduszewski, N. Mistry, K. Nakajima, H. Padamsee, F. Palmer, H.L. Phillips, M. Pickup, R. Siemann, M. Tigner, E. von Borstel
Fundamental and Higher Order Mode Couplers on Superconducting rf Cavities for Electron Storage Rings coupling, electron, field, vacuum 3345
  • E. Haebel
A Linear and Non Linear Analysis of High Power rf Amplifiers cathode, feedback, impedance, survey 3411
  • M. Puglisi
Comparison of Three 108-MHz Systems for 1.6 MW cathode, coupling, ferrite, resonance 3417
  • G. Hutter
Damping Ring rf for SLC feedback, field, injection, klystron 3447
  • M.A. Allen, H.D. Schwarz, P.B. Wilson
A "Monochromatic" Radio Frequency Accelerator Cavity accelerator, coupling, field, spectrum 3493
  • S. Giordano
A Second Harmonic (6-16 MHz) RF System with Feedback-Reduced Gap Impedance for Accelerating Flat-Topped Bunches in the CERN PS Booster bunching, feedback, impedance, sextupole 3499
  • J.M. Baillod, L. Magnani, G. Nassibian, F. Pedersen, W. Weissflog
Mechanical and Electrical Design of the Fermilab Lithium Lens and Transformer System antiproton, field, focusing, thermal 3660
  • G. Dugan, G. Biallas, F. Cilyo, C. Hojvat, M. Leininger, A.J. Lennox, J. McCarthy, W. Sax, S. Snowdon