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Keyword: thermal

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A Preconceptual Accelerator-Breeder Design for Fissile Material and Energy Production coupling, neutron, spallation, target 3048
  • P.S.K. Lam
The TRIUMF Thermal Neutron Facility neutron, shielding, target, vacuum 3061
  • J.J. Burgerjon, A.S. Arrott, R.E. Blaby, T.A. Hodges, R.R. Langstaff, T.L. Templeton, I.M. Thorson
Fluid and Vlasov Stability of Intense Ion Beams in Periodic Channels field, plasma, solenoid, tune 3083
  • I. Hofmann
Control of Beam Line Magnets by the CAMAC Serial Highway CAMAC, accelerator, factory, target 3325
  • S. Kurokawa, H. Hirabayashi, N. Kurihara, M. Nakamura, M. Takasaki, A. Yamamoto, K. Yamanaka
SSRL: Past Experience, Present Development, Future Plans radiation, synchrotron, vacuum, x-ray 3798
  • H. Winick
Beryllium Windows for Synchrotron Radiation Beam Lines radiation, synchrotron, vacuum 3816
  • J. Cerino, R. Cronin
Installation and Thermal Design of Synchrotron Radiation Beam Ports at SPEAR electron, radiation, synchrotron, vacuum 3851
  • C. Jako, N. Hower, T. Simon
Thermal Design of Synchrotron Radiation Exit Ports at CESR electron, radiation, synchrotron, vacuum 3854
  • D.M. Mills, B.W. Batterman, D.H. Bilderback
Sensitivity of an Energy Doubler Dipole to Beam Induced Quenches accelerator, booster, proton, quench 3885
  • B. Cox, P.O. Mazur, A. Van Ginneken
The Design, Construction, and Operation Update of the ISABELLE Ring Magnets field, lattice, quadrupole, quench 3899
  • A.D. McInturff, E. Bleser, D. Brown, J. Cullen, P. Dahl, D. Gardner, D. Kassner, J. Kaugerts, K. Robins, W. Sampson, P. Schewe, W. Velia
Stress Analysis for Warm Iron Superconducting Dipoles equilibrium, field 3928
  • S.C. Snowdon
Magnet Protection using ZNR Surge Suppressors accelerator, impedance, ion, lifetime 3934
  • H. Pfeffer, D.A. Wolff
How to Mass Produce Reliable Cryostats for large Particle Accelerators accelerator, field, survey, vacuum 3941
  • B.P. Strauss, G.H. Biallas, R.J. Powers
The RF Reference Line for PEP accelerator, cw, feedback, synchrotron 3956
  • H.D. Schwarz, J.N. Weaver
Bench Measurements of the Loss Impedance for PEP Beam Line Components coupling, impedance, radiation, vacuum 3971
  • J.N. Weaver, J.B. Styles, P.B. Wilson
The ISABELLE Magnet Support and Adjustment System field, lattice, magnetic measurements, vacuum 4039
  • V. Buchanan, D. Kassner, I. Polk
Factors Determining the Choice of the Beam Tuber Material and the Vacuum Chamber Design for a Superconducting High Energy Storage Accelerator accelerator, bunching, electron, vacuum 4042
  • J. Aggus, D. Edwards, Jr., H.J. Halama, J. Herrera
Eight-Tesla Sychrotron Dipoles - Design Alternatives accelerator, cryogenics, field, induction 4047
  • W.S. Gilbert, G.R. Lambertson, R.B. Meuser
A High Field Superconducting Beam Transport in a BNL Primary Proton Beam field, proton, sextupole, vacuum 4053
  • J. Allinger, H.N. Brown, A.S. Carroll, G. Danby, B. DeVito, J.W. Glenn, J. Jackson, W. Keith, D. Lowenstein, A.G. Prodell
Bipolar Operation of the Main Ring Magnet Supplies accelerator, cooling water, field, impedance 4063
  • K.R. Bourkland, J. A. Dinkel
The Doublet III Neutral Beam Source Cryopanel System cyclotron, injection, ion, vacuum 4080
  • J. Tanabe, P. Vander Arend, R. Yamamoto
Cold Bore Experiments at CERN ISR injection, ion, proton, vacuum 4086
  • C. Benvenuti, N. Hilleret
Helium Refrigeration System and Cryogenic System for Superconducting Switchyard Magnets at Fermilab accelerator, controls, halo, quench 4093
  • R.A. Andrews, J.A. Appel, R.L. Dixon, R.D. Kephart, J. King, R.J. Kolar, S.L. Lackey, J.D. McCarthy, R.D. Oberholtzer, E.R. Oetting, A.F. Tummillo
Energy Doubler Refrigeration System accelerator, instrumentation, quench, vacuum 4102
  • P.D. Brindza, D.E. Richied, C.H. Rode
GANIL RF Systems coupling, cyclotron, feedback, impedance 4117
  • C. Bieth, J.M. Baze, G. Dugay, A. Joubert, C. Pagani
The New ISR Absorber Blocks for High Intensity Beams electron, proton, radiation, vacuum 4134
  • C. Hauviller
LAMPF Primary Beam Line Protection Systems halo, radiation, target, vacuum 4137
  • R.J. Macek, E.W. Hoffman, O.B. van Dyck
Graphite Targets for use in High Intensity Beams at LAMPF pion, proton, target, vacuum 4143
  • L. Agnew, T.S. Baldwin, D.L. Grisham, R.C. Holmberg, J.E. Lambert, L.O. Lindquist, R.D. Reiswig, L.L. Thorn