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Keyword: proton

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The Start Up of the European 400 GeV Proton Synchrotron acceleration, commissioning, instability, neutrino 966
  • J.B. Adams
The Design of the WNR Proton Storage Ring Lattice emittance, extraction, lattice, neutron 1037
  • R.K. Cooper, G.P. Lawrence
The Accelerator-Breeder, an Application of High-Energy Accelerators to Solving Our Energy Problems accelerator, deuteron, neutron, target 1043
  • P. Grand, K. Batchelor, J.R. Powell, M. Steinberg
The Fermilab Neutron Radiotherapy Facility accelerator, laser, neutron, target 1055
  • M. Awschalom, G.M. Lee, M.L. Palmer, D.E. Young
Status Report on the UNILAC accelerator, injection, ion, vacuum 1070
  • D. Böhne
High Energy Accelerating Structures for High Gradient Proton Linac Applications accelerator, coupling, field, linac 1087
  • J.J. Manca, E.A. Knapp, D.A. Swenson
Cascade Cyclotron Magnet accelerator, cyclotron, field, ion 1104
  • M. Inoue, I. Miura, A. Shimizu
A New Multidisciplinary Separated-Sector Cyclotron Facility accelerator, cyclotron, extraction, vacuum 1118
  • A.H. Botha, G.F. Burdzik, P.J. Celliers, J.C. Cornell, H. Dekker, G. Heymann, H.N. Jungwirth, J.J. Kritzinger, F.J. Mumford, S. Schneider, Z.B. du Toit
Recent Progress in KEK Preinjector acceleration, ion, linac, plasma 1121
  • S. Fukumoto, H. Ishimaru, K. Ito, C. Kubota, T. Sakaue, A. Takagi, S. Takano
Development of KEK Injector Linac accelerator, booster, emittance, linac 1124
  • J. Tanaka, S. Anami, H. Baba, S. Inagaki, T. Kakuyama, H. Matsumoto, I. Sato, T. Takenaka, Y. Terayama
Low Energy Linac Structure for PIGMI acceptance, focusing, linac, quadrupole 1127
  • D.A. Swenson, J.E. Stovall
Status Report on Stanford's Superconducting Heavy Ion Linac Project booster, chopper, ion, linac 1141
  • J.S. Sokolowski, M. Birk, P.H. Ceperley, H.F. Glavish, S.S. Hanna, M. Samuel
An e-p Facility in the CERN SPS electron, luminosity, synchrotron, tune 1191
  • R. Billinge, K. Hübner, H. Hoffmann, A. Hofmann, A. Hutton, K. Johnsen, E. Jones, B.W. Montague, B. Wiik, C. Zettler
TRISTAN ep Project electron, linac, luminosity, tune 1194
  • S. Kamada, M. Kihara, T. Nishikawa, T. Suzuki, K. Takata, K. Takikawa
Theory of Longitudinal Instability for Bunched Electron and Proton Beams accelerator, electron, impedance, instability 1205
  • A.G. Ruggiero
Ultrahigh Vacuum Technology for Storage Rings electron, ion, thermal, vacuum 1227
  • E. Fischer
Superconducting Coil Manufacturing Method for Low Current DC Beam Line Magnets accelerator, field, instability, quench 1251
  • J.A. Satti
Characteristics of the ISABELLE Vacuum System background, instability, ion, vacuum 1287
  • J.R. Aggus, D. Edwards, Jr., H.J. Halama, J.C. Herrera
Vacuum System for the KEK Proton Synchrotron booster, ion, synchrotron, vacuum 1290
  • G. Horikoshi, T. Kubo, H. Mizuno, K. Satoh, H. Watanabe
A Cold-Bore Vacuum System Design for POPAE ion, lattice, residual gas, vacuum 1293
  • Y. Cho, T.K. Khoe, J. Moenich, L.G. Ratner
Magnetization Effects in Superconducting Dipole Magnets accelerator, field, injection, sextupole 1303
  • H. Ishimoto, R.E. Peters, M.E. Price, R. Yamada
Application of NMR Circuit for Superconducting Magnet using Signal Averaging accelerator, field, resonance, superconducting magnet 1312
  • R. Yamada, K. Borer, H. Ishimoto, E.E. Schmidt, M.F. Shea
Radiation Damage Limitations for the Fermilab Energy Doubler/Saver accelerator, radiation, survey, thermal 1334
  • P.A. Sanger
The LAMPF Line D Fast Deflector System accelerator, impedance, kicker, simulation 1343
  • R. Faulkner, R. Cooper
New Method to Scale Down an Operation of a Large Accelerator Power Supply acceleration, accelerator, deceleration, injection 1361
  • T. Shintomi, M. Masuda, S. Matsumoto
ISR Clearing Current Monitoring System electron, monitoring, residual gas, vacuum 1376
  • O. Gröbner, P. Strubin
New Vacuum Techniques for Small Aperture Proton Storage Rings electron, field, thermal, vacuum 1379
  • D. Blechschmidt
Overlap Knock-Out Effects in the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings (ISR) acceleration, coupling, resonance, tune 1405
  • J.P. Gourber, H.G. Hereward, S. Myers
Structure Resonances in Proton Linear Accelerators acceleration, field, focusing, resonance 1411
  • A.V. Barkhudaryan, D.G. Koshkarev
Intensity and Energy Spread at Injection in Proton Synchrotrons betatron, focusing, injection, synchrotron 1420
  • J. Claus
New Injection Scheme at the ZGS acceptance, injection, linac, synchrotron 1426
  • Y. Cho, E.F. Parker, A. Rauchas, V. Stipp
Operating Experience with the Resonance Extraction Slow Spill Control System at the Zero Gradient Synchrotron extraction, feedback, field, ion 1437
  • M.M. Faber, C.W. Potts, R.A. Zolecki
Initial Operation of KEK Accelerator accelerator, booster, field, linac 1499
  • T. Nishikawa
Secondary Yield Enhancement from Current-Carrying Target acceptance, focusing, target, thermal 1539
  • L. Blumberg, A.E. Webster
Operating Experience with the Fermilab 500-GeV Accelerator acceleration, accelerator, booster, linac 1548
  • J.C. Gannon, G.S. Urban
Acceleration and Stacking of Deuterons in the CERN PS and ISR acceleration, field, injection, linac 1557
  • P. Asboe-Hansen, O. Barbalat, D. Boussard, M. Boutheon, J. Gareyte, H. Haseroth, J. Jamsek, S. Myers
Target Stations and Beam Dumps for the CERN SPS neutrino, shielding, target, thermal 1568
  • W. Kalbreier, A. Knezovic, G. Löhr, W. C. Middelkoop, P. Sievers, A. Warman
The External Proton Beam Lines and the Splitter Systems of the CERN SPS field, neutrino, septum, target 1571
  • L. Evans, A. Hilaire, A. Ijspeert, N. Siegel, E. Weisse, B. de Raad
The Evolution of the LAMPF High Power Pion Production Target Mechanisms electron, pion, target, vacuum 1574
  • M.T. Wilson, D.L. Grisham, L.O. Lindquist, L.L. Thorn
Performance of the LAMPF Particle Separator EPICS, field, ion, vacuum 1577
  • D.J. Liska, L.B. Dauelsberg
H- Source Development at ANL extraction, injection, ion, plasma 1597
  • J.A. Fasolo
Progress in Sodium Vapor Change Exchange Cell Development accelerator, accumulation, recirculation, vacuum 1600
  • H.R. Hiddleston
Meson Factories - 1977 accelerator, cyclotron, shielding, target 1605
  • D.C. Hagerman
Controlled Collective Field Propagation for Ion Acceleration Using a Slow Wave Structure acceleration, electron, field, ion 1625
  • C.N. Boyer, W.W. Destler, H. Kim
Performance and Prospects of the Reconstructed CERN 600 MeV Synchro-Cyclotron acceleration, accelerator, pion, target 1631
  • B.W. Allardyce, H. Beger, R. Galiana, R. Giannini, E.G. Michaelis, S. Talas
Collective Ion Acceleration and Power Balance in Intense Electron Beams in Neutral Gas acceleration, electron, field, x-ray 1665
  • B. Ecker, S. Putnam
Operational Experience with the SPS Computer Control System CAMAC, accelerator, commissioning, software 1674
  • F. Beck, M.C. Crowley-Milling, G. Shering
Monitoring High Energy Proton Beams by Narrow-Band Synchrotron Radiation field, polarization, radiation, synchrotron 1681
  • R. Coïsson
Intensity and Position Measuring Systems in the Booster of the Zero Gradient Synchrotron acceleration, booster, synchrotron, vacuum 1739
  • F.R. Brumwell, R.M. Kliss, D.R. Schmitt
Development of Low Level Beam Diagnostics for Polarized Proton Operation in the Zero Gradient Synchrotron diagnostics, feedback, ion, synchrotron 1762
  • J.M. Bogaty
A Low-Cost RF-Structure for Electron and Proton Linac coupling, electron, field, resonance 1774
  • D.T. Tran
Control Computer System for KEK Proton Synchrotron CAMAC, accelerator, booster, software 1789
  • T. Katoh, K. Ishii, E. Kadokura, T. Kamei, S. Ninomiya, T. Takashima, M. Tejima, K. Uchino
Long Radiation Detector System for Beam Loss Monitoring ion, linac, monitoring, radiation 1807
  • J. Balsamo, N.M. Fewell, J.D. Klein, R.L. Witkover
Electronics for Damping Transverse Instabilities for the Fermilab Booster Synchrotron accelerator, booster, damping, skew 1830
  • E.F. Higgins, Jr.
ISABELLE, A Proton-Proton Colliding Beam Facility at Brookhaven accelerator, field, quench, vacuum 1845
  • J.R. Sanford
Phase Space Cooling and p Colliding Beams of Fermilab booster, electron, field, gun 1854
  • E.R. Gray, D.B. Cline, W.B. Herrmannsfeldt, F.R. Huson, D.E. Johnson, P.M. McIntyre, F.E. Mills, T.G. Rhodes, C. Rubbia, L.C. Teng, G.S. Tool
A Low Energy Current Accelerator for High-Energy Proton Rings field, impedance, instability, radiation 1869
  • M. Month
On Designing the IHEP Accelerating Storage Complex accelerator, electron, field, synchrotron 1900
  • I. Fedotov
VBA accelerator, betatron, muon, site 1903
  • L. M. Lederman