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Keyword: injection

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A Heavy Ion Facility for Radiation Therapy accelerator, extraction, ion, synchrotron 986
  • Ch. Leemann, J. Alonso, D. Clark, H. Grunder, E. Hoyer, K. Lou, J. Staples, F. Voelker
A Pulsed Spallation Source for Neutron Scattering Research neutron, spallation, synchrotron, target 989
  • G. Rees
Systems Analysis of Accelerator and Storage Ring Systems for Inertial Fusion emittance, ion, linac, target 996
  • R. Burke, S. Fenster, S. Grammel
A Study of SPEAR as a Dedicated Source of Synchrotron Radiation emittance, radiation, synchrotron, wiggler 1003
  • J. Cerino, A. Garren, A. Golde, J. Hastings, M. Lee, I. Lindau, P. Morton, B. Salsburg, H. Winick
Limitations of Heavy Ion Synchrotron Accelerators for Inertial Fusion accelerator, ion, synchrotron, target 1028
  • D. Berley, G.T. Danby
Preliminary Design of the High Intensity Synchrotron (HIS) for the Proposed Intense Pulsed Neutron Source Facility (IPNS) at Argonne extraction, field, synchrotron, tune 1040
  • J. Simpson, J. Bywater, E. Crosbie, M. Foss, T. Khoe, K. Thompson
Status Report on the UNILAC accelerator, ion, proton, vacuum 1070
  • D. Böhne
Status of the Chalk River Superconducting Heavy-Ion Cyclotron accelerator, cyclotron, extraction, field 1093
  • J.H. Ormrod, C.B. Bigham, J.S. Fraser, E.A. Heighway, C.R. Hoffmann, J.A. Hulbert, P.W. James, H.R. Schneider, Q.A. Walker
Reduction of Losses in Linacs for Protons or Heavy Ions acceptance, focusing, linac, septum 1098
  • J. Claus
Injection Studies for the Proposed Superconducting Cyclotron at the University of Milan bunching, cyclotron, field, ion 1112
  • E. Acerbi, G. Bellomo, C. De Martinis, F. Resmini
Beam Extraction Studies for the Proposed Superconducting Cyclotron at the University of Milan cyclotron, extraction, field, focusing 1115
  • E. Acerbi, G. Bellomo, M. Castiglioni, E. Fabrici, F. Resmini
Status of MUSL-2, the Second Microtron Using a Superconducting Linac accelerator, electron, linac, recirculation 1133
  • P. Axel, L.S. Cardman, A.O. Hansen, J.R. Harlan, R.A. Hoffswell, D. Jamnik, D.C. Sutton, R.H. Taylor, L.M. Young
Status of the VICKSI Heavy Ion Accelerator Van de Graaff, acceleration, cyclotron, field 1159
  • VICKSI Collaboration
Magnetic Field Calculations for the Proposed Superconducting Cyclotron at the University of Milan cyclotron, extraction, field, focusing 1168
  • E. Acerbi, G. Bellomo, M. Castiglioni, C. De Martinis, E. Fabrici
POPAE - A 1000 GeV on 1000 GeV Proton-Proton Colliding Beam Facility accelerator, field, lattice, vacuum 1184
  • D. Ayres, E. Berger, Y. Cho, T. Collins, E. Crosbie, M. Derrick, R. Diebold, D. Edwards, M. Foss, L. Genens, L. Hyman, D. Johnson, E. Malamud, F. Mills, L. Mo, J. Moenich, S. Ohnuma, J. Purcell, C. Quigg, L. Ratner, A. Ruggiero, R. Singer, R. Smith, S. Snowdon, L. Teng, L. Turner, C. Ward
CERN 400 GeV Proton Storage Rings with Superconducting Magnets field, optics, quadrupole, vacuum 1187
  • B. Autin, D. Blechschmidt, A. Hutton, K. Johnsen, E. Keil, B.W. Montague, L. Resegotti, J.-C. Schnuriger, C. Zettler, B. Zotter, A. van Steenbergen
Refrigeration Technology for Superconductors accelerator, background, cryogenics, instrumentation 1222
  • T.R. Strobridge, R.O. Voth
PEP Magnet Power Supply Systems chopper, field, insertion, sextupole 1245
  • L.T. Jackson
Increasing the Energy of the Fermilab Booster accelerator, booster, extraction, field 1282
  • A.R. Donaldson, G.L. Nicholls
Magnetization Effects in Superconducting Dipole Magnets accelerator, field, proton, sextupole 1303
  • H. Ishimoto, R.E. Peters, M.E. Price, R. Yamada
Flicker Suppressor by Thyristor accelerator, impedance, resonance 1306
  • M. Masuda, S. Matsumoto, T. Shintomi
Superconducting Magnet Quench Protection for ISABELLE accelerator, field, quench, thermal 1318
  • K.E. Robins, W.B. Sampson, M.G. Thomas
Design and Magnetic Measurements of the New Magnets for the Saclay Proton Synchrotron field, induction, magnetic measurements, synchrotron 1346
  • J.P. Penicaud
Fermilab Main Accelerator Quadrupole Transistorized Regulators for Improved Tune Stability acceleration, accelerator, quadrupole, tune 1355
  • R.J. Yarema, H. Pfeffer
New Method to Scale Down an Operation of a Large Accelerator Power Supply acceleration, accelerator, deceleration, proton 1361
  • T. Shintomi, M. Masuda, S. Matsumoto
Negative Hydrogen Ion Injection into the Zero Gradient Synchrotron acceleration, ion, synchrotron, tune 1385
  • C.W. Potts
A Method for Increading the Multiturn Injection Efficiency in AG Proton Synchrotrons by Means of Skew Quadrupoles coupling, emittance, septum, skew 1390
  • K. Schindl, P. Van der Stok
Longitudinal Phenomena in the Cern SPS Landau damping, damping, impedance, instability 1399
  • D. Boussard, G. Döme, T. Linnecar, A. Millich
Synchronization of the Zero Gradient Synchrotron (ZGS) and the Fast-Cycling Booster II Injector betatron, booster, extraction, kicker 1414
  • A.V. Rauchas
A Simple Model for Multiturn Injection into A.G. Proton Synchrotrons acceptance, betatron, booster, septum 1417
  • P.D.V. van der Stok
Intensity and Energy Spread at Injection in Proton Synchrotrons betatron, focusing, proton, synchrotron 1420
  • J. Claus
Injection Methods in the Fermilab Booster accelerator, booster, emittance, linac 1423
  • D.F. Cosgrove, C. Curtis, E. Gray, C. Hojvat, R.P. Johnson, C. Owen
New Injection Scheme at the ZGS acceptance, linac, proton, synchrotron 1426
  • Y. Cho, E.F. Parker, A. Rauchas, V. Stipp
Molecular Ion Photo Dissociation Injection emittance, ion, laser, linac 1428
  • R. Arnold, R. Burke, Y. Cho, R. Cutler, S. Fenster, R. Martin
Phase Displacement Acceleration of High Intensity Stacks in the CERN ISR acceleration, field, luminosity, tune 1431
  • E. Ciapala, S. Myers, C. Wyss
Reappearance of Linac Bunch Structure on Booster Bunches During Capture and Acceleration booster, bunching, linac, simulation 1455
  • C. Ankenbrandt, E. Gray, J. Griffin, R.P. Johnson, R.L. Sumner
The Lattice of the SPS accelerator, extraction, field, lattice 1458
  • E.J.N. Wilson
Synchronous Transfer of Beam from the Booster to the Main Ring in the KEK Proton Synchrotron booster, extraction, field, septum 1461
  • Y. Kimura, T. Kamei, T. Kawakubo, K. Takata
The KEK Booster to Main Ring Beam Transfer System booster, extraction, kicker, septum 1464
  • Y. Arakita, T. Inagaki, T. Kawakubo, Y. Kimura, S. Mitsunobu, K. Satoh, K. Takata, S. Tazawa, S. Tokumoto
Linear Accelerator Modeling: Development and Application accelerator, emittance, field, linac 1476
  • R.A. Jameson, W.E. Jule
Non Linear Fields in the SPS and Their Compensation damping, field, instability, resistive wall 1482
  • M. Cornacchia, R. Lauckner, W. Mills, R. Stiening, E.J.N. Wilson, G. von Holtey
Operation of the CERN-ISR for High Luminosity background, luminosity, tune, vacuum 1515
  • C. Fischer, J.-P. Koutchouk, F. Lemeilleur, D. Lewis, S. Myers, D. Neet, H. O'Hanlon, T. Risselada, L. Vos
Pulse to Pulse Modulation of the CERN PS Complex acceleration, linac, software, timing 1518
  • J.P. Potier
Beam Lifetime in the Initial Operation of KEK Main Ring octupole, quadrupole, skew, tune 1530
  • A. Ando, A. Araki, K. Endo, T. Igarashi, T. Kasuga, M. Kihara
RF Acceleration in KEK Booster acceleration, extraction, ferrite, field 1533
  • M. Kondoh, K. Ebihara, E. Ezura, T. Ieiri, K. Kudoh, Y. Mizumachi, H. Nakanishi, S. Takeda, M. Toda
Better Dynamic Closed Loop Control of the PSB RF Accelerating System accelerator, pick-up, spectrum, synchrotron 1536
  • G. Gelato, L. Magnani
KEK Fast Cycling Booster acceleration, booster, field, tune 1554
  • Y. Arakita, K. Ebihara, E. Ezura, G. Horikoshi, T. Ieiri, Z. Igarashi, T. Inagaki, H. Ishii, H. Ishimaru, T. Kawakubo, Y. Kimura, I. Komada, M. Kondo, T. Kubo, K. Kudo, M. Kumada, T. Kurosawa, S. Mitsunobu, Y. Miyahara, Y. Mizumachi, H. Mizuno, K. Muto, H. Nakanishi, H. Sasaki, K. Satoh, S. Shibata, H. Someya, K. Takata, S. Takeda, K. Takikawa, S. Tazawa, M. Toda, S. Tokumoto, H. Watanabe, H. Yamaguchi
Acceleration and Stacking of Deuterons in the CERN PS and ISR acceleration, field, linac, proton 1557
  • P. Asboe-Hansen, O. Barbalat, D. Boussard, M. Boutheon, J. Gareyte, H. Haseroth, J. Jamsek, S. Myers
Radial Damping by Octupole for ZGS Beam damping, field, octupole, tune 1563
  • Y. Cho, A. Rauchas, A. Wright
H- Source Development at ANL extraction, ion, plasma, proton 1597
  • J.A. Fasolo
The Experiment 'Pustarex' for Collective Acceleration of Heavy Ions in Electron Rings acceleration, electron, field, ionization 1622
  • C. Adelfinger, E. Buchelt, W. Dommaschk, J. Fink, W. Herrmann, I. Hofmann, D. Jacobi, A. Luccio, P. Merkel, H.-B. Schilling, A. Schlüter, U. Schumacher, M. Ulrich
Transient Operation of Electron Linacs accelerator, electron, spectrum, waveguide 1640
  • W.J. Gallagher
Developments at TRIUMF cyclotron, extraction, neutron, thermal 1653
  • G. Dutto, J.L. Beveridge, E.W. Blackmore, M.K. Craddock, K.L. Erdman, D.P. Gurd, C.J. Kost, G.H. MacKenzie, P.A. Reeve, J.R. Richardson, J.T. Sample, P. Schmor, M. Zach
The SPS Beam Instrumentation and Closed Orbit Correction accelerator, feedback, radiation, software 1733
  • R. Bossart, J. Bosser, L. Burnod, A. Chapman-Hatchett, E. D'Amico, P. Mills
KEK Beam Position Monitor System betatron, feedback, pick-up, timing 1736
  • S. Shibata, Z. Igarashi, H. Ishii, K. Muto
B-Clock System for the KEK Main Ring acceleration, field, impedance, timing 1742
  • T. Kasuga
The VICKSI Beam Line Instrumentation and Control System accelerator, cyclotron, emittance, vacuum 1745
  • C. Egelhaaf, D. Erdmann, H. Homeyer, W-D. Zeitz
System for Calibration of SPEAR Transport Line Toroids accelerator, electron, positron, timing 1748
  • T.V. Huang, K. Crook, H. Smith
Computerized Measurement of Injection Tunes at the Zero Gradient Synchrotron betatron, field, induction, tune 1765
  • J.M. Bogaty, A.V. Rauchas
Modelling of the Chalk River Superconducting Heavy-Ion Cyclotron RF Structure cyclotron, field, heavy-ion, vacuum 1777
  • C.B. Bigham
A Double Frequency R.F. System to Increase the D.C.I. Energy accelerator, acceptance, impedance, synchrotron 1783
  • M. Bergher, J.C. Bourdon, P. Brunet, J. Le Duff
ORIC RF System - Preparation for HHIRF accelerator, cyclotron, impedance, ion 1786
  • S.W. Mosko, J.D. Rylander, G.K. Schulze
PETRA Control System accelerator, sputter, synchrotron, vacuum 1792
  • H. Frese, G. Hochweller, F. Peters, K. Wille
Microprocessors Help in Control and Beam Observation at the CERN PS Booster CAMAC, booster, monitoring, software 1795
  • G. Baribaud, G. Benincasa, P. Horne, D. Williams
Beam Profile Measurements for KEK 12 GeV Proton Synchrotron booster, ion, ionization, vacuum 1821
  • H. Ishimaru, Z. Igarashi, K. Muto, S. Shibata
The Electron-Positron Storage Ring PETRA, Plans and Status field, optics, positron, vacuum 1842
  • G. Voss
CESR - An Electron Positron Colliding Beam Facility at Cornell field, linac, synchrotron, vacuum 1849
  • M. Tigner
Status Report on D.C.I. coupling, luminosity, positron, synchrotron 1860
  • The Orsay Storage Ring Group
Lattice Insertions for POPAE accelerator, insertion, lattice, tune 1866
  • Y. Cho, E.A. Crosbie, R. Diebold, D.E. Johnson, S. Ohnuma, A.G. Ruggiero, L.C. Teng
LEP Injection betatron, damping, lattice, linac 1880
  • J.R.J. Bennett, A. Carne, D.A. Gray, M.R. Harold, J.R.M. Maidment, G.H. Rees, A.G. Wheldon
PETRA Physical Plant alignment, rf cavities, shielding, site 1888
  • E. Dasskowski