Storage Rings

Title Page
The Positron-Electron Project - PEP 1836
  • J.R. Rees
The Electron-Positron Storage Ring PETRA, Plans and Status 1842
  • G. Voss
ISABELLE, A Proton-Proton Colliding Beam Facility at Brookhaven 1845
  • J.R. Sanford
CESR - An Electron Positron Colliding Beam Facility at Cornell 1849
  • M. Tigner
Phase Space Cooling and p Colliding Beams of Fermilab 1854
  • E.R. Gray, D.B. Cline, W.B. Herrmannsfeldt, F.R. Huson, D.E. Johnson, P.M. McIntyre, F.E. Mills, T.G. Rhodes, C. Rubbia, L.C. Teng, G.S. Tool
Design Concept for a 100 GeV e+-e- Storage Ring 1857
  • R. Billinge, P. Bramham, H.F Hoffmann, A.M. Hutton, K. Johnsen, E. Jones, E. Keil, B. Richter, W. Schnell, A. Verdier, E.J.N. Wilson
Status Report on D.C.I. 1860
  • The Orsay Storage Ring Group
Synchrobetatron Resonances 1863
  • The SPEAR Group
Lattice Insertions for POPAE 1866
  • Y. Cho, E.A. Crosbie, R. Diebold, D.E. Johnson, S. Ohnuma, A.G. Ruggiero, L.C. Teng
A Low Energy Current Accelerator for High-Energy Proton Rings 1869
  • M. Month
Operation of the Fermilab Accelerator as a Proton Storage Ring 1872
  • C.M. Ankenbrandt, H.E. Fisk, R.P. Johnson, H.W. Miller, H. Pfeffer, A. Tollestrup, F. Turkot
Combined-Function Electron Storage Rings 1875
  • A. Hofmann, B. Zotter
Fast Optimization Techniques Applied to Linear and Non-Linear Lattices of Electron Storage Rings and Accelerators 1878
  • S. Peck
LEP Injection 1880
  • J.R.J. Bennett, A. Carne, D.A. Gray, M.R. Harold, J.R.M. Maidment, G.H. Rees, A.G. Wheldon
Computer Simulation of the Electron-Bunch Widening as due to Self-Bunching 1882
  • A.G. Ruggiero
Quantum Lifetime in Electron Storage Rings 1885
  • A.W. Chao
PETRA Physical Plant 1888
  • E. Dasskowski
ISABELLE Closed Orbit Correction System 1890
  • G. Parzen
Beam-Beam Effect Simulation for a Modest Colliding-Beam Experiment at Fermilab 1893
  • A.G. Ruggiero