PAC1991 Keywords
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Keyword: septum

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Design and Multiparticle Simulation of the Half Integer Slow Extraction System for the Main Injector extraction, field, octupole, simulation 96
  • D. Trbojevic, M. Harrison
DIMAD Based Interactive Simulation of the CEBAF Accelerator beamline, extraction, simulation, software 309
  • M.H. Bickley, D.R. Douglas, R.V. Servranckx
Slow Beam Extraction Experiments at TARN II accelerator, extraction, injection, sextupole 875
  • M. Yoshizawa, A. Ando, K. Chida, T. Hattori, M. Kanazawa, A. Mizobuchi, H. Muto, A. Noda, K. Noda, M. Tomizawa, J. Yoshizawa
The APS Transfer Line from Linac to Injector Synchrotron booster, linac, positron, synchrotron 902
  • R.K. Koul, E. Crosbie
Circuit Description of the Power Systems for Pulsed Septum Magnets at APS extraction, injection, positron, simulation 914
  • D.G. McGhee
The AGS New Fast Extraction System for the g-2 Experiment and RHIC Injection extraction, kicker, muon, simulation 958
  • M. Tanaka, Y.Y. Lee
Electrostatic Deflector Development - At the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron cathode, cyclotron, extraction, field 979
  • W.T. Diamond, J. Almeida, G.R. Mitchel, H. Schmeing
Control System User Interface for Accelerator Commissioning and Operation accelerator, beamline, field, software 1305
  • D. Dobrott, J. Corbett, S. Howry, D. Keeley, A. King, G. Kolte, M. Lee, Z. Mikic
How to get a Separatrix Branch with Low Divergence at a 1/3-Integer Resonant Beam Slow Extraction accelerator, extraction, factory, resonance 1902
  • S.P. Volin
Septum Magnet for Electron Slow Extraction from the Yerevan Synchrotron electron, extraction, field, vacuum 2146
  • A.Z. Babaian, G.B. Bagdasarian, E.A. Ludmirsky, V.T. Nickogosian, J. Rummler, A.R. Toumanian, A.G. Zacharian
Vacuum Chamber of the Injector Synchrotron for the Advanced Photon Source extraction, photon, synchrotron, vacuum 2275
  • R. Benaroya, R. Dortwegt
Extraction Septum Magnet for the SSRL SPEAR Injector booster, extraction, field, vacuum 2328
  • J. Cerino, M. Baltay, R. Boyce, S. Harris, R. Hettel, M. Horton, K. Zuo
Magnetic Devices of the Amsterdam Pulse Stretcher Ring AmPS extraction, field, quadrupole, sextupole 2366
  • H. Boer Rookhuizen, J. Bijleveld, G. Luijckx, R. Maas, Y. Wu, A. van der Linden
The Booster to Storage Ring Transport Line for SRRC booster, extraction, field, injection 2697
  • M.H. Wang, C.S. Hsue, C.C. Kuo
Beam Transport to the SXLS Ring field, injection, linac, quadrupole 2703
  • E. Bozoki
Superconducting Booster Cyclotron Studies at GANIL booster, cyclotron, field, injection 2802
  • A. Chabert, C. Bieth, P. Bricault, M. Duval, J. Ferme, A. Joubert, M.H. Moscatello, F. Ripouteau, Q.V. Truong
Apiary B-Factory Separation Scheme lattice, quadrupole, radiation, synchrotron 2844
  • A. Garren, M. Sullivan
Fast Power Supplies for Kicker and Thin Septum Magnets in a 1.2 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Source electron, injection, kicker, linac 3171
  • B.E. Strickland, D. Meaney, B. Ng, G.L. Schofield, B.L. Thomas, W.P. White
Linac-Ring Colliders with High Disruption Parameters - A First Test of Principle electron, emittance, lattice, positron 3264
  • J.R. Boyce, S. Jin, J. Kewisch, P.K. Kloeppel, R. Li, B. Niczyporuk, R. Rossmanith, N. Sereno, R. Whitney