PAC1991 Keywords
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Keyword: luminosity

Title Other Keywords Page
Physics and Technology Challenges of BB Factories collider, factory, radiation, synchrotron 1
  • M.S. Zisman
DANE: The Frascati -factory damping, emittance, field, wiggler 68
  • G. Vignola
Computation of the TEVATRON Luminosity Using Measured Machine Parameters accelerator, collider, emittance, lattice 102
  • N.M. Gelfand
Characteristics of the Beam During the Second Fermilab Collider Run collider, emittance, lifetime, proton 105
  • N. Gelfand
Lattice Function Perturbations Caused by the Beam-Beam Interaction collider, lattice, proton, tune 114
  • D.E. Johnson, N. Gelfand, R.P. Johnson, S. Saritepe
CESR-B, Upgrading the CESR Facility to B-Factory Capability accelerator, radiation, synchrotron, vacuum 132
  • M. Tigner
Accelerator Design of the KEK B-Factory accelerator, damping, field, tune 138
  • S.-i. Kurokawa, K. Satoh, F. Takasaki
Decay Rates and Average Luminosity in a B-Factory collider, lepton, proton, synchrotron 141
  • H. Braun, K. Hübner, W. Joho
Single Interaction Point Operation of CESR coupling, focusing, optics, tune 144
  • D. Rubin, L.A. Schick
Proton Antiproton Collisions at a Finite Crossing Angle in the SPS background, collider, hadron, tune 153
  • K. Cornelis, W. Herr, M. Meddahi
An Optimized E-P Insertion for LEP and LHC electron, emittance, insertion, proton 156
  • A. Verdier
A Preliminary Design of the PS Collider collider, ion, proton, scattering 165
  • Y. Mori, S. Hiramatsu, S. Ninomiya, I. Sakai, H. Sato, T. Shintomi, T. Suzuki, A. Takagi, E. Takasaki, T. Toyama, M. Yoshii
The BEPC Storage Ring - Status and Prospects injection, insertion, lattice, synchrotron 180
  • Y. Wu
Status of the Novosibirsk Phi-Factory Project betatron, coupling, field, lattice 183
  • L.M. Barkov, S.A. Belomestnykh, V.V. Danilov, N.S. Dikansky, A.N. Filippov, B.I. Grishanov, P.M. Ivanov, I.A. Koop, O.B. Malyshev, B.L. Militsyn, S.S. Nagaitsev, I.N. Nesterenko, E.A. Perevedentsev, D.V. Pestrikov, L.M. Schegolev, I.K. Sedlyarov, Y.M. Shatunov, E.A. Simonov, A.N. Skrinsky, I.B. Vasserman, V.G. Vescherevich, P.D. Vobly, E.I. Zinin
Parasitic Crossing at an Asymmetric B Factory, Apiary collider, factory, simulation, tune 213
  • Y.H. Chin
Hourglass Effects for Asymmetric Colliders electron, factory, lattice, positron 422
  • M.A. Furman
Beam-Beam Performance as a Function of at CESR coupling, optics, solenoid, tune 470
  • L.A. Schick, D.L. Rubin
On the Low-Beta Optics for Round and Flat Beams in Colliders collider, factory, insertion, quadrupole 514
  • D. Mohl
First Two Years Operational Experience with LEP accumulation, commissioning, electron, tune 848
  • R. Bailey, T. Bohl, F. Bordry, H. Burkhardt, P. Collier, K. Cornelis, B. Desforges, A. Faugier, V. Hatton, H. Laeger, J. Miles, J. Poole, H. Schmickler, D. Vandeplassche, G. de Rijk
Designing High Energy Accelerators Under DOE's "New Culture" for Environment and Safety: An Example, the Fermilab 150 GeV Main Injector Proton Synchrotron accelerator, antiproton, collider, target 854
  • W.B. Fowler
Monitoring System to Permit Accurate Alignment of Beams at Collision in CESR acceleration, alignment, collider, quadrupole 1130
  • J.P. Sikora, R. Littauer
Optimal, Real-Time Control-Colliders collider, electron, feedback, photon 1440
  • J.E. Spencer
Low Loss Parameter for New CESR Electrostatic Separators betatron, field, impedance, vacuum 1851
  • J. Welch, Z.X. Xu
Application of Superconductiong RF to Linear Colliders damping, emittance, field, linac 2042
  • H. Padamsee
Fabrication and Performance of a New High-Gradient Trim Quadrupole for the Fermilab Luminosity Upgrade accelerator, collider, quadrupole, quench 2236
  • J.A. Carson, S.A. Gourlay, M.J. Lamm, P.M. Mantsch, A.W. Riddiford
Long Term Performance of the TRISTAN Superconducting RF Cavities extraction, field, rf cavities, vacuum 2408
  • E. Kako, K. Akai, T. Furuya, K. Kubo, S. Mitsunobu, H. Nakai, S. Noguchi, T. Shishido, T. Tajima, T. (KEK) Takahashi
Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling collider, emittance, lifetime, stochastic cooling 2532
  • G. Jackson
A Combined Symmetric and Asymmetric B-Factory with Monochromatization factory, focusing, radiation, synchrotron 2835
  • A.N. Dubrovin, A.A. Zholents
B-Factory Optics and Beam-Beam Interaction for Millimeter and Locally Shortened Bunches emittance, lattice, optics, vacuum 2838
  • Y.F. Orlov, C.M. O'Neill, R.H. Siemann, J.J. Welch
Feasibility of a Factory in KEK betatron, damping, factory, injection 2847
  • K. Hirata, K. Ohmi
Conceptual Design of a High Luminosity 510 MeV Collider collider, damping, field, lattice 2853
  • C. Pellegrini, M. Cornacchia, D. Robin
A High Luminosity Superconducting Mini Collider for Phi Meson Production and Particle Beam Physics collider, injection, synchrotron, vacuum 2856
  • C. Pellegrini, C. Anderson, W. Barletta, A. Chargin, D. Cline, M. Cornacchia, G. Dalbacka, K. Halbach, F. Kimball, J. Kolonko, E. Lueng, D. Madura, L. Patterson, D. Robin
Performance of LEP and Future Plans betatron, coupling, optics, polarization 2891
  • J.-P. Koutchouk
Achieving High Luminosity in the Fermilab Tevatron antiproton, booster, collider, proton 2896
  • S.D. Holmes
RHIC Project accelerator, booster, collider, ion 2901
  • S. Ozaki
Operational History of the SPS Collider 1981-1990 antiproton, collider, injection, proton 2952
  • V. Hatton
Measurements on Iris-Structures with Rectangular Holes coupling, electron, field, linac 3023
  • M. Kurz, P. Hulsmann, H. Klein, A. Schempp
Transverse Equilibria in Linear Collider Beam-Beam Collisons betatron, emittance, equilibrium, simulation 3225
  • J.B. Rosenzweig, P. Chen
Progress on the CLIC Final Focus System alignment, field, quadrupole, synchrotron 3228
  • O. Napoly, P. Sievers, T. Taylor, B. Zotter
Optimizing Energy Spread in the CLIC Main Linac acceptance, damping, field, linac 3231
  • G. Guignard, C. Fischer
Differential Luminosity Under Beamstrahlung electron, field, photon, spectrum 3255
  • P. Chen
Linear e+e- Colliders above 1 TeV (CM) accelerator, collider, damping, field 3261
  • A.A. Mondelli
CERN Plans for the Future antiproton, coupling, lifetime, proton 3279
  • C. Rubbia