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Keyword: spectrum

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The Heidelberg Heavy Ion Cooler Storage Ring TSR electron, ion, lifetime, proton 49
  • G. Bisoffi, M. Blum, A. Friedrich, C. Geyer, M. Grieser, D. Habs, H.W. Heyng, B. Holzer, E. Jaeschke, A. Jason, M. Jung, D. Krämer, K. Matl, A. Noda, W. Ott, R. Repnow, F. Schmitt, M. Steck, E. Steffens
Experiment of Cusptron Microwave Tube cathode, electron, field, instability 91
  • J.Y. Choe, K. Boulais, W. Namkung, H.S. Uhm
Advanced Light Source Master Oscillator accelerator, crystal, light source, linac 118
  • C.C. Lo, K. Baptiste, B. Taylor
Modification of MEA Modulator-Kystron Units Enabling Short Pulse Injection into a Pulse-Stretcher Ring accelerator, electron, klystron, modulator 205
  • F.B. Kroes, E. Heine
The Experiment of Applying Plasma Chemical Reaction and Non-Plasma Chemical Reaction in R.F. Ion Source electron, ion, plasma 279
  • B. Gui Bin
Single Electron Beams from the LEP Pre-Injector acceptance, crystal, electron, gun 298
  • B. Frammery, R. Clare, H. Kugler, P. Lecog, D. Luckey, D. Pearce, J.P. Potier, A. Riche, L. Rinolfi
Coherent Beatron Instability Driven by Electrostatic Separators - Stability Analysis of the Tevatron betatron, coupling, impedance, instability 1172
  • F.A. Harfoush, S. A. Bogacz
Computer Simulation of FEL Sidebands in a Strongly Dispersive Waveguide electron, radiation, simulation, waveguide 1239
  • E.J. Sternbach
Recent Experiments with the Free-Electron Laser at Los Alamos electron, extraction, laser, wiggler 1268
  • D.W. Feldman, R.W. Warren
Amplitude Growth due to Random, Correlated Kicks betatron, emittance, ion, scattering 1394
  • L. Michelotti, F. Mills
Electron Energy Spectrum and Maximum Disruption Angle Under Multi-Photon Beamstrahlung electron, photon, radiation, simulation 1438
  • P. Chen, K. Yokoya
HESYRL 200 MeV Linac Single Bunch Energy Spectrum Measurement electron, field, klystron, linac 1589
  • Y. Yin, D. Wang
Beam Dynamics Issues in Linear Colliders accelerator, betatron, damping, emittance 1736
  • J.T. Seeman
Fast Energy Spectrum and Transverse Beam Profile Monitoring and Feedback Systems for the SLC Linac electron, feedback, linac, monitoring 1864
  • E.J. Soderstrom, G.S. Abrams, R.L. Brown, T.E. Gromme, R.G. Jacobsen, J.T. Seeman, A.J. Weinstein, J.E. Zicker
RF Control System Development at CEFAB accelerator, feedback, field, modulator 1885
  • S. Simrock, J. Fugitt, C. Hovater, S. Jones
A Method of Frequency Following of the LINAC with Power Feedback accelerator, accumulation, feedback, modulator 2010
  • D.-X. Xi
Electron Beam Monochromatization in the Linac Used as an Injector to the Stretcher coupling, electron, field, linac 2025
  • P.I. Gladkikh, A.N. Dovbnya, A.A. Shcherbakov, V.A. Shendrik, Yu.D. Tur