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Keyword: laser

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Engineering Design of the Interaction Waveguide for High-Power Accelerator-Driven Microwave Free-Electron Lasers accelerator, electron, field, lifetime 246
  • D.B. Hopkins, H.W. Clay, G. Listvinsky, M.A. Makowski, B.W. Stallard, A.L. Throop
Pulsed 4-MeV Electron Injector with an Excimer Laser Driven Photocathode cathode, electron, plasma, vacuum 322
  • T.J. Kauppila, L.A. Builta, R.L. Carlson, D.C. Moir, R.N. Ridlon
Simulations of High-Brightness RF Photocathode Guns for LLNL-SLAC-LBL 1 GeV Test Experiment electron, emittance, field, gun 334
  • Y.-J. Chen
Generation and Amplification of Temporally "Square" Optical Pulses for the FEL Photoelectric Injector accelerator, background, electron, emittance 337
  • D.K. Remelius, G.E. Busch, D.C. Nguyen, R.L. Sheffield, D.E. Watkins, R.G. Wenzel
Laser Stripping of the TRIUMF H- Beam cyclotron, extraction, injection, photon 414
  • R.T. Lee, J.S. Fraser, C.D.P. Levy
Advanced Accelerator Test Facility (AATF) Upgrade Plan accelerator, electron, field, plasma 612
  • W. Gai, B. Cole, C. Ho, R. Konecny, S. Mtingwa, J. Norem, J. Rosenzweig, M. Rosing, P. Schoessow, J. Simpson
Measurements and Simulation of Controlled Beamfront Motion in the Laser Controlled Collective Accelerator electron, ion, plasma, proton 624
  • R.L. Yao, W.W. Destler, J. Rodgers, Z. Segalov, C.D. Striffler
Report on the Lake Arrowhead Workshop on Advanced Acceleration Concepts acceleration, accelerator, field, plasma 712
  • C. Pellegrini
Beatwave Accelerator Experiments at UCLA electron, linac, plasma, scattering 726
  • C. Joshi, C.E. Clayton, W.P. Leemans, K.A. Marsh, M.T. Shu, R.L. Williams
Comparison of Energy Spreads Induced by a Longitudinal Wakefield in a Cavity acceleration, accelerator, impedance, wakefield 830
  • H. Takeda, K.C.D. Chan, L.E. Thode
Higher Order Correlations in Computed Particle Distributions electron, emittance, focusing, solenoid 880
  • H. Hanerfeld, W. Herrmannsfeldt, R.H. Miller
Recent Laser Guided Transport Calculations electron, emittance, ion, plasma 1026
  • J.K. Boyd
Status of LBL/LLNL FEL Research for Two Beam Accelerator Applications accelerator, electron, induction, wiggler 1262
  • D.B. Hopkins, A.M. Sessler
Recent Experiments with the Free-Electron Laser at Los Alamos electron, extraction, spectrum, wiggler 1268
  • D.W. Feldman, R.W. Warren
Time-dependent Degradation of an Ion-Focused ATA Beam brightness, emittance, ion, timing 1489
  • W.M. Fawley, J.K. Boyd, G.J. Caporaso, F.W. Chambers, Y.P. Chong, J.S. Hildum, P. Lee, T.J. Orzechowski, D.R. Rogers, K.W. Struve, J.T. Weir
Optical Cerenkov Measurements of Emittance Growth in the Advanced Test Accelerator Beam under Laser Ion-Guiding accelerator, emittance, ion, radiation 1495
  • Y.P. Chong, F.J. Deadrick, D.G. Hirzel, J.S. Kallman, P. Lee, J.F. Poulter, W.E. Rivera, P.L. Stephan, J.T. Weir
The Shot Summary System for the Tevatron Collider accelerator, antiproton, collider, lifetime 1633
  • N. Gelfand, E. Martensson
Phase Compensated Fibre-Optic Links for the LEP RF Reference Distribution chopper, feedback, monitoring, radio-frequency 1960
  • E. Peschardt, J.P.H. Sladen