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Keyword: kicker

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Operating Results of the Electron Ring of Saskatchewan (EROS) extraction, injection, resonance, synchrotron 22
  • L.O. Dallin
A Magnetically Switched Kicker for Proton Extraction accelerator, extraction, field, induction 402
  • J. Dinkel, J. Biggs
Kicker Magnets for the Advanced Light Source extraction, ferrite, field, injection 405
  • G. Gabor, F. Voelker
Kickers Used for Bunched e+/e- Beam Transfer in the CERN PS Complex field, impedance, injection, vacuum 408
  • T. Fowler, J.C. Freze, D. Grier, K-D. Metzmacher, L. Sermeus
Design Analysis and Measurement of Very Fast Kicker Magnets at SLAC damping, ferrite, field, radiation 411
  • J.N. Weaver, G.B. Bowden, F. Bulos, R.L. Cassel, A.R. Donaldson, A. Harvey, A.V. Kulikov, M.N. Nguyen, A. Odian, V.G. Price, L.L. Reginato, M.C. Ross, F. Villa, D.S. Williams
Record Capture and Acceleration Efficiency in the SURF-II 300 MeV Circular Storage Ring accelerator, field, lifetime, microtron 461
  • L.R. Hughey
Frequency Response of 4-8 GHz Stochatic Cooling Electrodes coupling, field, impedance, stochastic cooling 639
  • D. McGinnis, S.Y. Hsueh, J. Marriner, J. Misek, J. Petter
Coping with Power-Limited Transverse Stochastic Cooling Systems emittance, impedance, proton, stochastic cooling 642
  • D.A. Goldberg, G.R. Lambertson
New 4-8 GHz Core Cooling Pickups and Kickers for the Fermilab Accumulator accelerator, betatron, impedance, vacuum 648
  • J. Petter, J. Marriner, D. McGinnis, J. Misek
Longitudinal Phase Space Computer Simulation of IUCF Cooler Ring Multiturn Stacking Injection cyclotron, electron, injection, simulation 666
  • X. Pei
Beam Impedance of Ferrite Kicker Magnets damping, ferrite, field, impedance 851
  • F. Voelker, G. Lambertson
Measurement of Chromaticity-Energy Spread Product by Transversely Kicking the Beam accelerator, electron, radiation, synchrotron 883
  • I. Hsu, W. Trzeciak
General Analysis of Beam Position Monitors accelerator, beam position monitor, field, vacuum 1565
  • G. DiMassa, A.G. Ruggiero
Beam Diagnostic for COSY-Jülich field, monitoring, pick-up, target 1574
  • R. Maier, U. Hacker
A New Closed Orbit Correction Procedure for the CERN SPS algorithms, injection, lepton, optics 1681
  • W. Herr, T. Limberg, J. Miles, R. Schmidt
Improved High Voltage Coax for Antiproton Source Kicker Pulse Forming Networks and Pulse Transmission antiproton, dielectric, field, ionization 1951
  • J. Petter
Operational Experience with the Fermilab Antiproton Source accelerator, antiproton, collider, target 1999
  • E. Harms