PAC1985 Keywords
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Keyword: acceptance

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Tracking Studies on the Effects of Random Multipoles in the 6.5 T Lattice of the SSC Reference Designs Study insertion, lattice, multipole, quadrupole 1623
  • G.F. Dell
Cooling High Intensity Atomic Hydrogen Beams to Liquid Helium Temperatures field, ion, scattering, vacuum 1762
  • A. Hershcovitch, B. DeVito, V. Kovarik, A. Kponou, R. Meier, Th. Sluyters
Operational Results and Developments of the E.C.R. Sources and the Injector into CYCLONE cyclotron, field, ion, octupole 1817
  • J.L. Bol, Y. Jongen, M. Lacroix, F. Mathy, G. Ryckewaert
The Investigation of Accelerating Tubes with Periodic Field accelerator, electron, field, focusing 1844
  • F.G. Xu, J.Q. Lu
A Device for Electron Gun Emittance Measurement electron, electron gun, emittance, gun 1896
  • B. Aune, P. Corveller, M. Jablonka, J.M. Joly
Optimizing Data Access in the LAMPF Control System CAMAC, accelerator, algorithms, software 2080
  • S.C. Schaller, J.K. Corley, P.A. Rose
On the Performance of Computer Automatic Tuning at the Unilac accelerator, emittance, field, ion 2153
  • L. Dahl, J. Klabunde
Collective Effects and the Design of the SSC feedback, impedance, instability, pick-up 2392
  • J.J. Bisognano
Efficient Capture in an Accumulator Ring of 20,000 Turns of Beam Injected from TRIUMF booster, injection, scattering, synchrotron 2456
  • D. Raparia, G.H. Mackenzie, C.W. Planner, J.R. Richardson
Nonlinear Field Effects and Longitudinal Emittance Growth of High Intensity Bunched Beams emittance, linac, proton, tune 2471
  • M. Pabst, K. Bongardt, U. Funk
Progress in the Development of a 3D Finite Element Computer Program to Calculate Space and Image Charge Effects in RF Quadrupoles accelerator, bunching, field, finite element 2501
  • N.J. Diserens
Characteristics of Lattice and Magnet System of TARN II electron, field, quadrupole, synchrotron 2684
  • A. Noda, Y. Hattori, Y. Hirao, A. Itano, M. Kanazawa, T. Katayama, M. Kodaira, M. Mutou, S. Sasaki, N. Takahashi, M. Takanaka, T. Tanabe, N. Tokuda, M. Yoshizawa
Semi-Automatic Procedures for Matching the Emittance of the Injected Beam to the Chalk River Superconducting Cyclotron cyclotron, diagnostics, emittance, injection 2757
  • W.G. Davies
RF Beam Recombination ("Funnelling") at the CERN PSB by Means of an 8 MHz Dipole Magnet antiproton, emittance, injection, vacuum 2760
  • G. Nassibian, K. Schindl
Generation and Distribution of Radio-Frequency Power in LEP cathode, insertion, klystron, waveguide 2791
  • H. Frischholz
Development of Flat-Topped RF Voltage for TRIUMF cw, extraction, resonance, tune 2936
  • T. Enegren, L. Durieu, D. Michelson, R.E. Worsham
Injection into the New CERN Antiproton Collector Ring antiproton, injection, quadrupole, target 3000
  • C.D. Johnson, S. Maury, T.R. Sherwood, A.H. Sullivan
Proposed Bunching Scheme for a Polarized H - Injector bunching, chopper, emittance, linac 3024
  • G.R. Swain, A.A. Browman
Large Acceptance Magnetic Focusing Horns for Production of a High Intensity Narrow Band Neutrino Beam at the AGS neutrino, radiation, target, thermal 3054
  • A. Carroll, L. Chimienti, N. Kondakis, W. Lee, W. Leonhardt, R. Monaghan, G. Ryan, J. Sandberg, W. Sims, G. Smith, P. Stillman, H. Thorwarth, G. Tzanokas, J. Walker
Conducting Targets for Production of ACOL Past Experience and Prospects antiproton, focusing, proton, target 3060
  • T.W. Eaton, S. Hancock, C.D. Johnson, E. Jones, S. Maury, S. Milner, J. C. Schnuriger, T.R. Sherwood
Low Ion Acceleration with the FOM MEQALAC-System acceleration, accelerator, ion, quadrupole 3172
  • R.W. Thomae, E.H.A. Granneman, H. Klein, A. Schempp, F.G. Schonewille, F. Siebenlist, T. Weis, P.W. van Amersfoort
Measurement and Resulting First and Second Order Approximations for a 9 Bending Magnet in LAMPF's 750 keV Transport accelerator, field, proton, tune 3637
  • J.W. Hurd
Very High Precision Current Regulated Power Supplies for the Fermilab Antiproton Source accelerator, antiproton, controls, coupling 3778
  • J. McCarthy, L. Farkas, D. Wolff