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Keyword: equilibrium

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Preliminary Design of the NRL Modified Betatron betatron, field, injection, vacuum 2114
  • J. Golden, R. Altes, P. Champney, A. Fliflet, C.A. Kapetanakos, F. Mako, F. Mora, N. Orrick, J. Pasour, D.E. Pershing, S. Slinker, K. Smith
A Dispersion-Free Long Straight Section for a Fixed-Field Alternating-Gradient Synchrotron accelerator, betatron, field, insertion 2448
  • P.F. Meads Jr.
The Experimental Study of a Higher Harmonic rf System in PETRA accumulation, cw, injection, synchrotron 2525
  • R.D. Kohaupt
Analytic and Numerical Studies of the Modified Betatron betatron, field, instability, simulation 2528
  • T.P. Hughes, M.M. Campbell, B.B. Godfrey
Application of Dynamically Consistent Closures to Hydrodynamic Models of Beams damping, electron, ion, simulation 2552
  • J.W-K. Mark, H.L. Buchanan, S.S. Yu
Emittance Growth of High Current Beams in Transport Lines accelerator, emittance, ion, simulation 2560
  • K. Bongardt
The Wire Transport Code electron, emittance, field, injection 2618
  • G.J. Caporaso, A.G. Cole
Electron Cooling and Accumulation of 200-MeV Protons at Fermilab accumulation, electron, electron cooling, proton 2636
  • T. Ellison, W. Kells, V. Kerner, P.M. McIntyre, F. Mills, R. Peters, T. Rathbun, D. Young
The Radio-Frequency Coaxial Linear Accelerator for High-Current Hollow Beams accelerator, field, focusing, ion 3168
  • P. Krejcik
An RF Electron Beam Buncher betatron, bunching, electron, field 3466
  • J.L. Vomvoridis, F.S. Felber, R.O. Hunter, Jr., B. Spivey, T. Tajima
On the Way to the Series Production of Steel-Concrete Cores for the LEP Dipole Magnets deceleration, factory, field, injection 3614
  • J.P. Gourber, J. Billan, H. Laeger, A. Perrot, L. Resegotti