PAC1983 Keywords
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Keyword: software

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A Broadband Accelerator Control Network accelerator, ion, linac, monitoring 2155
  • J. Skelly, T. Clifford, R. Frankel
Microprocessor Techniques and Construction at the NSLS accelerator, synchrotron, target, timing 2222
  • J.D. Klein, J.F. Sheehan
Phase and Amplitude Detection System for the Stanford Linear Accelerator accelerator, collider, klystron, linac 2264
  • J.D. Fox, H.D. Schwarz
The Control System for the Dedicated Synchrotron Radiation Storage Ring BESSY controls, radiation, synchrotron, x-ray 2273
  • G.v. Egan-Krieger, W.-D. Klotz, R. Maier
Status of the SLAC SNOOP Diagnostic Module for FASTBUS accelerator, timing 2276
  • H.V. Walz, D.B. Gustavson
A Multiprocessor Bus Architecture for the LEP Control System accelerator, electron, positron 2281
  • J. Altaber, R. Rausch
New Methods to Correct On-Line the Closed Orbit of a Synchrotron Accelerator with Variable Focusing Configuration accelerator, algorithms, focusing, insertion 2284
  • L. Burnod, E. D'Amico
Replacing Mini-Computers by Multi-Microprocessors for the LEP Control System accelerator, algorithms, maintenance 2287
  • J. Altaber, M.C. Crowley-Milling, P.G. Innocenti, R. Rausch
The CERN SPS Low Beta Insertion Control System CAMAC, feedback, field, insertion 2293
  • H.K. Kuhn, A. Hilaire
Accelerator Controls at DESY accelerator, controls, instrumentation, luminosity 2299
  • F. Peters
The Use of a Commercial Data Base Management System in the LAMPF Control System CAMAC, accelerator, instrumentation, maintenance 2302
  • S.K. Brown
The Proton Storage Ring Control System CAMAC, accelerator, controls, instrumentation 2305
  • P. Clout, S. Bair, A. Conley, R. Ford, M. Fuka, N. Greene
Data Acquisition Software for the LAMPF Control System CAMAC, accelerator, instrumentation, timing 2308
  • S.C. Schaller, P.A. Rose
A High Performance Control System for a Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator accelerator, diagnostics, ion, monitoring 2311
  • H.D. Lancaster, S.B. Magyary, R.C. Sah
An Interactive Alarm System for the CERN PS Accelerator Complex CAMAC, accelerator, ion, survey 2337
  • J. Cupérus
Computer Controlled Vacuum Control System for Synchrotron Radiation Beam Lines radiation, synchrotron, vacuum 2362
  • S.M. Goldberg, C. Wang, J. Yang
Power Supply Regulation by Microprocesser controls, feedback, light source, synchrotron 2876
  • J. Sheehan, H. Langenbach
Energy Saver Partial Ring Power Tests accelerator, cryogenics, monitoring, quench 2889
  • G. Tool, R. Flora, P. Martin, D. Wolff
Software System for the Operation of the TRISTAN-AR Power Supply CAMAC, acceleration, quadrupole, timing 2926
  • K. Endo, H. Aoki, K. Arimoto, H. Fukuma, A. Kabe, T. Kubo, H. Yamamoto
A High Presicion Waveform Generator accelerator, controls, damping, timing 2959
  • C.J. Rotolo
Status Report on the Normal Conducting cw Racetrack Microtron Cascade "MAMI" extraction, field, linac, microtron 3274
  • H. Herminghaus, B. Dreher, H. Euteneuer, K.H. Kaiser, M. Kelliher, R. Klein, H. J. Kreidel, M. Loch, U. Ludwig-Mertin, K. Merle, H. Schoeler, R. Schulze, P. Semmel, G. Stephan
The LBL Magnetic Measurements Data Acquisition System CAMAC, instrumentation, magnetic measurements, quadrupole 3596
  • M.I. Green, D.H. Nelson
The NBS-LANL RTM End-Magnet Field Mapper accelerator, controls, field, instrumentation 3605
  • E.R. Lindstrom, P.H. Debenham, D.L. Mohr, N.R. Yoder