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Keyword: kicker

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Matching an Ischoronous Cyclotron to a Synchrotron to Provide a High Intensity Injector cyclotron, extraction, injection, synchrotron 2013
  • R. Laxdal, M.K. Craddock, W. Joho, G.H. Mackenzie, J.R. Richardson, L.C. Teng
Kaon Factory with TRIUMF as Injector emittance, extraction, field, synchrotron 2016
  • L.C. Teng
The Lattice Design of the LEP Electron Positron Accumulator (EPA) damping, emittance, injection, lattice 2050
  • J.P. Delahaye, A. Krusche
ASTOR, Comcept of a Combined Acceleration and Storage Ring for the Production of Intense Pulsed or Continuous Beams of Neutrinos, Pions, Muons, Kaons and Neutrons acceleration, cyclotron, extraction, proton 2083
  • W. Joho
A Single Bunch Transfer System for the National Synchrotron Light Source booster, injection, linac, timing 2225
  • J. Sheehan, W. Rambo, O. Singh
Stochastic Cooling: Recent Theoretical Directions betatron, feedback, stochastic cooling, synchrotron 2393
  • J. Bisognano
Measurements of Betatron Phase Advance and Beta Function in the ISR betatron, lattice, optics, tune 2406
  • J. Borer, A. Hofmann, J.-P. Koutchouk, T. Risselada, B. Zotter
Stochastic Cooling in the CERN ISR during p Colliding Beam Physics antiproton, background, betatron, pick-up 2584
  • E. Peschardt, M. Studer
Stability and Signal Suppression of Schottky Signals from Stochastically Cooled Beams feedback, instability, spectrum, stochastic cooling 2590
  • W.P. Kells
Fast Betatron Cooling in the Debuncher Ring for the Fermilab Tevatron I Project betatron, emittance, pick-up, thermal 2593
  • B. Autin, J. Marriner, A. Ruggiero, K. Takayama
Signal Suppression Analysis for the Momentum Stochastic Cooling with a Multiple System antiproton, cw, pick-up, stochastic cooling 2596
  • A.G. Ruggiero
Vlasov Theory of Signal Suppression for Bunched Beams Interacting with a Stochastic Cooling Feedback Loop betatron, feedback, stochastic cooling, synchrotron 2646
  • S. Chattopadhyay
Theory of Bunched Beam Stochastic Cooling betatron, spectrum, stochastic cooling, synchrotron 2649
  • S. Chattopadhyay
A Formulation of Transversely Coupled Betatron Stochastic Cooling of Coasting Beams betatron, coupling, damping, stochastic cooling 2652
  • S. Chattopadhyay
Long Ceramic Beam Tubes for Accelerator Magnets accelerator, crystal, vacuum 2847
  • E.B. Tilles, P.A. Adderley, G.H. Biallas, M.A. Harrison, M.P. May
Present Status of SOR injection, ion, septum, tune 2944
  • S. Asaoka, T. Igarashi, G. Isoyama, A. Mikuni, Y. Miyahara, H. Nishimura
The Fermilab Injection Kicker accelerator, cathode, controls, injection 2953
  • R. Trendler, M. Harrison, C. Needles, E. Tilles, W. Williams
The AGS New Fast Extraction System and the Single Bunch Extraction Test extraction, injection, septum, vacuum 2956
  • W.T. Weng
A Low Coupling Impedance Double Helix Structure for Use in a Ferrite Kicker Magnet coupling, ferrite, field, impedance 3496
  • S. Giordano