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Keyword: quench

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The Tevatron Control System CAMAC, accelerator, software, vacuum 2204
  • D. Bogert, L.J. Chapman, R.J. Ducar, S.L. Segler
Radiation Heating from Beam Loss on ISABELLE Ejection Septa extraction, radiation, septum, vacuum 2924
  • A.J. Stevens
Extraction for ISABELLE betatron, extraction, kicker, septum 3065
  • J. Claus, H. Foelsche
Study of Factors Which Affect Training in Isabelle R&D Magnets Lorentz force, field, insertion, thermal 3208
  • P. Wanderer, E. Bleser, G. Cottingham, A. Greene, C. Holbrow, K. Jaeger, K. Robins, W. Sampson, G. Stenby, A. Stevens, M. Tannenbaum, P. Thompson
Tests of a 3 Meter Curved Superconducting Beam Transport Dipole Magnet accelerator, field, proton, vacuum 3231
  • J.E. Allinger, A.S. Carroll, G.T. Danby, B. DeVito, J.W. Jackson, W.J. Leonhardt, A.G. Prodell, J. Weisenbloom
Studies of Quench Propagation in a Superconducting Window Frame Magnet acceleration, accelerator, proton, thermal 3234
  • J. Allinger, A. Carroll, G. Danby, B. DeVito, J. Jackson, W. Leonhardt, A. Prodell, R. Stoehr
Quench Propagation and Training in Simulated Superconducting Magnet Windings accelerator, field, monitoring, timing 3245
  • W.B. Sampson, M. Garber, A. Ghosh
Performance of Dipole Magnets in Helium II accelerator, field, instrumentation, thermal 3280
  • R. Althaus, S. Caspi, W.S. Gilbert, W. Hassenzahl, R. Meuser, J. Rechen, C. Taylor, R. Warren
A Novel Epoxy-Free Construction Method for Fabricating Dipole Magnets and Test Results Lorentz force, accelerator, field, thermal 3283
  • C. Taylor, R. Althaus, S. Caspi, W.S. Gilbert, W. Hassenzahl, R. Meuser, J. Rechen, R. Warren
The Energy Saver/Doubler Quench Protection Monitor System accelerator, background, impedance, monitoring 3289
  • R. Flora, J. Saariviria, G. Tool, D. Voy
Mechanical Properties of ISABELLE Superconducting Coils field, insertion, ion, thermal 3303
  • P. Thompson, A. Bertsche, J. Fuhrmann, A. Greene, E. Grove, L. Repeta, F. Short, M. Tannenbaum, P. Wanderer
Multiple Element Vapor Cooled Current Leads for the Fermilab Energy Saver Correction Elements equilibrium, thermal, vacuum 3317
  • T.H. Nicol
Spool Piece Testing Facility accelerator, controls, thermal, vacuum 3325
  • M. Kuchnir, W.B. Fowler, P.M. Mantsch, R.J. Walker